Computers & Geosciences, 2006, V 32, N 4, May.

Modelling electrical conductivity of 
groundwater using an adaptive 
neuro-fuzzy inference system 
B. Tutmez, Z. Hatipoglu and U. Kaymak
Pages 421-433 

Computer simulation of landslides 
by the contact element method 
Jiang Xiaoyu, Qiao Jianping, 
Wang Chenghua and Zhao Yu
Pages 434-441 

Spherical harmonic analysis and synthesis 
using FFT: Application to temporal 
gravity variation 
Cheinway Hwang and Yu-Chi Kao
Pages 442-451 

Algorithm for dealing with depressions 
in dynamic landscape evolution models 
A.J.A.M. Temme, J.M. Schoorl and A. Veldkamp
Pages 452-461 

Positional error modeling for line 
simplification based on automatic 
shape similarity analysis in GIS 
Chui Kwan Cheung and Wenzhong Shi
Pages 462-475 

A TSAR model for daily evapotranspiration 
at broad spatial scales: 
A case study in Northern China 
Yunhao Chen, Xiaobing Li and Jing Li
Pages 476-484 

A committee machine with empirical 
formulas for permeability prediction 
Chang-Hsu Chen and Zsay-Shing Lin
Pages 485-496 

First Arrival Seismic Tomography (FAST) 
vs. PStomo_eq applied to crooked line 
seismic data from the Siljan ring area 
Johiris I. Rodriguez-Tablante, 
Christopher Juhlin and Bj?rn Bergman
Pages 497-511 

A lava flow simulation model for the 
development of volcanic hazard 
maps for Mount Etna (Italy) 
M.L. Damiani, G. Groppelli, G. Norini, 
E.Bertino, A. Gigliuto and A. Nucita
Pages 512-526 

PSGRN/PSCMPa new code for calculating co- 
and post-seismic deformation, geoid and 
gravity changes based on the 
viscoelastic-gravitational dislocation theory 
Rongjiang Wang, Francisco Lorenzo-Martin and Frank Roth
Pages 527-541 

The spacing calculator softwareA Visual 
Basic program to calculate spatial 
properties of lineaments 
Thushan C. Ekneligoda and Herbert Henkel
Pages 542-553 

GeoPlot: An Excel VBA program for 
geochemical data plotting 
Jibin Zhou and Xianhua Li
Pages 554-560 
s 1 - 12