Computers & Geosciences, 2006, V 32, N 10, December.

Study of stress waves in geomedia and effect
of a soil cover layer on wave attenuation 
using a 1-D finite-difference method • 
Zhi-liang Wang, Yong-chi Li and J.G. Wang
Pages 1535-1543 

Using the Snesim program for multiple-point
statistical simulation • 
Yuhong Liu
Pages 1544-1563 

Use of neural networks and decision fusion for
lithostratigraphic correlation with sparse data,
Mono-Inyo Craters, California • 
M. Bursik and G. Rogova
Pages 1564-1572 

Data reduction in scalar airborne gravimetry: 
Theory, software and case study in Taiwan • 
Cheinway Hwang, Yu-Shen Hsiao and Hsuan-Chang Shih
Pages 1573-1584 

Enhancing potential field data using 
filters based on the local phase • 
G.R.J. Cooper and D.R. Cowan
Pages 1585-1591 

Obtaining dip and susceptibility information 
from Euler deconvolution using the Hough transform • 
G.R.J. Cooper
Pages 1592-1599 

Coupled model of surface water flow, sediment 
transport and morphological evolution • 
Guy Simpson and Sebastien Castelltort
Pages 1600-1614 

TBSIM: A computer program for conditional 
simulation of three-dimensional Gaussian 
random fields via the turning bands method • 
Xavier Emery and Christian Lantuejoul
Pages 1615-1628 

A flexible true plurigaussian code 
for spatial facies simulations • 
Chaoshui Xu, Peter Alan Dowd, 
Kanti V. Mardia and Robert J. Fowell
Pages 1629-1645 

Using XML to improve the productivity 
and robustness in application 
development in geosciences • 
Ulisses T. Mello and Liqing Xu
Pages 1646-1653 

An approach for spherical harmonic 
analysis of non-smooth data • 
Hansheng Wang, Patrick Wu and Zhiyong Wang
Pages 1654-1668 

A sequential indicator simulation program 
for categorical variables with point 
and block data: BlockSIS • 
Clayton V. Deutsch
Pages 1669-1681 

Digital geological mapping with 
tablet PC and PDA: A comparison • 
P. Clegg, L. Bruciatelli, F. Domingos, 
R.R. Jones, M. De Donatis and R.W. Wilson
Pages 1682-1698 

A GIS-based borehole data management 
and 3D visualization system • 
James D. McCarthy and Phil A. Graniero
Pages 1699-1708 

dsm.f90: A computer code for the solution 
of an inverse problem of ground water 
hydrology by the differential system method • 
Mauro Giudici and Chiara Vassena
Pages 1709-1719 

Towards an open architecture for vector GIS • 
Robert I. Dunfey, Bruce M. Gittings and 
James K. Batcheller
Pages 1720-1732 

A procedure for modelling the differences 
between the gravimetric geoid model and 
GPS/levelling data with an example 
in the north part of Algeria • 
S.A. Benahmed Daho, S. Kahlouche and J.D. Fairhead
Pages 1733-1745 

Business logic for geoprocessing of 
distributed geodata • 
Christian Kiehle
Pages 1746-1757 

Addition of simultaneous heat and solute 
transport and variable fluid viscosity to SEAWAT • 
Danny Thorne, Christian D. Langevin and 
Michael C. Sukop
Pages 1758-1768 

Ellipsis 3D: A p-in-cell finite-element hybrid 
code for modelling mantle convection and 
lithospheric deformation • 
Craig O’Neill, Louis Moresi, Dietmar Muller, 
Rich Albert and Frederic Dufour
Pages 1769-1779 

West Antarctic balance calculations: 
Impact of flux-routing algorithm, 
smoothing algorithm and topography • 
Anne M Le Brocq, Antony J Payne and 
Martin J Siegert
Pages 1780-1795 

A C++ program for retrieving land surface 
temperature from the data of Landsat TM/ETM+ band6 • 
Jinqu Zhang, Yunpeng Wang and Yan Li
Pages 1796-1805 

VLFPROS—A Matlab code for processing of 
VLF-EM data • 
N. Sundararajan, V. Ramesh Babu, 
N. Shiva Prasad and Y. Srinivas
Pages 1806-1813 

Z. Sisi and P. David, Editors, 
Large-Scale 3D Data Integration, 
CRC, Boca Raton, FL (2006) ISBN 0-8493-9898-3 
(245pp., US$129.95/ Euro74.99). • BOOK REVIEW
Aidan Slingsby
Pages 1814-1816 

Erratum to: "Computation of deformation 
induced by earthquakes in a multi-layered 
elastic crust—FORTRAN programs EDGRN/EDCMP": 
[Computers & Geosciences, 29(2) (2003) 195–207] • 
Rongjiang Wang, Franciso Lorenzo-Martin and Frank Roth
Page 1817