Canadian Mineralogist, 2006, V 44, N 1, February.

On the classification of amphiboles
Frank C. Hawthorne and Roberta Oberti
Pages 1-21

Fe-bearing olenite with tetrahedrally
coordinated Al from an abyssal pegmatite
at Kutná Hora, Czech Republic: structure, 
crystal chemistry, optical and XANES spectra
Jan Cempírek, Milan Novák, Andreas Ertl, 
John M. Hughes, George R. Rossman 
and M. Darby Dyar
Pages 23-30

Rare-element mineralogy of the Uzumine 
granitic pegmatite, Abukuma Mountains, northeastern Japan
Tsunehiko Nakajima and Masanori Kurosawa
Pages 31-44

Allanite-(Ce) in granitic rocks from Japan: 
genetic implications of patterns of REE 
and Mn enrichment
Mihoko Hoshino, Mitsuyoshi Kimata,
Masahiro Shimizu, Norimasa Nishida 
and Takashi Fujiwara
Pages 45-62

Allanite-(La) from Buca della Vena mine, 
Apuan Alps, Italy, an epidote-group mineral
Paolo Orlandi and Marco Pasero
Pages 63-68

Columbite–tantalite-bearing granitic pegmatites
from the Seridó Belt, northeastern Brazil: 
genetic constraints from U–Pb dating and Pb isotopes
Regina Baumgartner, Rolf L. Romer, 
Robert Moritz, Ricardo Sallet and 
Massimo Chiaradia
Pages 69-86

Nb–Ti–Ta oxides in the gem-mineralized and 
"hybrid" Anjanabonoina granitic pegmatite, 
central Madagascar: a record of magmatic 
and postmagmatic events
Caterina De Vito, Federico Pezzotta, 
Vincenzo Ferrini and Carlo Aurisicchio
Pages 87-103

Johnsenite-(Ce): a new member of the 
eudialyte group from Mont Saint-Hilaire, 
Quebec, Canada
Joel D. Grice and Robert A. Gault
Pages 105-115

Pakhomovskyite, Co3(PO4)2•8H2O, a new 
mineral species from Kovdor, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Victor N. Yakovenchuk, Gregory Yu. Ivanyuk, 
Yulia A. Mikhailova, Ekaterina A. Selivanova 
and Sergey V. Krivovichev
Pages 117-123

Stability relations of aluminum hydroxy-fluoride
hydrate, a ralstonite-like mineral, 
in the system AlF3–Al2O3–H2O–HF
Philip E. Rosenberg
Pages 125-134

Gabrielite, Tl2AgCu2As3S7, a new species of 
thallium sulfosalt from Lengenbach, 
Binntal, Switzerland
Stefan Graeser and Dan Topa
Pages 135-140

The crystal structure of gabrielite, 
Tl2AgCu2As3S7, a new species of thallium s
ulfosalt from Lengenbach, Switzerland
Tonci Balic-Zunic, Emil Makovicky, 
Ljiljana Karanovic, Dejan Poleti 
and Stefan Graeser
Pages 141-158

Comparative crystal-structure study of 
Ag-free lillianite and galenobismutite 
from Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy 
Daniela Pinto, Tonci Balic-Zunic, 
Anna Garavelli, Emil Makovicky, Filippo Vurro
Pages 159-175

The crystal structure of kirkiite, 
Emil Makovicky, Tonci Balic-Zunic, 
Ljiljana Karanovi? and Dejan Poleti
Pages 177-188

Interpretation of selected structures
of the bismuthinite – aikinite series 
as commensurately modulated structures
Vaclav Petrícek and Emil Makovicky
Pages 189-206

Lenaite from the Gies gold–silver telluride
deposit, Judith Mountains, Montana, USA: 
occurrence, composition, and crystal structure
Luca Bindi, Paul G. Spry, and Giovanni Pratesi
Pages 207-212

Distribution of gold in pyrite and in products
of its transformation resulting from 
roasting of refractory gold ore
Dogan Paktunc, David Kingston, and Allen Pratt
Pages 213-227

Manganese-rich assemblages in the Barrhorn Unit, 
Turtmanntal, Central Alps, Switzerland
Joël Brugger and Nicolas Meisser
Pages 229-248

Chemical and structural evolution of 
“metamorphic vermiculite” in metaclastic 
rocks of the Betic Cordillera, Málaga, 
Spain: a synthesis
María Dolores Ruiz Cruz and José Miguel Nieto
Pages 249-265

The petrogenesis and tectonic setting of 
ultramafic rocks from Iti and Kallidromon 
Mountains, continental central Greece: 
vestiges of the Pindos Ocean
Sofia Karipi, Basilios Tsikouras and 
Konstantin Hatzipanagiotou
Pages 267-287

KNa2Mg5Mi8O22F2, from the outaouais region, 
Quebec, Canada
Donald D. Hogarth
Page 289

Book Review
László Horváth
Pages 291-292

Proceedings of the fiftieth annual meeting 
of the Mineralogical Association of Canada, 2005
Pierrette Tremblay
Pages 293-304