Canadian Mineralogist, 2005, V 43, N 5, October.

G.S. Henderson and Y. Pan
Pages 1449-1455

Wiluite from Ariccia, Latium, Italy: occurrence
and crystal structure
F. Bellatreccia, F. Camara, L. Ottolini, 
G. Della Ventura, G. Cibin and A. Mottana
Pages 1457-1468

Borate minerals of the Penobsquis and Millstream
deposits, southern New Brunswick, Canada
J.D. Grice, R.A. Gault and J. Van Velthuizen
Pages 1469-1487

The structure of spurrite, tilleyite and scawtite, 
and relationships to other silicate-carbonate minerals
J.D. Grice
Pages 1489-1500

Oxykinoshitalite, a new species of mica from 
Fernando de Noronha Island, Pernambuco, Brazil:
occurrence and crystal structure
L.N. Kogarko, Yu.A. Uvarova, E. Sokolova, 
F.C. Hawthorne L. Ottolini and J.D. Grice
Pages 1501-1510

The crystal chemistry of the 
"nickelalumite"-group minerals
Y.A. Uvarova, E. Sokolova, F.C. Hawthorne, 
V.V. Karpenko, A.A. Agakhanov and L.A. Pautov
Pages 1511-1519

Refinement of the crystal structure and 
revision of the chemical formula of olgite: 
(Ba,Sr) (Na,Sr,REE)2 Na [PO4]2
E. Sokolova, F.C. Hawthorne and A.P. Khomyakov
Pages 1521-1526

Polyphite and sobolevite: revision of 
their crystal structures
E. Sokolova, F.C. Hawthorne and A.P. Khomyakov
Pages 1527-1544

The OD (orderVdisorder) structure of holfertite, 
a hydrated uranyl titanate mineral from Searle 
Canyon, Thomas Range, Utah, USA
E. Sokolova, F.C. Hawthorne, D.I. Belakovskiy
and L.A. Pautov
Pages 1545-1552

CoreVmantle chemical issues
D. Walker
Pages 1553-1564

Natural radiation-induced damage in quartz. 
I. Correlations between cathodoluminence colors
and paramagnetic defects
S. Botis, S.M. Nokhrin, Y. Pan, Y. Xu, 
T. Bonli and V. Sopuck
Pages 1565-1580

Multifrequency EPR study of radiation-induced
defects in chlorapatite
S.M. Nokhrin, Y. Pan, J.A. Weil and M.J. Nilges
Pages 1581-1588

Chemical state of sulfur in natural and synthetic
lazurite by S K-edge XANES and X-ray 
photoelectron spectroscopy
M.E. Fleet, X. Liu, S.L. Harmer and H.W. Nesbitt
Pages 1589-1603

Sulfur K-edge XANES spectroscopy: chemical 
state and content of sulfur in silicate glasses
M.E. Fleet, X. Liu, S.L. Harmer and P.L. King
Pages 1605-1618

Reconstruction of fracture surfaces on bornite
S.L. Harmer, A.R. Pratt, H.W. Nesbitt and M.E. Fleet
Pages 1619-1630

The application of hrtem techniques and nanosims
to chemically and isotopically characterize 
Geobacter Sulfurreducens surfaces
M. Fayek, S. Utsunomiya, S.M. Pfiffner, 
D.C. White, L.R. Riciputi, R.C. Ewing, 
L.M. Anovitz and F.J. Stadermann
Pages 1631-1641

The structure of lithium-containing silicate
and germanate glasses
L.G. Soltay and G.S. Henderson
Pages 1643-1651

Phase equilibria in the system Cu-Ga-S at 500o and 400oC
T. Ueno, K. Nagasaki, T. Horikawa, M. Kawakami and K. Kondo
Pages 1653-1661

New data on "bonanza"-type PGE mineralization in 
the Kirakkajuppura PGE deposit, 
Penikat layered complex, Finland
A.Y. Barkov, M.E. Fleet, R.B. Martin 
and T.A.A. Halkoaho
Pages 1663-1686

Platinum-group minerals from five placer deposits 
in British Columbia, Canada
A.Y. Barkov, M.E. Fleet, G.T. Nixon and V.M. Levson
Pages 1687-1710

Modification of detrital platinum-group minerals
from the Eastern Bushveld Complex, South Africa
F. Melcher, T. Oberthur and J. Lodziak
Pages 1711-1734

Ungavaite, Pd4Sb3, a new intermetallic mineral 
species from the Mesamax Northwest deposit, 
Ungava region, Quebec, Canada: description 
and genetic implications
A.M. McDonald, L.J. Cabri, C.J. Stanley, 
N.S. Rudashevsky, G. Poirier, J.E. Mungall, 
K.C. Ross, B.R. Ross and V.N. Rudashevsky
Pages 1735-1744

Anomalously high ?D values in an Archean 
ferropicritic melt: implications for magma degassing
W.E. Stone, E. Deloule, S.W. Beresford and M. Fiorentini
Pages 1745-1758

The spinifex layer of the Boston Creek ferropicrite, 
Abitibi Belt, Ontario: mineralogical and 
geochemical evidence for an unusual history of 
clinopyroxene growth and magma recharge
J.H. Crocke, D.M. Leng, D.J. Good, 
W.E. Stone, M.S. Stone
Pages 1759-1780

Copper and zinc in silicate and oxide minerals 
in igneous rocks from the Bingham - Park City Belt, 
Utah: synchrotron X-ray-fluorescence data
D.P. Core, S.E. Kesler, E.J. Essene, E.B. Dufresne, 
R. Clarke, D.A. Arms, D. Walko and M.L. Rivers
Pages 1781-1796

Book Reviews
Pages 1797-1804