Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2013, V 449, N 1, March.

Part 1. Geology 

Late Cambrian Ophiolites in the Southwestern Periphery 
of the Kokchetav Massif (Northern Kazakhstan): 
Structural Position, 
Composition, and Geochronology 
K. E. Degtyarev, A. A. Tretyakov, 
T. Yu. Tolmacheva, and K. N. Shatagin 
p. 265   

Upper Mantle Convection and the Mechanism of 
Formation of Geostructures
of the Arctic Region 
L. I. Lobkovskii, E. V. Shipilov, 
and M. V. Kononov 
p. 270   

Geodynamic Formation Conditions and Magmatic 
Sources of Late Cambrian Sills
and Dikes in the Daribi Range (Western Mongolia) 
D. V. Kovalenko, A. A. Mongush, 
O. A. Ageeva, and G. Eenjin 
p. 275   

Mechanisms Responsible for Degradation 
of Submarine Permafrost 
on the Eastern Arctic Shelf of Russia 
L. I. Lobkovskii, S. L. Nikiforov, 
N. E. Shakhova, I. P. Semiletov, 
N. V. Libina, R. A. Anan’ev, and 
N. N. Dmitrevskii 
p. 280   

Geology and Paleomagnetism of the Vendian 
and Lower Cambrian Deposits 
from Argun Terrane (Eastern Transbaikalia) 
D. V. Metelkin, I. V. Gordienko, 
L. I. Vetluzhskikh, and N. E. Mikhaltsov 
p. 284   

Mineral Nanostructures of Clay Rocks 
V. N. Sokolov and M. S. Chernov 
p. 290   

New Data on the Age of Neopleistocene 
Sediments in the Tunka Rift Valley 
(Southwestern Baikal Region) Derived 
from 14C Dating of Large Mammal Fossils 
A. A. Shchetnikov, A. M. Klement’ev, 
A. V. Sizov, I. A. Filinov, and E. Yu. Semenei 
p. 293   

Sr Isotope Signatures in the Vendian Khorbusuonka Group 
of the Olenek Uplift (Northeastern Siberian Platform) 
I. A. Vishnevskaya, B. B. Kochnev, E. F. Letnikova, 
V. Yu. Kiseleva, and N. I. Pisareva 
p. 298   

New Constraints for the Age of Vendian 
Glacial Deposits (Central Urals) 
A. V. Maslov, J. Meert, N. M. Levashova, 
Yu. L. Ronkin, D. V. Grazhdankin, N. B. Kuznetsov, 
M. T. Krupenin, N. M. Fedorova, and 
I. S. Ipat’eva 
p. 303   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography 40Ar/39Ar-Dating of Phlogopite from Mantle Xenoliths: Evidence for Deep Ancient Metasomatism of the Siberian Craton Lithosphere L. N. Pokhilenko, T. A. Alifirova, and D. S. Yudin p. 309 Holocene Sedimentary Record of Bol’shoe Alginskoe Lake, Western Transbaikalia: Connection with Paleoclimate E. P. Solotchina, E. V. Sklyarov, P. A. Solotchin, E. G. Vologina, O. A. Sklyarova, and N. N. Ukhova p. 313 Temperature Trends in the Permafrost of the Northern Hemisphere: Comparison of Model Calculations with Observations M. M. Arzhanov and I. I. Mokhov p. 319 Geomagnetic Disturbances in the Geomagnetic Field’s Variations at Stages of Preparation and Implementation of the Elazig (March 8, 2010) and M 5.3 (January 19, 2011) Earthquakes in Turkey L. E. Sobisevich, K. Kh. Kanonidi, A. L. Sobisevich, and O. I. Miseyuk p. 324 Variation in Fracture Zone Rigidity by Dynamic Effects A. A. Spivak and V. M. Khazins p. 328 Distribution of Rare-Earth Elements in Rocks and Ores of the Kruchininskoe Apatite–Titanomagnetite Deposit (Eastern Transbaikalia) B. N. Abramov p. 332 Genetic Peculiarities and the First Data on the U–Pb Age of the Solzan Granitoid Massif, Khamar-Daban (Baikal Area) V. A. Makrygina, V. S. Antipin, E. N. Lepekhina, E. V. Tolmacheva, and N. V. Gorlacheva p. 337 Hydroxymanganopyrochlore: A New Mineral from the Eifel Volcanic Region, Germany N. V. Chukanov, G. Blass, N. V. Zubkova, I. V. Pekov, D. Yu. Pushcharovskii, and H. Prinz p. 342 Assessments of Stability of Methane Hydrates in the Lake Baikal System S. N. Denisov, M. M. Arzhanov, A. V. Eliseev, and I. I. Mokhov p. 346 The First Data on Neoproterozoic Granitoid Magmatism in the Sayan Marginal Uplift of the Siberian Craton A. D. Nozhkin and N. V. Dmitrieva p. 349 Landslides on the Eastern Slope of Sakhalin Island as Possible Tsunami Sources B. V. Baranov, L. I. Lobkovskii, E. A. Kulikov, A. B. Rabinovich, Y. K. Jin, and K. A. Dozorova p. 354 Study of Parameters of the Middle Pleistocene Transition by Comparison of the Isotope-Oxygen Record LR04 with the Orbital-Climatic Diagram V. A. Bolshakov p. 358 A Model of Ozone Variation in the Mesosphere Based on Measurements of Infrared Emission of the Atmospheric Molecular Oxygen System A. I. Semenov, K. V. Lipatov, V. I. Perminov, and N. N. Shefov p. 362 Two Verified Forecasts of Catastrophic Floods in Ladoga Lake and the Neva Delta in 1924 V. I. Bogdanov and T. I. Malova p. 366