Chemical Physics Letters, 1997, V 281, N4-6, 26 December.

   * Probing molecular self-assembly by hyper-Rayleigh scattering in
     Ray, P.C. and Das, P.K.                                    page 243-246
    * Enhancement of intersystem crossing by substitution: assignment of a
     long-lived triplet state by magnetic field effects in a non-viscous
     Aich, S. and Basu, S.                                      page 247-253

   * Magnetically sensitive non-polar exciplex: the
     perfluoronaphthalene-anthracene system
     Misra, A., Dutta, R., Haldar, M. and Chowdhury, M.         page 254-260

   * Photophysical properties of N-alkylporphyrins and their
     metalloporphyrins linked with quinolinium ion in solution
     Tsukahara, K., Ito, K., Matsui, M., Sudo, M. and Onoue, Y. page 261-266

   * Femtosecond transient dynamics of a heptametallic HAT-ruthenium(II)
     complex. A photophysical study
     Latterini, L., Schweitzer, G., De Schryver, F.C., Moucheron, C. and
     Kirsch-De Mesmaeker, A.                                    page 267-271

   * Near-infrared laser spectroscopy of the Ar-C2HD complex: Fermi
     resonance assisted vibrational predissociation
     Bemish, R.J. and Miller, R.E.                              page 272-280

   * Photoelectron scattering in CO doped solid Ar
     Ogurtsov, A.N., Savchenko, E.V., Becker, J., Runne, M. and 
     Zimmerer,  G.                                              page 281-284

   * Time-resolved infrared diode laser spectroscopy of jet-cooled FeCO and
     Fe(CO)2 radicals produced by the UV photolysis of Fe(CO)5
     Tanaka, K., Tachikawa, Y. and Tanaka, T.                   page 285-291

   * An EPR study of spin correlations and existence of ordered and
     disordered phases in (NBu4)2Mn2[Cu(opba)]3 _ 6DMSO _ 1H2O
     Kadam, R.M., Sastry, M.D., Bhide, M.K., Chavan, S.A., Yakhmi, J.V. and
     Kahn, O.                                                   page 292-296

   * A two-dimensional sum combination frequency pulse EPR experiment
     Van Doorslaer, S. and Schweiger, A.                        page 297-305

   * Analysis of _stacked_ whispering gallery dielectric resonators for
     submillimeter ESR spectroscopy
     Annino, G., Cassettari, M., Longo, I. and Martinelli, M.   page 306-311

   * An efficient grid calculation of vibrational states for H3 with
     geometric phase in hyperspherical coordinates
     Yu, H.                                                     page 312-318

   * Long-range excitons in conjugated polymers with ring torsions
     Harigaya, K.                                               page 319-324

   * A stochastic model of gaseous dielectric breakdown
     Bawagan, A.D.O.                                            page 325-331

   * A theoretical analysis of the time-resolved femtosecond CARS spectrum
     of I2
     Meyer, S., Schmitt, M., Materny, A., Kiefer, W.
     and Engel, V.                                              page 332-336

   * Tunnel resonances for one-dimensional barriers
     Fernandez, F.M.                                            page 337-342

   * Multi-dimensional entropy sampling Monte Carlo method and free energy
     landscape of Ar13
     Chen, G. and Wu, G.                                        page 343-351

   * Electronic structure and optical properties of bare and Li, Na, K and
     Ca coated C60 molecule
     Ostling, D. and Rosen, A.                                  page 352-359

   * Pressure-induced charge transfer phase transition in crystalline C60
     *C10H12Se4 *2(CS2) molecular complex studied by Raman spectroscopy
     Meletov, K.P., Dolganov, V.K., Spitsina, N.G., Yagubskii, E.B.,
     Arvanitidis, J., Papagelis, K., Ves, S. and 
     Kourouklis, G.A.                                           page 360-365

   * An HREELS study of CO adsorption on Pd(311)
     Schilbe, P., Farias, D. and Rieder, K.H.                   page 366-371

   * Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of trans-stilbene adsorbed on
     platinum- or self-assembled monolayer-modified silver film over
     nanosphere surfaces
     Freunscht, P., Van Duyne, R.P. and Schneider, S.           page 372-378

   * Dependence of surface enhanced Raman scattering of water on the
     hydrogen evolution reaction
     Chen, Y.X. and Tian, Z.Q.                                  page 379-383

   * Surface enhanced Raman scattering for CdS nanowires deposited in
     anodic aluminum oxide nanotemplate
     Jung, S.S. and Jin, S.L.                                   page 384-388

   * Second harmonic generation and fluorescence images from surfactants on
     hanging droplets
     Hartings, J.M., Poon, A., Xiaoyun, P., Chang, R.K. and Leslie, T.M.
                                                                page 389-393

   * Studies of surface structures and compositions of polyethylene and
     polypropylene by IR + visible sum frequency vibrational spectroscopy
     Zhang, D., Shen, Y.R. and Somorjai, G.A.                   page 394-400

   * Isomerism of Ni cluster anions and its role on photo-detachment
     Weber, S.E. and Jena, P.                                   page 401-406

   * Evidence for the reaction of highly vibrationally excited ClO radicals
     with nitrogen
     Delmdahl, R.F. and Gericke, K.                             page 407-412

   * Direct measurement of intrinsic proton transfer rates in
     diffusion-controlled reactions
     Pines, E., Magnes, B., Lang, M.J. and Fleming, G.R.        page 413-420

   * Kinetics of Cl atom reactions with butadienes including isoprene
     Notario, A., Le Bras, G. and Mellouki, A.                  page 421-425

   * Laser-induced clustering dynamics of [(SiO2)nX]? from porous silica
     Can, X., Liwei, W., Shixiong, Q., Li, Z., Zichen, W. and Yufen, L.
                                                                page 426-430

   * Methylated NF3. A G2MS theoretical study on the structure, stability,
     and interconversion of the CH3-NF+3 and CH3F-NF+2 isomers
     Grandinetti, F., Cecchi, P. and Vinciguerra, V.            page 431-437

   * Coupled cluster calculations of the polarizability of furan
     Christiansen, O., Halkier, A. and J_rgensen, P.            page 438-444

   * Coupled cluster calculations of Verdet constants
     Coriani, S., Hattig, C., J_rgensen, P., Halkier, A. and Rizzo, A.
                                                                page 445-451

   * Ab initio study on the mechanism of the radical reaction NNH(2A_) +
     N(4S) -> N2 + NH(3[Sigma.gif]?)
     Xu, Z. and Sun, J.                                         page 452-456

   * Author index to volume 281                                 page 457-463