Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2011, V 438, N 1, May.

 Part 1. Geology   
Separate Forecast of Zonation of the Oil and Gas Accumulation 
by the Method of Remote Fluid Indexation  
D. B. Davydenko 
p. 557   
New Data on the Late Holocene Seismicity of the 
Southwestern Edge of the Baikal Rift Zone  
A. V. Panin 
p. 563   
Monzonitoid Magmatism of the Copper-Porphyritic 
Lazurnoe Deposit (South Primor'e): 
U?Pb and K?Ar Geochronology and Peculiarities 
of Ore-Bearing Magma Genesis 
by the Data of Isotopic-Geochemical Studies  
V. G. Sakhno, S. V. Kovalenko, and A. A. Alenicheva 
p. 569    
Composition of Weathering Crusts in the Upper Amur Region  
V. A. Stepanov, V. G. Moiseenko, and A. V. Mel'nikov 
p. 578   
New Data on the Structure of the Basement Beneath the South Kara Basin  
E. V. Shipilov and S. I. Shkarubo 
p. 582   
Petrological Interpretation of the Magnetotelluric Data of the Depth Zone 
of the Tarim and Tien Shan Junction  
V. Yu. Batalev 
p. 588   
The Upper Geochronological Limit for Dunites of the East Khabarny 
Gabbro-Ultramafic Complex (South Urals) by the Data of U-Pb Age 
of Zircons Extracted from Vein Hornblendites  
I. A. Gottman, E. V. Pushkarev, and N. M. Kudryashov 
p. 593   
The First Case Study of 230Th/U and 14C Dating 
of Mid-Valdai Organic Deposits  
F. E. Maksimov, V. Yu. Kuznetsov, N. E. Zaretskaya, 
D. A. Subetto, V. V. Shebotinov, 
I. E. Zherebtsov, S. B. Levchenko, D. D. Kuznetsov, 
E. Larsen, A. Lys?, and M. Jensen 
p. 598    
On Prospects of a Large-Scale Gold Deposit 
Discovery in Ugakhan?Bokontya Ore Field  
A. V. Mel'nikov, I. V. Babichev, Yu. G. Piskunov, 
and V. G. Moiseenko 
p. 603    
Sedimentation Rhythmicity as a Reflection 
of Astronomical Cyclicity  
Yu. N. Avsyuk, A. Ya. Saltykovskii, and 
Yu. F. Sokolova 
p. 608   
Age of the Ilikan Sequence from the Stanovoi Complex 
of the Dzhugdzhur?Stanovoi Superterrane, Central-Asian Foldbelt  
S. D. Velikoslavinskii, A. B. Kotov, E. B. Sal?nikova, A. M. Larin, 
A. A. Sorokin, A. P. Sorokin, V. P. Kovach, E. V. Tolmacheva, 
and B. M. Gorokhovskii 
p. 612    
Polygenic Formation Model of the Planet's Bituminous Belts  
A. N. Dmitrievsky and I. E. Balanyuk 
p. 617   
Thermochemical Theory of Geodynamical Evolution  
V. D. Kotelkin and L. I. Lobkovskii 
p. 622   
The Age of Late Orogenic Granitoids of the Urals Based 
on U-Pb Isotope Dating 
of Zircons (Exemplified by the Shartash and Shabry Massifs)  
S. V. Pribavkin and E. V. Pushkarev 
p. 627   

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography
Geochemistry of Zircons from the Proterozoic Weathering Profile of Granitoids in Northern Karelia N. A. Alfimova, V. A. Matrenichev, T. F. Zinger, and S. G. Skublov p. 632 Connection of Periodic Orbits and Variability Patterns of Circulation for the Barotropic Model of Atmospheric Dynamics A. Gritsun p. 636 Hydrodynamic Instability at Mid-Latitudes of the Earth Caused by the Rotation of the Planet B. V. Levin, E. V. Sasorova, and A. V. Domanskii p. 641 Cross-Sectional Sizes and Lateral Zonality of the Baikal Seismic Belt K. Zh. Seminskii and Ya. B. Radziminovich p. 645 Punctuated Equilibrium of the Surface above Subglacial Lake Vostok in Antarctica V. M. Kotlyakov, L. N. Vasiliev, A. B. Kachalin, M. Yu. Moskalevskii, and A. S. Tyuflin p. 649 Renewal of Deep Waters of Lake Baikal Revisited M. N. Shimaraev, R. Yu. Gnatovskii, V. V. Blinov, and V. G. Ivanov p. 652 Basaltic Melts in Olivine from Alkaline Pumice of Primor'e: Evidence from the Study of Melt Inclusions O. A. Andreeva, V. B. Naumov, I. A. Andreeva, and V. I. Kovalenko p. 656 New Data on the Age (SHRIMP II) of Protolith and Paleoproterozoic Transformations of the Archean Keivy Terrain (Kola Peninsula) S. A. Bushmin, V. A. Glebovitskii, S. L. Presnyakov, E. V. Savva, and T. P. Shcheglova p. 661 Lanthanoids as an Indicator of the Structure of the Zone of Free Alumina in the Lateritic Weathering Crust of the KMA V. I. Sirotin and E. E. Belyavtseva p. 666 Crystal Structure of Nitrate Cancrinite Synthesized under Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Conditions N. V. Chukanov, N. V. Zubkova, J.-C. Buhl, I. V. Pekov, D. A. Ksenofontov, W. Depmeier, and D. Yu. Pushcharovskii p. 669 What Happens in the Earth?s Crust between Sunset and Sunrise? A. S. Belyakov, V. S. Lavrov, and A. V. Nikolaev p. 673 Barrier Effect of Degassing and Destruction of the Earth's Crust I. L. Gufeld and M. I. Matveeva p. 677 Paleoanalogues of Global Warming in the 21st Century A. A. Velichko and O. K. Borisova p. 681 Changes in the Mass Balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet over 50 Years V. M. Kotlyakov, M. Yu. Moskalevskiy, and L. N. Vasil'ev p. 686 An Estimate of Plankton Distribution in the Ocean Based on Acoustic Sounding V. A. Akulichev, V. A. Bulanov, and A. V. Storozhenko p. 690 Anomalous Diurnal Tides of the Third Degree in the Barents and Kara Seas G. N. Voinov p. 693 Oxygen Isotope Composition of Kaolinite Rocks as an Indicator of Different Stages of Their Lithogenesis N. S. Bortnikov, V. M. Novikov, E. O. Dubinina, A. D. Savko, A. G. Berketa, and A. V. Krainov p. 697 Origin and Composition of Fluid Responsible for Metasomatic Processes in Shear Zones of the Bolshie Keivy Tectonic Nappe, Baltic Shield: Carbon Isotope Composition of Graphite S. A. Bushmin, V. A. Glebovitskii, E. M. Prasolov, K. I. Lokhov, E. A. Vapnik, E. V. Savva, and T. P. Shcheglova p. 701 Comparison of the Compositions of Olivines and Clinopyroxenes from Mantle and 'Crustal' Peridotites of Collisional High-Pressure/Ultrahigh-Pressure Zones A. Yu. Selyatitskii and V. V. Reverdatto p. 705 Electromagnetic Sounding of the Kola Peninsula with a Powerful Extremely Low Frequency Source E. P. Velikhov, V. F. Grigoriev, M. S. Zhdanov, S. M. Korotayev, M. S. Kruglyakov, D. A. Orekhova, I. V. Popova, E. D. Tereschenko, and Y. G. Schors p. 711 Seismoacoustic Analog of the Pound-Rebka Experiment O. B. Khavroshkin and V. V. Tsyplakov p. 717 Variations in ?18O, ?D, and the Concentration of Pollen and Spores in an Autochthonic Heterogeneous Massive Ice on the Erkutayaha River in the Southern Part of the Yamal Peninsula Yu. K. Vasil'chuk, N. A. Budantseva, and A. C. Vasil'chuk p. 721 Red Pandas (Mammalia, Carnivora: Parailurus) in the Biomes of North Eurasia and North America G. G. Matishov and N. P. Kalmykov p. 727 Interannual Variability of Pacific Summer Waters in the Arctic Ocean M. S. Makhotin and I. A. Dmitrenko p. 730