Chemical Physics Letters, 2004, V 385, N 1-2, 2 Feb.

 Free energy calculations for DNA base stacking by
 replica-exchange umbrella sampling,  
 Katsumi Murata, Yuji Sugita and Yuko Okamoto
 Pages 1-7

 Wurtzite ZnS nanosaws produced by polar surfaces, 
 Daniel Moore, Carsten Ronning, Christopher Ma and Zhong. L. Wang
 Pages 8-11

 The tunneling frequencies of NH4+ and NH3D+ in NH4PF6, 
 David Smith
 Pages 12-14

 An ambience-induced optical absorption peak for Au/SiO2
 mesoporous assembly, 
 Ganhua Fu, Weiping Cai, Yanjie Gan and Junhui Jia
 Pages 15-19

 Location and role of exchangeable cations in zeolite 
 catalysis: a first principle study,  
 Abhijit Chatterjee and Fujio Mizukami
Pages 20-24

 Ab initio studies on modulus of elasticity of modified
 Jussi Katajisto, Mikko Linnolahti and Tapani A. Pakkanen
 Pages 25-28

 Photophysical properties of a new 8-phenyl analogue of the laser
 dye PM567 in different solvents: internal conversion mechanisms, 
J. Banuelos Prieto, F. Lopez Arbeloa, V. Martinez Martinez,
T. Arbeloa Lopez, F. Amat-Guerri, M. Liras and I. Lopez Arbeloa
 Pages 29-35

 Translation and rotation of a haloaromatic thiol, 
 L. Bartels, B. V. Rao and A. Liu
 Pages 36-39 

 Time-resolved photo-CIDNP of dibenzyl ketone--cyclodextrin 
  inclusion complex, 
 S. S. Petrova, A. I. Kruppa and T. V. Leshina
 Pages 40-44

 Continuous-wave terahertz spectroscopy of biotin: 
 vibrational anharmonicity in the far-infrared,
 T. M. Korter and D. F. Plusquellic
 Pages 45-51

 Competitive CN and N2 formation on Rh(1 1 1): 
 a case of entropic stabilization,  
 Francisco Ample, Josep M. Ricart, Anna Clotet, 
 Daniel Curulla and J. W. (Hans) Niemantsverdriet
 Pages 52-54

 The effects of ambient gases on the surface resistance
 of polyoxometalate/TiO2 film,  
 Danfeng Li, Changzhi Gu, Caixin Guo and Changwen Hu
 Pages 55-59

 Indirect versus direct photoionization with ultrashort pulses:
 interferences and time-resolved bond-length changes, 
 S. Grafe and V. Engel
 Pages 60-65 

 A nanosecond pulse radiolysis study of the hydrated electron
 with high energy ions with a narrow velocity distribution,
 G. Baldacchino, G. Vigneron, J. -P. Renault, S. Pin, 
 Z. Abedinzadeh, S. Deycard, E. Balanzat, S. Bouffard, 
 M. Gardes-Albert, B. Hickel and J. -C. Mialocq
  Pages 66-71 

 Double-wall nanotubes: classification and barriers to walls 
 relative rotation, sliding and screwlike motion,  
 A. V. Belikov, Yu. E. Lozovik, A. G. Nikolaev and A. M. Popov
 Pages 72-78

 Electron transfer at the interface between water and 
 self-assembled monolayers,
 John Vieceli and Ilan Benjamin
 Pages 79-84 

 Theoretical study of Ng–NiCO (Ng=Ar, Ne, He), 
 Yuriko Ono and Tetsuya Taketsugu
 Pages 85-91 

 A calorimetric study of the heat of reaction of calcium 
 atoms with the vinylene group of MEH-PPV,  
 Sherman S. Hon, Jan Richter and J. Todd Stuckless
 Pages 92-95

 Ultraviolet laser excited surface enhanced Raman 
 scattering of thiocyanate ion on the Au electrode, 
 Peijie Wang and Guozhen Wu
 Pages 96-100

 Use of extended dimensions in global optimization, 
 Alexander S. Bayden and Kenneth D. Jordan
 Pages 101-104

 Hole formation and transfer in poly[9,9-di(ethylhexyl)fluorene] 
 and an amine end-capped derivative in solution, 
 H. D. Burrows, J. Seixas de Melo, M. Forster, R. Guntner, 
 U. Scherf, A. P. Monkman and S. Navaratnam
 Pages 105-110 

 Laser induced photo-catalytic oxidation/splitting of water 
 over -Fe2O3, WO3, TiO2 and NiO catalysts: activity comparison,  
 Mohammed Ashraf Gondal, A. Hameed, Z. H. Yamani and A. Suwaiyan
 Pages 111-115

 The exciton contribution to the Faraday B term MCD of 
 molecular dimers,  
 Joseph L. Hughes, Ron J. Pace and Elmars Krausz
 Pages 116-121

 Ab initio study of the shielding and spin–spin 
 coupling constants in ClF3, PF3 and PF5, 
 Micha Jaszuski
 Pages 122-126 

 The reaction of F with N3 studied using multiconfiguration 
 wave functions,  
 Bo-Zhen Chen and Ming-Bao Huang
 Pages 127-133

 Ultrafast non-Franck–Condon transitions via 
 a two-pulse scheme, 
 Klaus B. Moller and Niels E. Henriksen
 Pages 134-139

 Electrochemical adjustment of the work function of a 
 conducting polymer,  
 A. Petr, F. Zhang, H. Peisert, M. Knupfer and L. Dunsch
 Pages 140-143

 Two-dimensional arrangement of CH3NH2 adsorption 
 on Si(0 0 1)-2 ? 1,
 Yun Wang and Gyeong S. Hwang
 Pages 144-148 

 Theoretical study on the one- and two-photon absorption 
 properties of a series of octupolar oligofluorenes and 
 dipolar analogs, 
 Xin Zhou, Ai-Min Ren, Ji-Kang Feng and Xiao-Juan Liu
 Pages 149-154

 Changing the shape of ZnO nanostructures by controlling 
 Zn vapor release: from tetrapod to bone-like nanorods, 
 Yu Hang Leung, Aleksandra B. Djurii, Ju Gao,
 Mao Hai Xie and Wai Kin Chan
 Pages 155-159 

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