Canadian Mineralogist, 2005, V 43, N 6, December.

F.C. Hawthorne
Pages 1809-1810

XANES spectroscopy of sulfur in Earth materials
M.E. Fleet
Pages 1811-1838

U6+ minerals and inorganic compounds: 
insights into an expanded structural 
hierarchy of crystal structures
P.C. Burns
Pages 1839-1894

Short-range order in minerals: amphiboles
F.C. Hawthorne, G. Della Ventura, R. Oberti,
J.-L. Robert and G. Iezzi
Pages 1895-1920

The structure of silicate melts: a glass perspective
G.S. Henderson
Pages 1921-1958

Minerals are not just chemical compounds
I. Parsons and M.R. Lee
Pages 1959-1992

Scrolling of thin crystals of lizardite: 
an expression of internal stress
F.J. Wicks and E.J. Chatfield
Pages 1993-2004

The classification of granitic pegmatites revisited
P. Cerny and T.S. Ercit
Pages 2005-2026

The patterns of enrichment in felsic 
pegmatites ultimately depend on tectonic setting
R.F. Martin and C. De Vito
Pages 2027-2048

Carbonatites and carbonatites and carbonatites
R.H. Mitchell
Pages 2049-2068

A history of our understanding of magmatic 
Ni–Cu sulfide deposits
A.J. Naldrett
Pages 2069-2098

The nuclear fuel cycle versus the carbon cycle
R.C. Ewing
Pages 2099-2116

Mineralogy of permeable reactive barriers for 
the attenuation of subsurface contaminants
J.L. Jambor, M. Raudsepp and K. Mountjoy
Pages 2117-2140

Index, volume 43
J.D. Scott
Pages 2141-2154