Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2010, V 434, N 1, September.

Part 1. Geology  
Biochemical Indicators of Early Paleozoic 
Geobiological Events in the European Northeast  
T. M. Beznosova and    S. N. Shanina 
p. 1141     

New Data on the Structural Setting and 40Ar/39Ar 
Age of the MP?LP Metamorphism
of the Daulet Formation, Kokchetav Metamorphic Belt, 
Northern Kazakhstan, 
and Their Tectonic Interpretation  
M. M. Buslov, F. I. Zhimulev, and A. V. Travin 
p. 1147     
New Locality of Pliocene Faunal Remains and 
Lower Paleolithic in Ciscaucasia  
A. P. Derevyanko, Kh. A. Amirkhanov, M. V. Shun'kov, 
A. K. Agadjanian, and V. A. Ul'yanov 
p. 1152     
Volcanic Ash in Sediments of the Sea of Okhotsk: 
Based on Minor and Rare Earth Elements  
V. G. Sakhno,A. N. Derkachev, I. V. Melekestsev, 
N. G. Razzhigaeva, and N. V. Zarubina    
p. 1156     
First Results of Zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Dating 
of the Rocks from the Granulite
Complex of Khanka Massif in the Primorye Region  
A. I. Khanchuk, G. M. Vovna, V. I. Kiselev, 
M. A. Mishkin, and S. N. Lavrik 
p. 1164       
Geodynamics of the Eravna Zone (Uda-Vitim Fold 
System of the Transbaikal Region):
Geological and Geochronological Data  
S. V. Ruzhentsev, O. R. Minina, V. A. Aristov, B. G. Golionko, 
A. N. Larionov, D. A. Lykhin, and G. E. Nekrasov 
p. 1168     
The Diachronous Formation of the Enmyvaam and Amguema-Kanchalan
Volcanic Fields in the Okhotsk-Chukotka Volcanic Belt (NE Russia): 
Evidence from Isotopic Data  
V. G. Sakhno, V. F. Polin, V. V. Akinin, S. A. Sergeev, 
A. A. Alenicheva, P. L. Tikhomirov, and E. J. Moll-Stalcup 
p. 1172     

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography On the Composition of Ferromanganese Nodules of the Indian Ocean G. N. Baturin and V. T. Dubinchuk p. 1179 First Data on Forms of Gold Occurrence in Lithochemical Sedimental Streams of the Gold?Silver Dukat Deposit (Northeastern Russia) R. G. Kravtsova, L. A. Pavlova, Yu. I. Rogozina, and A. S. Makshakov p. 1184 Perspectives of the Chagoyan Ore?Placer Knot of the Amur Area Gold Province A. V. Mel'nikov, V. G. Moiseenko, V. A. Stepanov, and D. L. V'yunov p. 1192 Conditions of the Formation of the Konder Platinium-Bearing Ultrabasic Massif (Aldan Shield) V. A. Simonov, V. S. Prikhod'ko, S. V. Kovyazin, and A. V. Tarnavskii p.1196 Assessment and Forecast of the Teleconnection between the Antarctic Ozone and Water Vapor and the Circulation and Temperature of the Lower Thermosphere over the Regions of Russia A. P. Kapitsa and A. A. Gavrilov p. 1200 Control Gear for Oceanic Tectonic Plates V. P. Trubitsyn p. 1205 New Geological?Geophysical Data on the Structure of the Ninetyeast Ridge O. V. Levchenko, W. W. Sager, F. A. Frey, M. S. Pringle, K. S. Krishna, D. Gopala Rao, E. Gauntlett, E. Mervine, Yu. G. Marinova, A. Piotrowski, C. F. Paul, S. Huang, and A. E. Eisin p. 1208 Behavior of Trace Elements in the Contact Zones of Agpaitic Intrusions of the Kola Region: The Role of Fluids A. A. Arzamastsev, L. V. Arzamastseva, and S. N. Shanina p. 1214 First Data on Technetium-99 Content in the Ecosystem of the Yenisei River A. Ya. Bolsunovskii, Yu. V. Aleksandrova, and A. G. Degermendzhi p. 1219 Fluidolite: A New Genetic Rock Type of the Elbrus Volcanic Region N. V. Koronovskii, L. I. Demina, and M. S. Myshenkova p. 1222 Zirconology of Malinites of the Ilmeny Mountains (Southern Urals) A. A. Krasnobaev, P. M. Valizer, E. V. Medvedeva, A. I. Rusin, and S. V. Busharina p. 1226 The First Mineralogical, Geochemical, and Isotope?Geochronological Data on Neogene Alkaline Basaltic Volcanism of the Heven Zalu Uriin Sar'dag Plateau (Northern Mongolia) A. B. Perepelov, S. S. Tsypukova, E. I. Demonterova, L. A. Pavlova, A. V. Travin, and D. Bat-Ulzii p. 1230 New Age Datings of Gabbroides of the Kershor Complex (Polar Urals) D. N. Remizov, S. I. Grigoriev, S. Yu. Petrov, A. O. Kos?yanov, M. V. Nosikov, and S. A. Sergeev p. 1235 New Data on Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Rare-Metal Mineralization of the Gremiakha-Vyrmes Massif N. V. Sorokhtina,L. N. Kogarko, and A. K. Shpachenko p. 1240 Katabatic Glacier Wind A. B. Kazanskii p. 1245 General Regularities in the Distribution of Seismic Events on the Earth and on the Moon B. W. Levin and E. V. Sasorova p. 1249 A Possible Mechanism for Elastic Wave Propagation in Porous Rocks V. K. Sidorov and M. V. Tarantin p. 1253 Conditions of the Formation of Plagiogranite from the Markov Trough, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 552'-602' N L. Ya. Aranovich, N. S. Bortnikov, N. S. Serebryakov, and E. V. Sharkov p. 1257 Experimental Study of the Pyroxene-Garnet Phase Transition in the Na2MgSi5O12 System at Pressures of 13-20 GPa: First Synthesis of Sodium Majorite A. M. Dymshits, A. V. Bobrov, K. D. Litasov, A. F. Shatskiy, E. Ohtani, and Yu. A. Litvin p. 1263 New Find of High-Pressure Rocks in the Belomorian Mobile Belt V. M. Kozlovskii p.1267 Geochronological and Isotope Geochemical Characteristics of Mafic Intrusions of the Norilsk Region O. V. Petrov, S. A. Sergeev, E. M. Prasolov, V. O. Khalenev, and K. I. Lokhov p. 1272 Problem of Water in the Upper Mantle: Antigorite Breakdown A. I. Chepurov, A. A. Tomilenko, E. I. Zhimulev, V. M. Sonin, A. A. Chepurov, N. V. Surkov, and S. V. Kovyazin p. 1275 Possible Ozone Influence on the Quasi-Biennial Oscillation in the Equatorial Stratosphere A. N. Gruzdev and V. A. Bezverkhnii p. 1279 A First Examination of the Helical Nature of Tropical Cyclogenesis G. V. Levina and M. T. Montgomery p.1285