Canadian Mineralogist, 2005, V 43, N 3, June.

Relics of high-temperature clinopyroxene on the 
join Di–CaTs with up to 72 mol.% Ca(Al,Fe3+)AlSiO6
in the skarns of Ciclova and Magureaua Vaţei, 
Carpathians, Romania
M.-L. Pascal, I. Katona, M. Fonteilles, and J. Verkaeren
Pages 857-881

Constraints on the genesis of yellow fl uorite
in hydrothermal barite–fl uorite veins of the 
Erzgebirge, eastern Germany: evidence from 
optical absorption spectroscopy, rare-earth-element 
data, and fl uid-inclusion investigations
M. Trinkler, T. Monecke, and R. Thomas
Pages 883-898

Mineralogy of the Niederschlema–Alberoda 
U – Se – polymetallic deposit, Erzgebirge, 
Germany. V. Watkinsonite, nevskite,
bohdanowiczite and other bismuth minerals
H.-J. Forster, G. Tischendorf, and D. Rhede
Pages 899-908

Mineralogical data on salzburgite and paarite,
two new members of the bismuthinite–aikinite series
Dan Topa, E. Makovicky, and T. Balic-ZuniC
Pages 909-917

Lead–antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). 
VIII. Rouxelite, Cu2HgPb22Sb28S64(O,S)2, a 
new sulfosalt from Buca della Vena mine, 
Apuan Alps: defi nition and crystal structure
P. Orlandi, A. Meerschaut, Y. Moelo, 
P. Palvadeau, and P. Leone
Pages 919-933

Minerals of Au, Ag and U in volcanic-rock-associated
massive sulfi de deposits of the Northern 
Appenine ophiolite, Italy
G. Garuti and F. Zaccarini
Pages 935-950

Crystallographic controls on trace-element 
incorporation in auriferous pyrite from the 
epithermal high-sulfi dation Pascua deposit, 
A. Chouinard, J. Paquette, and A.E. Williams-Jones
Pages 951-963

Pautovite, CsFe2S3, a new mineral species from 
the Lovozero alkaline complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia
I.V. Pekov, A.A. Agakhanov, M.M. Boldyreva, 
and V.G. Grishin
Pages 965-972

TEM and X-ray study of syntactic intergrowths of 
epistolite, murmanite and shkatulkalite
P. Nemeth, G. Ferraris, G. Radnoczi, and O.A. Ageeva
Pages 973-987

The structure and composition of uranospathite, 
Al1–x?x[(UO2)(PO4)]2 (H2O)20+3xF1–3x, 0 < x < 0.33, 
a non-centrosymmetric fl uorine-bearing mineral of 
the autunite group, and of a related synthetic 
lower hydrate, Al0.67?0.33[(UO2)(PO4)]2(H2O)15.5
A.J. Locock, W.S. Kinman, and C. Burns
Pages 989-1003

Effects of cationic substitutions and alteration 
in uraninite, and implications for the 
dating of uranium deposits
P. Alexandre and T.K. Kyser
Pages 1005-1017

Strontioginorite: crystal-structure analysis
and hydrogen bonding
J.D. Grice
Pages 1019-1026

Manganilvaite, CaFe2+Fe3+(Mn,Fe2+)(Si2O7)O(OH), 
a new mineral species of the ilvaite group from 
Pb–Zn skarn deposits in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria
I.K. Bonev, R.D. Vassileva, N. Zotov and K. Kouzmanov
Pages 1027-1042

Structure and cation order in manganilvaite: 
a combined X-ray-diffraction, neutron-diffraction 
and Mossbauer study
N. Zotov, W. Kockelmann, S.D. Jacobsen, I. Mitov, 
D. Paneva, R.D. Vassileva, and I.K. Bonev
Pages 1043-1053

Terlinguacreekite, Hg2+3O2Cl2, a new mineral species
from the Perry Pit, Mariposa mine, Terlingua mining 
district, Brewster County, Texas, U.S.A.
A.C. Roberts, R.A. Gault, W.H. Paar, M.A. Cooper, 
F.C. Hawthorne, P.C. Burns, S. Cisneros, and E.E. Foord
Pages 1055-1060

Elsmoreite, cubic WO3•0.5H2O, a new mineral species
from Elsmore, New South Wales, Australia
P.A. Williams, P. Leverett, J.L. Sharpe, 
D.M. Colchester, and J. Rankin
Pages 1061-1064

Site occupancy of Co and Ni in erythrite–annabergite 
solid solutions deduced by vibrational spectroscopy
W.N. Martens, J. T. Kloprogge, R.L. Frost, and L. Rintoul
Pages 1065-1075

Weathering of basaltic rocks from the French Massif 
Central: origin and fate of Ni, Cr, Zn and Cu
M. Soubrand-Colin, H. Bril, C. N?el, A. Courtin-Nomade, 
and F. Martin
Pages 1077-1091

Mineralogy and provenance of clays in miarolitic 
cavities of the Pikes Peak Batholith, Colorado
D.E. Kile
Pages 1093-1105

Subsolidus evolution of gneissic biotite syenite 
and nepheline syenite, Otter Lake area, Quebec
R. Kretz
Pages 1107-1122

Derivation of a new Gladstone–Dale constant for VO2
J.A. Mandarino
Pages 1123-1124

Potassic-carpholite and the myth of Centerville, Idaho
W.C. Van Laer
Pages 1125-1126

Book Reviews
Pages 1127-1128