Doklady Earth Sciences, 2017, 475, N 1.


Structural Evolution of Mesozoic Complexes 
in Western Chukotka
B. G. Golionko, E. V. Vatrushkina, 
V. E. Verzhbitsky and Corresponding 
Member of the RAS K. E. Degtiarev 
p. 719  

First Find of Serpentinite in the Cliffs of
the Heracleian Peninsula of Southwestern Crimea
L. I. Demina, M. Yu. Promyslova, 
N. V. Koronovskii and V. V. Tzarev 
p. 724  

A New Regional Tectonic Map of the Consolidated 
Crystalline Basement of Sedimentary Basins 
and Near-Surface Fold Structures of the Ural Region
V. S. Druzhinin, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
P. S. Martyshko and V. Yu. Osipov 
p. 727  

The Deep Structures of the Junction of 
the Urals with the Russian and West Siberian Platforms
K. S. Ivanov, Academician V. A. Koroteev and 
N. P. Kostrov 
p. 731  

Evolution of Sedimentary Rock 
Formation of a Rock Association Level
V. G. Kuznetsov 
p. 736  

A Vendian Manganese-Bearing Basin of the Ikat Terrane:
Formation Settings and Provenance Areas
S. I. Shkolnik, E. F. Letnikova, Corresponding 
Member of the RAS A. V. Maslov, M. D. Buyantuev,
L. Z. Reznitskii and I. G. Barash 
p. 739  

Conditions of Formation of Igneous Rocks in 
Plume Magmatism at the Example of the 
Western Slope of the Southern Urals
S. G. Kovalev, Corresponding Member of the RAS 
V. N. Puchkov, S. I. Vysotsky and S. S. Kovalev 
p. 743  


New Data on the Age of the Glaciation in the
New Siberian Islands (Russian Eastern Arctic)
P. A. Nikolskiy, A. E. Basilyan and V. S. Zazhigin 
p. 748  


Late Paleozoic Anorogenic Magmatism in Southern Mongolia: 
Evolutionary Stages and Structural Control
Academician V. V. Yarmolyuk, A. M. Kozlovsky 
and A. V. Travin 
p. 753  

New Data on Continental Crust Age in the 
Western Part of the Aldan Shield: Results 
of Sm–Nd Isotopic Study of the Cenozoic 
Sand Deposits in the Chara and Tokkin Basins
A. B. Kotov, T. M. Skovitina, V. P. Kovach, 
S. D. Velikoslavinsky, D. V. Lopatin, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS E. V. Sklyarov, 
E. V. Tolmacheva and O. V. Bobrovskaya 
p. 758  

Results of U–Pb Dating of Zircons from Wehrlite 
of the Platinum-Bearing Feklistov Massif 
(Shantar Archipelago, Russia)
K. N. Malitch, I. Yu. Badanina, 
Corresponding Member of the RAS V. N. Puchkov, 
E. A. Belousova and A. A. Stepashko 
p. 762  

Metallogenic Specialization of Supercontinent 
Cycles: A Case Study of Silver Deposits
A. V. Tkachev, Academician D. V. Rundqvist 
and N. A. Vishnevskaya 
p. 766  


A Comprehensive Analysis of the Content of 
Heavy Rare-Earth Elements and Platinum in 
Snow Samples to Assess the Ecological 
Hazard of Air Pollution in Urban Areas
S. F. Vinokurov, Corresponding Member 
of the RAS N. P. Tarasova, A. N. Trunova 
and V. A. Sychkova 
p. 771  

First Data on Methylhopanes in Lower 
Cambrian Organic Matter of the Siberian Platform
T. M. Parfenova 
p. 775  


Phases of the Fe–C–N System as Hosts of Mantle 
Carbon and Nitrogen: Experimental Studies at 7.8 GPa and 1350°C
A. G. Sokol, A. N. Kruk, Yu. N. Palyanov 
and Academician N. V. Sobolev 
p. 780  


Information Analysis of Hyperspectral 
Images from the Hyperion Satellite
Yu. G. Puzachenko, R. B. Sandlersky, 
A. N. Krenke and M. Yu. Puzachenko 
p. 784  


Geochemistry and the Sm–Nd Model Age of 
Sedimentary Rocks from the Lower Horizon of 
the Cover in the Northeastern Part of the 
West Siberian Platform
K. S. Ivanov, Yu. L. Ronkin, Yu. V. Erokhin 
and O. E. Pogromskaya 
p. 788  

Experimental Study of Natural Pyrochlore and 
Niobium Oxide Solubility in Alkaline Hydrothermal Solutions
V. S. Korzhinskaya, N. P. Kotova and 
Corresponding Member of the RAS Yu. B. Shapovalov 
p. 793  

REE Systematics in Modern Bottom Sediments of 
the Caspian Sea and River Deltas Worldwide: 
Experience of Comparison
Corresponding Member of the RAS A. V. Maslov, 
N. V. Kozina, V. P. Shevchenko, A. A. Klyuvitkin, 
Ph. V. Sapozhnikov and Corresponding Member
of the RAS P. O. Zavialov 
p. 797  

Distribution of Hydrocarbons in Water 
and Bottom Sediments of the Northern 
and Middle Caspian Sea
I. A. Nemirovskaya, Academician 
A. P. Lisitzin and E. V. Ostrovskaya 
p. 803  


New Evidence of Acoustic Effects of 
Radiation Impacts in Deep Wells
A. S. Belyakov, I. N. Didenkulov, 
A. D. Zhigalin, V. S. Lavrov, 
A. I. Malekhanov and Corresponding 
Member of the RAS A. V. Nikolaev 
p. 808  

Development of Tomographic Technology 
for the Earth’s Crust in the Shelf Regions
Academician G. I. Dolgikh, S. S. Budrin, 
S. G. Dolgikh, V. V. Ovcharenko, 
A. A. Pivovarov, A. N. Samchenko, A. N. Shvyrev, 
V. A. Chupin and I. O. Yaroshchuk 
p. 811  

Inertial Oscillations on the 
Sheared Current of an Arbitrary Profile
Corresponding Member of the RAS 
G. K. Korotaev and K. D. Sabinin 
p. 816  


Factors of 18O/16O Fractionation in Garnets: 
Evidence from Calculations of Isotope Frequency Shifts
D. P. Krylov and Corresponding 
Member of the RAS V. A. Glebovitsky 
p. 818  

Phlogopite and Phlogopite–Amphibole Parageneses 
in the Lithospheric Mantle of the Birekte 
Terrane (Siberian Craton)
L. V. Solov’eva, T. V. Kalashnikova, S. I. Kostrovitsky, 
A. V. Ivanov, S. S. Matsuk and L. F. Suvorova 
p. 822  

Isotope Compositions of C and O of Magmatic 
Calcites from the Udachnaya–East Pipe Kimberlite, Yakutia
A. A. Tomilenko, Yu. V. Dublyansky, D. V. Kuzmin 
and Academician N. V. Sobolev 
p. 828  


Anomalous Transboundary Transport of the Products 
of Biomass Burning from North American 
Wildfires to Northern Eurasia
S. A. Sitnov and Academician I. I. Mokhov 
p. 832  

Geothermal Asymmetry in Transform Faults 
of the Equatorial Atlantic Ocean
M. D. Khutorskoi, E. A. Teveleva and 
L. V. Podgornykh 
p. 836 

Public Health in the Regions of Russia at the 
Beginning of the Twenty-first Century:
Medical–Geographical Assessment
S. M. Malkhazova, P. V. Pestina 
and N. V. Shartova 
p. 840