Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2011, V 440, N 1, September.

Part 1. Geology
Conditions for the Formation and Ore 
Potential of the Fluid-Explosive Formations 
of Gold Deposits in the Eastern 
Transbaikalian Region  
B. N. Abramov 
p. 1197   
Influence of Fluid Systems of the 
Consolidated Crust on Degassing
of the Earth and Oil Formation  
I. G. Kissin 
p. 1202   
First Information about the Geology 
of Central Antarctica Based on Study 
of Mineral Inclusions in Ice Cores 
of the Vostok Station Borehole  
G. L. Leichenkov, B. V. Belyavsky, A. V. Antonov, 
N. V. Rodionov, and S. A. Sergeev 
p. 1207   
The Selenga Metamorphic Core Complex (Western Transbaikalian Region)  
A. M. Mazukabzov, D. P. Gladkochub, T. V. Donskaya,  E. V. Sklyarov, 
G. S. Ripp, I. A. Izbrodin, Vang Tao, and Lingsen Zeng 
p. 1212   
Age Constraints for the Pre-Uralide-Timanide 
Orogenic Event Inferred
from the Study of Detrital Zircons   
S. Yu. Orlov, N. B. Kuznetsov, E. L. Miller, 
A. A. Soboleva, and O. V. Udoratina 
p. 1216   
Kotlin Regional Stage in the South Urals   
D. V. Grazhdankin, V. V. Marusin, J. Meert, 
M. T. Krupenin, and A. V. Maslov 
p. 1222   
Rheology and Metallogeny of the Maya-Selemdzha Plume  
A. M. Petrishchevsky and Yu. P. Yushmanov 
p. 1227   
Age of Charnokitic Magmatism from the Obruchev Hills, 
Banger-Denman Area (East Antarctica)  
N. L. Alexeev, T. F. Zinger, and I. N. Kapitonov 
p. 1233   
The First Finds of Skeletal Fossils in the Kuk-Karauk Formation 
of the Asha Group (Southern Urals) and Their Significance
for Determining the Beginning of the Pre-Uralian?Timanian Orogeny  
N. B. Kuznetsov and A. V. Shazillo 
p. 1239   
The Sedimentation Model of the Tuapse Trough (Black Sea)  
A. V. Mityukov, O. A. Al'mendinger, N. K. Myasoedov, 
A. M. Nikishin, and V. V. Gaiduk 
p. 1245   
Determination of Metal Concentrations in Fluid Inclusions Formed 
during the Magmatic and Hydrothermal Stages of Formation 
of the Epithermal Au-Ag Polymetallic Deposit of Banska Stiavnica
(Western Carpathians) with the LA-ICP-MS Method   
V. Yu. Prokof'ev, V. A. Kovalenker, S. Jlen', 
A. S. Borisenko, and A. A. Borovikov 
p. 1249   
The Early Paleozoic Age of Granitoides of the Kiviliyskii Complex
of the Bureya Terrane (Eastern Flank of the Central Asian Fold Belt)   
A. A. Sorokin, A. B. Kotov, E. B. Salnikova,  
A. P. Sorokin, S. Z. Yakovleva, 
Yu. V. Plotkina, and B. M. Gorokhovskii 
p. 1253   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography The Composition of Ferromanganese Nodules of the Chukchi and East Siberian Seas G. N. Baturin and V. T. Dubinchuk p. 1258 Zirconology of Phenites of the Ilmeny Mountains (Southern Urals) A. A. Krasnobaev, P. M. Valizer, A. I. Rusin, S. V. Busharina, and E. V. Medvedeva p. 1265 The Bazhenovo Formation as a Source of Economic Oils and Rich Gases in the Tithonian-Neocomian Section of the South Kara Region I. D. Polyakova and V. I. Bogoyavlenskii p. 1270 Kamafugite Melts as Products of Interaction between Peridotite and Chloride-Carbonate Liquids at Pressures 1-7 GPa O. G. Safonov p. 1276 Local Variations in Carbon Isotopes and Nitrogen Contents in Diamonds from Placers of the Northeastern Portion of the Siberian Platform V. S. Shatskii, D. A. Zedgenizov, A. L. Ragozin, V. V. Kalinina, and V. N. Reutskii p. 1282 The Fokker-Planck Equation and Statistical Characteristics of Penetrative Convection in the Upper Ocean A. N. Vulfson and O. O. Borodin p. 1287 Distribution of Microelements in Ferromanganese Crusts of the Sea of Okhotsk G. N. Baturin, V. T. Dubinchuk, and V. A. Rashidov p. 1291 Late Paleozoic Gabbroids of the Malokhingansk Terrane in the Eastern Area of the Central Asian Fold Belt: First Geochronological Data I. V. Buchko, A. A. Sorokin, and N. M. Kudryashov p. 1298 The First Nd-Sr Isotopic Data for Microgranitoid Inclusions in Granitoides of the Eastern Sikhote-Alin and Their Genetic Significance G. A. Valui p. 1303 New Data on Mineralogy and Metallogeny of Scarns in the Pitkyaranta Ore Region V. I. Ivashchenko, M. Valkama, K. Sundblad, A. I. Golubev, and V. Yu. Alekseev p. 1307 New Data on Mineral Forms of Rare Metals in Phosphogypsum Wastes A. E. Samonov p. 1312 Seasonality of European Warming: Influence of the Tropics E. M. Blanter, J.-L. Le Mou?l, M. G. Shnirman, and V. Courtillot p. 1316 Influence of Coal Deposits on Permafrost Degradation in the Shelf Zone of Arctic Seas and Methane Emission into the Water Column B. A. Burov and A. I. Gresov p. 1320 Annular Seismicity Structures and the March 11, 2011, Earthquake (Mw = 9.0) in Northeast Japan Yu. F. Kopnichev and I. N. Sokolova p. 1324 The Influence of Elastic Compressibility of the Mantle on Thermal-Gravitational Convection: The Convective Instability of the Gravitational Stress Pattern Yu. L. Rebetskii p. 1328 Isotopic-Geochemical Characteristics of Free Gases of the South Sakhalin Mud Volcano and Their Relationship to Regional Seismicity V. V. Ershov, R. B. Shakirov, and A. I. Obzhirov p. 1334 Impact of Rocket Propellant (Unsymmetrical Dimetylhydrazine) on Soil Fauna A. S. Zaitsev, K. B. Gongalsky, I. A. Gorshkova, P. P. Krechetov, and T. V. Koroleva p. 1340 Initial Os-Isotopic Composition of Os-Ir-Ru Alloys from Ultramafic Massifs of the Polar Siberia K. N. Malitch, I. Yu. Badanina, and A. I. Kostoyanov p. 1343 Simultaneous Response of High-Frequency Geoacoustic Emission and Atmospheric Electric Field to Strain of Near-Surface Sedimentary Rocks Yu. V. Marapulets, O. P. Rulenko, I. A. Larionov, and M. A. Mishchenko p. 1349 Field-Aligned Currents in the Disturbed Magnetosphere and Their Generator System V. M. Mishin, L. A. Sapronova, and V. V. Mishin p. 1353