Computers & Geosciences, 2006, V 32, N 6, July.

An automated GIS procedure for comparing GPS
and proximal LIDAR elevations 
Tim L. Webster and George Dias
Pages 713-726 

Three-dimensional forward and inverse
models for gravity fields based
on the Fast Fourier Transform 
Young Hong Shin, Kwang Sun Choi and Houze Xu
Pages 727-738 

Heuristics for cartographic label 
placement problems 
Glaydston Mattos Ribeiro and 
Luiz Antonio Nogueira Lorena
Pages 739-748 

A simple algorithm for the mapping 
of TIN data onto a static grid: 
Applied to the stratigraphic 
simulation of river meander deposits 
Quintijn Clevis, Gregory E. Tucker, 
Stephen T. Lancaster, Arnaud Desitter, 
Nicole Gasparini and Gary Lock
Pages 749-766 

Integrated software framework for 
processing of geophysical data 
Glenn Chubak and Igor Morozov
Pages 767-775 

On Latin Hypercube sampling for 
efficient uncertainty estimation 
of satellite rainfall observations 
in flood prediction 
Faisal Hossain, Emmanouil N. Anagnostou
and Amvrossios C. Bagtzoglou
Pages 776-792 

Earth Science Digital Museum (ESDM): 
Toward a new paradigm for museums 
Shaochun Dong, Shijin Xu and Gangshan Wu
Pages 793-802 

Variance-based sensitivity analysis 
of the probability of hydrologically 
induced slope instability 
N.A.S. Hamm, J.W. Hall and M.G. Anderson
Pages 803-817 

An open source implementation of the
Modern Analog Technique (MAT) within 
the R computing environment 
Michael Sawada
Pages 818-833 

Automatic computation of hierarchical 
biquadratic smoothing splines with minimum GCV 
P.A. Hancock and M.F. Hutchinson
Pages 834-845 

Exploring and visualizing sea ice 
chart data using Java-based GIS tools 
Yingqi Tang and David W. Wong
Pages 846-858