Computers & Geosciences, 2006, V 32, N 5, June.

Editorial • EDITORIAL
G. Bonham-Carter
Pages 561-564 

Optimizing the use of aeromagnetic data 
for predictive geological interpretation: 
an example from the Grenville Province, Quebec • 
Sharon Parsons, Leopold Nadeau, 
Pierre Keating and Chang-Jo Chung
Pages 565-576 

FluorMODgui V3.0: A graphic user interface 
for the spectral simulation of leaf and 
canopy chlorophyll fluorescence • 
P.J. Zarco-Tejada, J.R. Miller, 
R. Pedros, W. Verhoef and M. Berger
Pages 577-591 

3GRAINS: 3D Gravity Interpretation Software 
and its application to density modeling 
of the hellenic subduction zone • 
K. Snopek and U. Casten
Pages 592-603 

Automated classification of landforms on Mars • 
B.D. Bue and T.F. Stepinski
Pages 604-614 

An efficient depression processing 
algorithm for hydrologic analysis • 
Qing Zhu, Yixiang Tian and Jie Zhao
Pages 615-623 

Analysis of factors influencing the 
solution of the consolidation problem 
by using an element-free Galerkin method • 
Zhi-Liang Wang and Yong-Chi Li
Pages 624-631 

BatTri: A two-dimensional bathymetry-based 
unstructured triangular grid generator 
for finite element circulation modeling • 
Ata Bilgili, Keston W. Smith and Daniel R. Lynch
Pages 632-642 

An interactive and open approach for the 
analysis and diffusion of geoscientific data • 
G. Descamps, P. Therrien and R. Therrien
Pages 643-655 

Iterative solutions of the gradient wind equation • 
John A. Knox and Paul R. Ohmann
Pages 656-662 

VisualAnomaly: A GIS-based multifractal 
method for geochemical and geophysical 
anomaly separation in Walsh domain • 
Qingmou Li and Qiuming Cheng
Pages 663-672 

MAP IT: The GIS software for field 
mapping with tablet pc • 
Mauro De Donatis and Lorenzo Bruciatelli
Pages 673-680 

Wavelet extractor: A Bayesian well-tie 
and wavelet extraction program • ARTICLE
James Gunning and Michael E. Glinsky
Pages 681-695 

A Visual Basic program for analyzing 
oedometer test results and evaluating 
intergranular void ratio • 
M. Murat Monkul and Okan Onal
Pages 696-703 

KGS-HighK: A Fortran 90 program for 
simulation of hydraulic tests in highly 
permeable aquifers • 
Xiaoyong Zhan and James J. Butler, Jr.
Pages 704-707 

Comment on "LUMPED: a Visual Basic code 
of lumped-parameter models for mean 
residence time analyses of groundwater 
systems by Ozyurt and Bayari, 
Computers & Geosciences 29 (2003) 79–90" • 
L.F. Han and P. Maloszewski
Pages 708-712