Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2016, V 468, N 1, May.

Part 1. Geology 
Alkaline Basaltic Volcanism of the Sea of Japan and the Philippine Sea: 
Similar and Distinct Geochemical and Genetic Features  
E. P. Lelikov and T. A. Emelyanova 
p. 433   
Metamorphism of Peritotites in the Mantle 
Wedge above the Subduction Zone: 
Hydration of the Lithospheric Mantle  
G. N. Savelieva, Yu. N. Raznitsin, and M. V. Merkulova 
p. 438   
Two Types of Noble Metal Mineralization 
in the Kaalamo Massif (Karelia)  
V. I. Ivashchenko, A. M. Ruchyev, and A. I. Golubev 
p. 441   
Geochronology and Isotopic?Geochemical 
Characteristics of Magmatic Complexes 
of Gold?Silver Ore?Magmatic Structures 
in the Chukotka Sector of the Russian Arctic Coast  
V. G. Sakhno, N. V. Grigoriev, and V. V. Kurashko 
p. 447   
Diversity of Hydrothermal Processes and 
Different Types of Epithermal Deposits  
A. A. Sidorov and A. V. Volkov 
p. 454   
A Key Paleozoic Section in the Northern Part
of the Western Siberian Region  
B. I. Chuvashov and V. S. Bochkarev 
p. 459   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Geochemical Anomalies in South Caspian Sediments G. N. Baturin, V. V. Gordeev, and A. P. Lisitzin p. 463 Nature of Voluminous Meimechite?Picrite Associations in Siberia and Other Regions Yu. R. Vasil?ev and M. P. Gora p. 469 Comparative Characteristic of Diamonds with Olivine Inclusions from the Ebelyakh Placer and Kimberlite Pipes of the Yakutian Diamondiferous Province S. S. Ugap?eva, A. D. Pavlushin, S. V. Goryainov, V. P. Afanasiev, and N. P. Pokhilenko p. 473 Tsilmanite as a New Type of Jet I. Kh. Shumilov p. 478 Diagnostics of the Preseismogenic State of Heterogeneous Media according to Deformation Monitoring Data S. A. Bornyakov, A. I. Miroshnichenko, and D. V. Salko p. 481 New Data on Seismic Wave Attenuation in the Lithosphere and Upper Mantle of the Northeastern Flank of the Baikal Rift System A. A. Dobrynina, V. A. Sankov, and V. V. Chechelnitsky p. 485 Quasiperiodic Oscillations in the Atmospheres of the Sun, Earth, and Planets N. N. Shefov, A. I. Semenov, and I. V. Medvedeva p. 490 Structural and Geographical Analysis of Cross-Border Three-Member Areas P. Ya. Baklanov, A. N. Novikov, and A. B. Ptitsyn p. 493 Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Holocene?Pleistocene Sediments of the Laptev Sea A. N. Drozdova, A. A. Vetrov, E. A. Romankevich, N. A. Prokuda, S. V. Sukhoverkhov, S. Yu. Bratskaya, Academician V. I. Sergienko, I. P. Semiletov, and A. S. Ulyantsev p. 496 Sites of the N1 Nitrogen Paramagnetic Centers in Natural Diamond Crystals: Dissymmetrization of the Structure as a Result of Plastic Deformation S. V. Titkov, R. M. Mineeva, Academician I. D. Ryabchikov, and A. V. Speransky p. 500 Hydrothermal Transformations in an Aluminophosphate Glass Matrix Containing Simulators of High-Level Radioactive Wastes S. V. Yudintsev, V. I. Mal?kovsky, and A. V. Mokhov p. 503 The Chelyabinsk Meteorite as a Multiple Source of Acoustic and Seismic Waves I. O. Kitov, D. I. Bobrov, V. M. Ovchinnikov, and M. V. Rozhkov p. 507 Generation of the Low-Frequency Branch of Acoustic Emission in Affected Rocks I. Ya. Chebotareva, I. A. Volodin, and V. V. Dryagin p. 511 Extreme Morphogenesis in the Central Caucasus Mountains S. A. Bulanov, V. A. Karavaev, and S. S. Seminozhenko p. 514 Coronitic Textures in Ferrogabbroids of the Elet?ozero Complex (North Karelia, Russia): Evidence for the Existence of an Immiscible High-Fe Melt E. V. Sharkov, O. A. Bogatikov, and A. V. Chistyakov p. 518 Correlation Dependences of Electromagnetic and Deformation Parameters E. A. Bataleva p. 523 First Data on the Environment and Climate Change within the Zhom-Bolok Volcanic Field (Eastern Sayan Mountains) in the Middle?Late Holocene E. V. Bezrukova, A. A. Shchetnikov, M. I. Kuzmin, O. G. Sharova, N. V. Kulagina, P. P. Letunova, E. V. Ivanov, M. A. Kraynov, E. V. Kerber, I. A. Filinov, and O. V. Levina p. 527 Estimate of the Density of Global Fallout of Cesium-137 according to the Data of Its Content in Closed Geochemical Arenas of Southwestern Siberia N. P. Laverov, V. I. Velichkin, A. Yu. Miroshnikov, En. E. Asadulin, and I. N. Semenkov p. 532 Some Regularities in the Dynamics of the Periods of Sea Wind Waves G. I. Dolgikh and S. S. Budrin p. 536