Canadian Mineralogist, 2006, V 44, N 3, June.

Rare-Element Geochemistry and Mineral Deposits
Robert Linnen, Iain Samson
Pages 561-562

Nature and origin of an LCT-Suite Pegmatite with
Late-Stage Sodium Enrichment, Brazil Lake, 
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia. 
I. Geological Setting and Petrology
Daniel J. Kontak
Pages 563-598

The tanco pegmatite at Bernic Lake, Manitoba. 
XVI. Zonal and bulk compositions and their 
petrogenetic significance
Andrew Stilling, Petr Cerny, Peter J. Vanstone
Pages 599-623

The role of metagabbro rafts on tantalum 
mineralization in the Tanco granitic 
pegmatite, Manitoba
Marieke Van Lichtervelde, Robert L. Linnen, 
Stefano Salvi, Didier Beziat
Pages 625-644

Geochemistry and structural state of 
Columbite-Group Minerals in granitic 
pegmatites of the Pampean Ranges, Argentina
Miguel Angel Galliski, Petr Cerny
Pages 645-666

The behavior of rare-earth and lithophile trace 
elements in rare-metal granites: a study of 
fluorite, melt inclusions and host rocks from 
the Khangilay complex, Transbaikalia, Russia
Elena V. Badanina, Robert B. Trumbull, 
Peter Dulski, Michael Wiedenbeck, 
Ilya V. Veksler, Ludmila F. Syritso
Pages 667-692

A LA–ICP–MS evaluation of Zr reservoirs in 
common crustal rocks: implications for Zr 
and Hf geochemistry, and zircon-forming processes
Fernando Bea, Pilar Montero, Miguel Ortega
Pages 693-714

Texture, composition, and origin of rutile in 
the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia
Sarah Carruzzo, D. Barrie Clarke, 
Karla M. Pelrine, Michael A. Macdonald
Pages 715-729

Structural environments around molybdenum 
in silicate glasses and melts. I. influence 
of composition and oxygen fugacity on the 
local structure of molybdenum
François Farges, Ralf Siewert, Gordon E. Brown Jr., 
Anne Guesdon, Guillaume Morin
Pages 731-753

Structural environments around molybdenum in silicate 
glasses and melts. II. Effect of temperature, pressure, 
H2O, halogens and sulfur
François Farges, Ralf Siewert, Carl W. Ponader, 
Gordon E. Brown Jr., Michel Pichavant, Harald Behrens
Pages 755-773

Structural environment of Nb5+ in dry and fluid-rich 
(H2O, F) silicate glasses: a combined xanes and exafs study
Paula C. Piilonen, François Farges, Robert L. Linnen, 
Gordon E. Brown Jr., Marcin Pawlak, Allen Pratt
Pages 775-794

Redox and speciation of tin in hydrous silicate 
glasses: a comparison with Nb, Ta, Mo and W
François Farges, Robert L. Linnen, Gordon E. Brown Jr.
Pages 795-810