Transactions (Doklady) of the Russian Academy of Sciences/Earth Science Section, 2010, V 432, N1, May.

Part 1. Geology
Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic Magmatism Manifestations 
in the Early Precambrian Structure 
of the South Yenisei Ridge  
V. A. Vernikovskii, A. E. Vernikovskaya, N. Yu. Matushkin, 
I. V. Romanova, N. G. Berezhnaya, A. N. Larionov, 
and A. V. Travin 
p. 547     
Local Metamorphism of Ore-Metasomatic Rocks of the Berezit Deposit  
O. V. Avchenko, A. S. Vakh, V. G. Sakhno, V. A. Stepanov, 
E. A. Nozdrachev, and O. I. Sharova 
p. 553     
The Paleogeodynamic Conditions of Redeposition 
of Conodont Elements in the Late Devonian-Early 
Carboniferous Sediments of the Southern Urals  
E. N. Gorozhanina,    V. N. Pazukhin, 
and V. N. Puchkov 
p. 560     
Magmatic Zoning of Late Cenozoic Volcanism 
in Central Mongolia: 
Relation with the Mantle Plume  
E. A. Kudryashova,    V. V. Yarmolyuk, 
A. M. Kozlovsky, and V. M. Savatenkov 
p. 565     
Vendian and Silurian Ophiolite-Formation 
Stages on the Eastern Slope of the Middle Urals  
G. A. Petrov, Yu.    L. Ronkin, A. V. Maslov, 
and O. P. Lepikhina 
p. 570     

Sr Chemostratigraphy of Carbonate Sedimentary Cover 
of the Tuva-Mongolian Microcontinent  
A. B. Kuznetsov, E. F. Letnikova, I. A. Vishnevskaya, 
G. V. Konstantinova,  E. P. Kutyavin, and N. K. Geletii 
p. 577     
The Methane Eruption on Lake Baikal in 1912 as 
an Effect of a Strong Earthquake  
Ya. B. Radziminovich,    A. A. Shchetnikov, 
and E. G. Vologina 
p. 583     
U-Pb (SIMS SHRIMP?II) Age of Volcanic Rocks 
from the Tulukuev Caldera 
(Streltsov Uranium-Ore Cluster, 
Eastern Transbaikalia)  
G. A. Shatkov, N. G. Berezhnaya, 
Ye. N. Lepekhina, N. V. Rodionov, 
I. P. Paderin, and S. A. Sergeyev 
p. 587     

Part 2. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Oceanology, Geography Osmium Inclusions in Ancient Gold Products V. V. Zaikov, E. V. Zaikova, and A. M. Yuminov p. 593 The First Finds of Rhenium Minerals in Karelia O. B. Lavrov and L. V. Kuleshevich p. 598 The Age of High-Pressure Metasomatism in Shear Zones During Collision-Related Metamorphism in the Lapland Granulite Belt: The Sm-Nd Method of Dating the Paragenesises from Sillimanite-Orthopyroxene Rocks of Por'ya Guba Nappe Yu. M. Lebedeva, V. A. Glebovitskii, S. A. Bushmin, E. S. Bogomolov, E. V. Savva, and K. I. Lokhov p. 602 Lanthanides as an Indicator of Zonation of the Lateritic (Aluminiferous) Weathering Crust V. I. Sirotin and E. E. Belevtseva p.606 Pulsating Vortical Evolution of the Elbrus Volcanic Region (as a Consequence of Migration of the Mantle Plume?) Yu. P. Masurenkov and A. L. Sobisevich p. 608 Measurements of Turbulence in the Zone of Strong Bottom Currents in the Strait of Denmark V. T. Paka, B. Rudels, D. Quadfasel, and V. M. Zhurbas p. 613 Criterion of the Order Degree for Self-Oscillating Regimes in the Analysis of Geophysical Medium Dynamics I. Ya. Chebotareva and I. A. Volodin p. 618 The First Radiocarbon Data of Bone Remains of Mammoth Faunal Forms in Northwestern Russia A. A. Nikonov and J. Van der Plicht p. 622 The Nature of Biomarkers in Oils K. S. Ivanov, Yu. N. Fedorov, L. A. Petrov, and A. B. Shishmakov p. 626 Cosmic Magnetite Microspherules and Metallic Particles near the Permian-Triassic Boundary in a Global Stratotype Section and Point (Stratum 27, Meishan, China) O. A. Korchagin, V. A. Tsel'movich, I. I. Pospelov, and Bian Qiantao p. 631 Geochemical Peculiarities of Some Rock-Forming Minerals during Experimental Modeling of Shock Metamorphism S. G. Skublov, V.I. Fel'dman, and E. A. Kozlov p. 638 Geodynamics and Plume Tectonics in the Northern Part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge E. V. Verzhbitskii, M. V. Kononov, and A. F. Byakov p. 644 Observations of the Atmosphere Composition in the Moscow Megapolis from a Mobile Laboratory N. F. Elanskii, I. B. Belikov, G. S. Golitsyn, A. M. Grisenko, O. V. Lavrova, N. V. Pankratova, A. N. Safronov, A. I. Skorokhod, and R. A. Shumskii p. 649 Variability of the Total Column Amounts of Climate Influencing Gases Obtained from Ground-Based High Resolution Spectroscope Measurements A. V. Poberovskii, M. V. Makarova, A. V. Rakitin, D. V. Ionov, and Yu. M. Timofeev p. 656 The Role of the Ocean in Pleistocene Climate Changes N. V. Vakulenko, V. M. Kotlyakov, F. Lambert, and D. M. Sonechkin p. 659 Reinjected Ice Stocks in Sediments of the Western Yamal Peninsula E. A. Slagoda, V. P. Mel'nikov, and O. L. Opokina p. 663 Geological?Petrographic Properties of Late Miocene Granitoids from the Caucasian Mineral Waters Region and Their Relation with the Superplume O. A. Bogatikov, A. M. Kurchavov, V. M. Gazeev, A. G. Gurbanov, A. Ya. Dokuchaev, and A. A. Nosova p. 666 New Geochronological Data on Metamorphic and Igneous Rocks from the Gridino Village Area (Belomorian Eclogitic Province) K. A. Dokukina, T. B. Bayanova, T. V. Kaulina, A. V. Travin, and A. N. Konilov p. 671 Paleoproterozoic Gold-Bearing Copper Deposits and Occurrences of the Karelian Craton L. V. Kuleshevich, A. I. Golubev, and O. B. Lavrov p. 677 Prediction of Gold Forms in Sulfides: Evidence from Experiments and Calculations Yu. V. Laptev, G. P. Shironosova, and S. P. Novikova p. 682 Biogeochemical Processes of Carbon and Sulfur Cycles in Sediments of the Outer Shelf of the Black Sea (Russian Sector) A. Yu. Lein, I. I. Rusanov, E. E. Zakharova, M. V. Flint, and M. V. Ivanov p. 687 Influence of the Surface Energy on the Kinetics of Chemical Reactions of Mineral Nanoparticles G. O. Piloyan and N. S. Bortnikov p.690 Mineral Composition and PT-Conditions of the Formation of Ca-Mg-Fe Metasomatites in Basic Granulites (Por'ya Guba, Belomor'e): Evidence for Syngenetic Granitization and Basification L. I. Khodorevskaya p. 693 Influence of Structural?Dynamic Conditions of Discharge of Hydrothermal Volcanic Systems on Ore Formation in Their Interiors V. N. Sharapov p. 697 Caspian Sea Bottom Scouring by Hummocky Ice Floes S. A. Ogorodov and V. V. Arkhipov p. 703 The Negative Temperature Anomaly near the Surface (Lenskie Stolby, Republic of Sakha-Yakutia) V. B. Spector and I. S. Vasiliev p. 708 Analysis of the Operative Model of Hydrophysical Field Results in the White Sea from July to August 2008 E. V. Semenov and M. B. Bulatov p.710