Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2015, V 465, N 1, November.

Part 1. Geology  
The Paleoproterozoic Monchetundra Mafic Massif (Kola Peninsula): 
New Geological and Geochronological Data  
E. S. Borisenko, T. B. Bayanova, L. I. Nerovich,
and E. L. Kunakkuzin 
p. 1107   
Structure, Age, and Geodynamic Settings 
of Early Neoproterozoic Magmatic Complexes 
of the Central Asian Fold Belt Exemplified 
by the Holbo Nur Zone of Songin Terrane  
V. V. Yarmolyuk, A. M. Kozlovsky, E. B. Salnikova, 
I. K. Kozakov,V. P. Kovach, A. B. Kotov, 
and O. Tomurtogoo 
p. 1112   
Composition and Genesis of the Oldest (4.28 Ga) Sediments on Earth  
O. M. Rosen, A. A. Abbyasov, and V. L. Zlobin 
p. 1117   
Monzonitoid Magmatism of the Glukhoe Gold Ore Deposit (Primorye): 
U?Pb, SHRIMP Dating, Petrochemical and Minor-Element Compositions, 
and Peculiar Features of Noble Metal Mineralization  
V. G. Sakhno, S. V. Kovalenko, N. N. Barinov, 
A. V. Lyzganov, and Yu. A. Kuznetsov 
p. 1121   
Tectonic?Geodynamic Settings of OIB-Magmatism 
on the Eastern Asian Continental Margin 
during the Cretaceous?Paleogene Transition  
N. I. Filatova 
p. 1130   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Paleoproterozoic Kimozero Kimberlite (Karelian Craton): Geological Setting and Geochemical Typing A. V. Kargin, I. I. Babarina, O. A. Bogatikov, E. V. Yutkina, and I. A. Kondrashov p. 1135 P?T Evolution of Ultrahigh Temperature Metamorphism: Evidence for a Late Paleoproterozoic Intraplate Extension at the Southwestern Margin of the Siberian Craton I. I. Likhanov, A. D. Nozhkin, V. V. Reverdatto, P. S. Kozlov, and V. V. Khiller p. 1139 Selective Europium and Cerium Phases in the Regolith of Mare Crisium A. V. Mokhov, T. A. Gornostaeva, P. M. Kartashov, and O. A. Bogatikov p. 1143 An Anisotropic Block in the Inner Core Beneath Southeastern Asia P. B. Kaazik, D. N. Krasnoshchekov, and V. M. Ovtchinnikov p. 1147 A Tribological Model of a Seismomagnetic Effect in a Heterogeneous Medium A. A. Spivak p. 1151 Extreme Saline Water Advection into the Don River Delta and Ice Advections into Kerch Strait G. G. Matishov p. 1154 Thermodynamic Modeling of the Behavior of Uranium and Arsenic in Mineralized Shaazgai-Nuur Lake (Northwest Mongolia) O. L. Gaskova, V. P. Isupov, A. G. Vladimirov, S. L. Shvartsev, and M. N. Kolpakova p. 1159 A Thermotectonic Numerical Model of Collisional Metamorphism in the Mongolian Altai O. P. Polyansky, A. V. Babichev, V. P. Sukhorukov, S. V. Zinoviev, and V. V. Reverdatto p. 1164 Composition of Primary Fluid and Melt Inclusions in Regenerated Olivines from Hypabyssal Kimberlites of the Malokuonapskaya Pipe (Yakutia) A. A. Tomilenko, D. V. Kuzmin, T. A. Bulbak, T. Yu. Timina, and N. V. Sobolev p. 1168 Relationship between the Dependences of Dielectric Permittivity and Conductivity of Moistened Rocks V. K. Sidorov, M. V. Tarantin, and N. L. Bel?tyukov p. 1172 Fractals in Fluctuations of Antarctic Ice Sheet Surface Elevation V. M. Kotlyakov, L. N. Vasiliev, A. B. Kachalin, M. Yu. Moskalevsky, and A. S. Tyuflin p. 1177 Seasonal Variation of Fluxes of Dispersed Sedimentary Matter in the White Sea (Arctic Ocean Basin) A. P. Lisitzin, A. N. Novigatsky, and A. A. Klyuvitkin p. 1182 Studies of Phase Composition of Contact Sites of Diamond Crystals and the Surrounding Rocks V. L. Skvortsova, M. I. Samoylovich, and A. F. Belyanin p. 1187 Modern Fault Formation in the Earth?s Crust of the Baikal Rift System According to the Data on the Mechanisms of Earthquake Sources V. A. San?kov and A. A. Dobrynina p. 1191 Calculation Model of the Flood Wave Velocity in Forecasting of Floods in the Absence of Information V. N. Orlyankin and V. V. Lebedev p. 1196 Chlorophyll a in Suspended Particulate Matter of the Caspian Sea as an Indicator of Biogenic Sedimentation Conditions M. D. Kravchishina, A. A. Klyuvitkin, L. A. Pautova, N. V. Politova, A. Yu. Lein, and A. P. Lisitzin p. 1200