Canadian Mineralogist, 2006, V 44, N 2, April.

Pre-Columbian jadeite axes from Antigua, West Indies: 
description and possible sources
G.E. Harlow, A.R. Murphy, D.J. Hozjan, 
C.N. De Mille and A.A. Levinson
Pages 305-321

Diamond from the Los Coquitos area, 
Bolivar State, Venezuela
F.V. Kaminsky, O.D. Zakharchenko, G.K. Khachatryan,
W.L. Griffin and D.M.Der. Channer
Pages 323-340

Index-of-refraction and unit-cell constraints on 
cation valence and pattern of order in 
garnet-group minerals 
D.K. Teertstra
Pages 341-346

Zoned tourmaline associated with cassiterite: 
implications for fl uid evolution and tin mineralization
in the San Rafael Sn-Cu deposit, southeastern Peru 
M.S.J. Mlynarczyk and A.E. Williams-Jones 
Pages 347-365

New occurrences of tellurides and argyrodite at 
Rosia Montana, Apuseni Mountains, Romania, and 
their metallogenic significance
C.G. T?Ama,S, L. Bailly, L. Ghergari, 
G. O'connor and A. Minu,T 
Pages 367-383

Platinum-palladium nuggets and mercury-rich palladiferous
platinum from Serro, Minas Gerais, Brazil 
A.R. Cabral, G. Beaudoin, R. Kwitko-Ribeiro, 
B. Lehmann, J.C. Polonia and M. Choquette 
Pages 385-397

Phosphide solid-solutions within the metal-rich 
portion of the quaternary system Co-Fe-Ni-P at 800įC, 
and mineralogical implications
M. Drabek
Pages 399-408

The true nature of "horsfordite"
M.N. Feinglos, B.B. Cannon V and F.H. Cocks
Pages 409-413

Dissolution of uranyl-oxide-hydroxy-hydrate minerals
I. Curite M. Schindler, P. Mandaliev, F.C. Hawthorne
and A. Putnis
Pages 415-431

The crystal chemistry, structure and properties of a 
synthetic carnotite-type compound, Ba2[(UO2)2Ti2O8]
K.S. Wallwork, M. James and M.L. Carter
Pages 433-442

Rare sulfosalts from Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy. VII. 
Cl-bearing galenobismutite
D. Pinto, T. BaliíC-ZuniíC, E. Bonaccorsi, Yu.S. Borodaev, 
A. Garavelli, C. Garbarino, E. Makovicky, N.N. Mozgova and F. Vurro
Pages 443-457

Emilite, Cu10.72Pb10.72Bi21.28S48, the last missing 
link of the bismuthinite-aikinite series?
D. Topa, W.H. Paar and T. BaliíC-ZuniíC
Pages 459-464

The crystal structure of berryite, Cu3Ag2Pb3Bi7S16
D. Topa, E. Makovicky, H. Putz and W.G. Mumme
Pages 465-480

The crystal structure of paderaite, 
Cu7(X0.33Pb1.33Bi11.33)_13S22, with X = Cu or Ag: 
new data and interpretation
D. Topa and E. Makovicky
Pages 481-495

The crystal structures of jagueite, Cu2Pd3Se4, and 
chrisstanleyite, Ag2Pd3Se4
D. Topa, E. Makovicky and T. BaliíC-ZuniíC
Pages 497-505

The crystal structure of allochalcoselite, 
Cu+Cu2+ 5PbO2(SeO3)2Cl5, a mineral with 
well-defi ned Cu+ and Cu2+ positions
S.V. Krivovichev, S.K. Filatov, 
P.C. Burns and L.P. Vergasova
Pages 507-514

The crystal structure of Pb8O5(OH)2Cl4, a 
synthetic analogue of blixite?
S.V. Krivovichev and P.C. Burns 
Pages 515-522

Lemanskiite, NaCaCu5(AsO4)4Clo5H2O, a new mineral 
species from the Abundancia mine, Chile
P. Ondru?S, F. VeselovskíY, R. Skala, J. Sejkora, 
R. Pa?Zout, J. FríYda, A. Gaba?Sova and J. Vajdak
Pages 523-531

The crystal structure of stronalsite and a 
redetermination of the structure of banalsite
R.P. Liferovich, A.J. Locock, R.H. Mitchell 
and A.K. Shpachenko
Pages 533-546

New minerals approved in 2005 and nomenclature 
modifi cations approved in 2005 by the Commission
on New Minerals and Mineral Names, International 
Mineralogical Association
E.A.J. Burke and G. Ferraris
Pages 547-552

Book Reviews
Pages 553-554

Pages 555-556