Canadian Mineralogist, 2006, V 44, N 6, December.

From structure topology to chemical 
composition. I. Structural hierarchy 
and stereochemistry in titanium 
disilicate minerals
Elena Sokolova
Pages 1273-1330

Caryochroite, a new heterophyllosilicate 
mineral species related to nafertisite, 
from the Lovozero massif, 
Kola Peninsula, Russia
Pavel M. Kartashov, Giovanni Ferraris, 
Svetlana V. Soboleva and Nikita V. Chukanov
Pages 1331-1339

The crystal chemistry of senkevichite, 
Cs K Na Ca2 Ti O [Si7O18(OH)], from the 
Dara-i-Pioz alkaline massif, 
northern Tajikistan
Yulia A. Uvarova, Elena Sokolova and 
Frank C. Hawthorne, Atali A. Agakhanov, 
Leonid A. Pautov and Vladimir Yu. Karpenko
Pages 1341-1348

Vlasovite, Na2 Zr (Si4O11), from the 
kipawa alkaline complex, Quebec, Canada: 
crystal-structure refinement and 
infrared spectroscopy
Elena Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne and 
Neil A. Ball, Roger H. Mitchell and 
Giancarlo Della Ventura
Pages 1349-1356

Raman spectroscopic study of variably 
recrystallized metamict zircon from 
amphibolite-facies metagranites, 
Serbo-Macedonian massif, Bulgaria
Rositsa Titorenkova, Boriana Mihailova 
and Ludmil Konstantinov
Pages 1357-1366

The crystal chemistry of non-metamict 
pyrochlore-group minerals from Latium, Italy
Enrico Caprilli, Giancarlo Della Ventura, 
Terry C. Williams, Gian Carlo Parodi
and Paola Tuccimei
Pages 1367-1378

The crystal structure of dehydrated 
wyartite, Ca (CO3) [U5+ (U6+O2)2 O4 (OH)] (H2O)3
Frank C. Hawthorne, Robert J. Finch 
and Rodney C. Ewing
Pages 1379-1385

Natural radiation-induced damage in quartz. 
II. Distribution and implications for 
uranium mineralization in the Athabasca 
basin, Saskatchewan, Canada
Sanda Botis, Yuanming Pan, Thomas Bonli, 
Yingkai Xu, Aimin Zhang, Sergiy Nokhrin 
and Vlad Sopuck
Pages 1387-1402

Sulfate minerals. I. Bond topology and 
chemical composition
Michael Schindler, Danielle M.C. Huminicki 
and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 1403-1429

The role of efflorescent sulfates in the 
storage of trace elements in stream 
waters polluted by acid mine-drainage: 
the case of Peña del Hierro, 
southwestern Spain
Antonio Romero, Isabel González 
and Emilio Galán
Pages 1431-1446

Biogenic nitrogen from termite mounds 
and the origin of gerhardtite at the 
Great Australia mine, Cloncurry, 
Queensland, Australia
Erik B. Melchiorre, Peter A. Williams, 
Timothy P. Rose and Becky C. Talyn
Pages 1447-1455

The structures of two novel Sn2+ 
oxysalts found with romarchite and 
hydroromarchite as corrosion 
products of pewter artifacts
Andrew J. Locock, Robert A. Ramik 
and Malcolm E. Back
Pages 1457-1467

New data on type-locality sorosite: 
compositional variations, zoning, 
and a revised formula
Andrei Y. Barkov, Robert F. Martin 
and Lang Shi
Pages 1469-1480

Catamarcaite, Cu6GeWS8, a new germanium 
sulfide mineral species from capillitas, 
Catamarca, Argentina: description, 
paragenesis and crystal structure
Hubert Putz, Werner H. Paar, Dan Topa, 
Emil Makovicky and Andrew C. Roberts
Pages 1481-1497

The crystal structure of dadsonite
Emil Makovicky, Dan Topa, William G. Mumme
Pages 1499-1512

Textures and compositional variability 
in gersdorffite from the crescencia 
Ni–(Co–U) showing, central Pyrenees, 
Spain: primary deposition or 
Isabel Fanlo, Ignacio Subías, 
Fernando Gervilla and Jose Manuel
Pages 1513-1528

The emerald- and spodumene-bearing 
quartz veins of the Rist emerald mine, 
Hiddenite, North Carolina
Michael A. Wise and Alan J. Anderson
Pages 1529-1541

The importance of cooling regime in the 
formation of melt inclusions in olivine 
crystals in haplobasaltic melts
Shoshana B. Goldstein and Robert W. Luth
Pages 1543-1555

A mass discreditation of GQN minerals
Ernst A.J. Burke
Pages 1557-1560

Book Reviews
Peter Tarassoff, Peter Wallace 
and W.R. Danner
Pages 1561-1564

Pages 1565-1566

The Hawley Medal for 2006 to 
Ronald C. Peterson and Alan H. Grant 
The Berry Medal for 2006 to Mati Raudsepp
The Past President's Medal 
for 2006 to Joel D. Grice
The Young Scientists Medal 
for 2006 to Michael Schindler
Pages 1567-1576

Index, volume 44
J.D. Scott
Pages 1577-1588

Contents Index
R.F. Martin
Pages 1599-1608