Canadian Mineralogist, 2005, V 43, N 4, August.

D. Paktunc and R.F. Martin
Pages 1129-1130

A 133Cs, 29Si, and 27Al MAS NMR spectroscopic
study of Cs adsorption by clay minerals: 
implications for the disposal of nuclear wastes
R.B. Ejeckam and B.L. Sherriff
Pages 1131-1140

Geochemical and mineralogical zoning of 
high-sulfide mine-waste at the Berikul 
mine-site, Kemerovo region, Russia
N.V. Sidenko, E.V. Lazareva, S.B. Bortnikova,
A.D. Kireev and B.L. Sherriff
Pages 1141-1156

Characterization of aluminum-rich phases 
in heap-leach pads at the Landusky gold mine, Montana, USA
N.V. Sidenko, B.L. Sherriff, H.E. Jamieson and S.C. Shaw
Pages 1157-1170

Dehydration and crystallization reactions of 
secondary sulfate minerals found in mine waste: 
in situ powder-diffraction experiments
R.C. Peterson and A.H. Grant
Pages 1171-1181

A methodology to determine the acid-neutralization
capacity of rock samples
P.A. Weber, J.E. Thomas, W.M. Skinner, and R.St.C. Smart
Pages 1183-1192

Calculated acid–base balance for H2O2 oxidation 
of carbonate-poor pyritic mine-rock
P.A. Weber, J.E. Thomas, W.M. Skinner, and R.St.C. Smart
Pages 1193-1203

The speciation of arsenic in iron oxides in mine
wastes from the Giant gold mine, N.W.T.: 
application of synchrotron micro-XRD and micro-XANES
at the grain scale
S.R. Walker, H.E. Jamieson, A. Lanzirotti, 
C.F. Andrade, and G.E.M. Hall
Pages 1205-1224

The composition of coexisting jarosite-group
minerals and water from the Richmond mine, 
Iron Mountain, California
H.E. Jamieson, C. Robinson, C.N. Alpers, 
D.K. Nordstrom, A. Poustovetov, and H.A. Lowers
Pages 1225-1242

Identification of scorodite in fine-grained,
high-sulfide, arsenopyrite mine-waste using 
micro X-ray diffraction (µXRD)
R.L. Flemming, K.A. Salzsauler, B.L. Sherriff, 
and N.V. Sidenko
Pages 1243-1254

New insight into structural and compositional
variability in some ancient excess-Ca dolomite
V.A. Drits, D.K. McCarty, B. Sakharov, and K.L. Milliken
Pages 1255-1290

Identification and alteration trends of 
granitic-pegmatite-hosted (Y,REE,U,Th)–(Nb,Ta,Ti) 
oxide minerals: a statistical approach
T.S. Ercit
Pages 1291-1303

The crystal chemistry of detrital chromian spinel 
from the southeastern Alps and outer Dinarides: 
the discrimination of supplies from areas of 
similar tectonic setting?
D. Lenaz and F. Princivalle
Pages 1305-1314

Age and significance of ruby-bearing marble from
the Red River Shear Zone, northern Vietnam
V. Garnier, D. Ohnenstetter, G. Giuliani, 
H. Maluski, E. Deloule, Trinh Phan Trong, 
Long Pham Van, and Vinh Hoag Quang
Pages 1315-1329

Variation in mineralogy, temperature, and oxygen
fugacity in a suite of strongly peralkaline 
lavas and tuffs, Pantelleria, Italy
J.C. White, Minghua Ren, and D.F. Parker
Pages 1331-1347

Review and comparison of simple transfer
and exchange equilibria
R. Kretz
Pages 1349-1354

On the origin of the PGE mineralization in 
the Elatsite porphyry Cu–Au deposit, Bulgaria: 
comparison with the Baula–Nuasahi Complex, 
India, and other alkaline PGE-rich porphyries
T. Auge R. Petrunov, and L. Bailly
Pages 1355-1372

Selenojalpaite, Ag3CuSe2, a new mineral 
species from the Skrikerum Cu–Ag–Tl selenide
deposit, Smaland, southeastern Sweden
L. Bindi and G. Pratesi
Pages 1373-1377

The C2/m disordered structure of pascoite, 
Ca3[V10O28]•17H2O: bonding between structural
units and interstitial complexes in compounds
containing the [V10O28]6– decavanadate polyanion
J.M. Hughes, M. Schindler, and C.A. Francis
Pages 1379-1386

The crystal structure of cobaltarthurite 
from the Bou Azzer District, Morocco: 
the location of hydrogen atoms in the 
arthurite structure-type
A.R. Kampf
Pages 1387-1391

Calciopetersite from Domasov nad Bystrici, 
northern Moravia, Czech Republic, a new mineral 
species of the mixite group
J. Sejkora, P. Novotny, M. Novák, V. Srein, and 
P. Berlepsch
Pages 1393-1400

Description and unique crystal-structure of 
waterhouseite, a new hydroxy manganese phosphate
species from the Iron Monarch deposit, 
Middleback Ranges, South Australia
A. Pring, U. Kolitsch, and W.D. Birch
Pages 1401-1410

Rietveld refinement of clinopyroxenes with 
intermediate Ca-content along the join diopside–enstatite
M. Tribaudino, F. Nestola, and C. Meneghini
Pages 1411-1421

Fluoropargasite, a new member of the calcic 
amphiboles, from Edenville, Orange County, New York
M.V. Lupulescu, J. Rakovan, 
G.W. Robinson, and J.M. Hughes
Pages 1423-1428

The use of chemical-element adjectival modifiers
in mineral nomenclature
P. Bayliss, H.D. Kaesz, and E.H. Nickel
Pages 1429-1433

Book Reviews
Pages 1435-1442

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