Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2016, N 466, N 1, January.

Part 1. Geology  
Berdyaush Pluton of Rapakivi Granites, South Urals: 
New Data on the Geological Structure 
and Geodynamic Evolution  
V. I. Snachev and E. A. Bazhin 
p. 1   
Thickness of the Lithosphere beneath Precambrian
Cratons and Mechanisms 
of Their Neotectonic Crustal Uplift  
E. V. Artyushkov and P. A. Chekhovich 
p. 6   
A New Type of Noble Metal Mineralization in the Northern Caucasus  
I. A. Bogush, V. I. Cherkashin, G. V. Ryabov, 
and M. Sh. Abdullayev 
p. 11   
Paleoproterozoic Anorogenic Granitoids of 
the Zheltav Sialic Massif (Southern Kazakhstan): 
Structural Position and Geochronology  
A. A. Tretyakov, K. E. Degtyarev, E. B. Sal?nikova, 
K. N. Shatagin, A. B. Kotov, A. V. Ryazantsev, 
A. V. Pilitsyna, S. Z. Yakovleva, 
E. V. Tolmacheva, and Yu. V. Plotkina 
p. 14   
New Data on the Most Ancient Early Quaternary
Glaciation in Gornyi Altai  
V. S. Zykin, V. S. Zykina, and L. G. Smolyaninova 
p. 20   
Physicochemical Peculiarities of Absorbed
Oil in Core Samples of Gas Condensate Deposit  
N. N. Mikhailov, O. M. Ermilov, and L. S. Sechina 
p. 24   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Behavior of Isotope (18O/16O, 234U/238U) Systems during the Formation of Uranium Deposits of the ?Sandstone? Type V. N. Golubev, E. O. Dubinina, I. V. Chernyshev, and T. A. Ikonnikova p. 28 The Transformation Features of Impurity Defects in Natural Diamonds of Various Habits under High P?T Conditions D. A. Zedgenizov, A. A. Kalinin, V. V. Kalinina, Yu. N. Pal?yanov, and V. S. Shatsky p. 32 Processes of Hydrothermal Ore Genesis in the World Ocean: The Results of 35 Years of Research A. Yu. Lein, Yu. A. Bogdanov, and A. P. Lisitzin p. 38 Nd Isotope Systematics of the Vendian?Early Cambrian Sedimentary Ores in the Northern Segment of the Paleoasian Ocean E. F. Letnikova, F. A. Letnikov, S. I. Shkol?nik, T. Yu. Cherkashina, L. Z. Reznitskii, and I. A. Vishnevskaya p. 42 Application of a Three-Component Seismic Array to Improve the Detection Efficiency of Seismic Events by the Matched Filter Method V. V. Adushkin, I. O. Kitov, and I. A. Sanina p. 47 Uncertainties in Estimates of the Impact of Recent Climate Variations on Groundwater A. V. Dzyuba and I. S. Zektser p. 51 Direct Numerical Simulation of a Turbulent Stably Stratified Air Flow above a Wavy Water Surface O. A. Druzhinin, Yu. I. Troitskaya, and S. S. Zilitinkevich p. 54 Spatial Patterns of the Evolution of the Chemical Composition and Discharge of River Water in the Ob River Basin O. G. Savichev, A. K. Mazurov, I. I. Pipko, V. I. Sergienko, and I. P. Semiletov p. 59 40Ar/39Ar Age of Gold Mineralization of the Malomyr Deposit (Eastern Part of the Mongolian?Okhotsk Foldbelt) A. A. Sorokin, A. V. Ponomarchuk, I. V. Buchko, A. V. Travin, and V. A. Ponomarchuk p. 64 Vertical Extension of the Urban Heat Island above Moscow M. A. Lokoshchenko, I. A. Korneva, A. V. Kochin, A. Z. Dubovetsky, M. A. Novitsky, and P. Ye. Razin p. 70 Expected Geological and Geomorphological Risks along the Northern Sea Route S. L. Nikiforov, L. I. Lobkovskii, N. N. Dmitrevskii, R. A. Ananiev, N. O. Sorokhtin, A. V. Khortov, and O. Yu. Bogdanova p. 75 Distribution and Composition of Suspended Particulate Matter in the Atlantic Ocean: Direct Measurements and Satellite Data A. P. Lisitzin, A. A. Klyuvitkin, V. I. Burenkov, M. D. Kravchishina, N. V. Politova, A. N. Novigatsky, V. P. Shevchenko, and T. S. Klyuvitkina p. 78 Evolution of Melts of the Changbaishan Tianchi Volcano (China?North Korea) as a Model of Ore?Magmatic System Formation: Data from Melt Inclusions Studies O. A. Andreeva, I. A. Andreeva, V. V. Yarmolyuk, and S. E. Borisovskiy p. 82 The Formation of Graphite upon the Interaction of Subducted Carbonates and Sulfur with Metal-Bearing Rocks of the Lithospheric Mantle Yu. V. Bataleva, Yu. N. Palyanov, Yu. M. Borzdov, O. A. Bayukov, and N. V. Sobolev p. 88 Silurian U?Pb Zircon Age (LA-ICP-MS) of Granitoids from the Zelenodol Cu?Porphyry Deposit, Southern Urals A. I. Grabezhev, Yu. L. Ronkin, V. N. Puchkov, G. Yu. Shardakova, O. B. Azovskova, and A. Gerdes p. 92 Peculiarities of Electric and Magnetic Tipper Variations Caused by Meteorological Disturbances in the Atmosphere V. V. Adushkin and A. A. Spivak p. 96 The North Atlantic Oscillation: A Dominant Factor in Variations of Oceanic Circulation Systems of the Atlantic Ocean G. S. Dvoryaninov, A. A. Kubryakov, A. A. Sizov, S. V. Stanichny, and N. B. Shapiro p. 100 Soil Resources of the Russian Arctic A. L. Ivanov, V. S. Stolbovoy, and I. Yu. Savin p. 105