Canadian Mineralogist, 2007, V 45, N 1, February.

D.B. Clarke, S.R. Paterson and R.H. Vernon
Pages 1-3

Assimilation of xenocrysts in granitic magmas: 
principles, processes, proxies, and problems
D. Barrie Clarke
Pages 5-30

Assimilation of country-rock ilmenite and 
rutile in the South Mountain batholith, 
Nova Scotia, Canada
D. Barrie Clarke and Sarah Carruzzo
Pages 31-42

The contamination of granitic magma by 
metasedimentary country-rock material: 
an experimental study
Saskia Erdmann, David London, 
George B. Morgan VI, and D. Barrie Clarke
Pages 43-61

Endogenous and exogenous plutons: the 
infl uence of emplacement style on 
contamination in granitic magma
Daniel S. Barker
Pages 63-70

Processes of assimilation in the 
genesis of cordierite leucomonzogranites 
from the Iberian Massif: a short review
Olga García-Moreno, L. Guillermo Corretgé, 
and Antonio Castro
Pages 71-85

Voluminous stoping in the Mitchell 
Peak Granodiorite, Sierra Nevada batholith, 
California, USA
Geoffrey S. Pignotta and Scott R. Paterson
Pages 87-106

Contamination of silicic magmas and 
fractal fragmentation of xenoliths in 
Paleocene plutons on Kodiak Island, Alaska
David W. Farris and Scott R. Paterson
Pages 107-129

Magma interactions in the Deer Isle 
granite complex, Maine: field 
and textural evidence
Daniel R. Lux, Benjamin Hooks, 
David Gibson and John P. Hogan
Pages 131-146

Problems in identifying restite in 
S-type granites of southeastern Australia, 
with speculations on sources of 
magma and enclaves
Ron H. Vernon
Pages 147-178