Canadian mineralogist, 2005, V 43, N 2, April.

Microstructures of common polygonal serpentines
from axial HRTEM imaging, electron diffraction,
and simulation data
Alain Baronnet and Bertrand Devouard
Pages 513-542

The optical analysis of minerals
David K. Teertstra
Pages 543-552

Impact-related Ca-metasomatism in 
crystalline target-rocks from the Charlevoix
structure, Quebec, Canada
Claudia A. Trepmann, Thomas G?tte,
and John G. Spray
Pages 553-567

Mineral reactions at boundaries between
amphibolite and marble in the southern
Grenville Province, Quebec, Canada
Ralph Kretz
Pages 569-583

Calderite-rich garnet and franklinite-rich
spinel in amphibolite-facies hydrothermal
sediments, Gamsberg Zn?Pb deposit, 
Namaqua Province, South Africa
Marcel Stalder and Abraham Rozendaal
Pages 585-599

Zincian spinel associated with 
metamorphosed Proterozoic base-metal
sulfide occurrences, Colorado: a 
re-evaluation of gahnite composition
as a guide in exploration
Adriana Heimann, Paul G. Spry, 
and Graham S. Teale
Pages 601-622

Transformation sequences of copper
sulfides at Vielsalm, Stavelot Massif, 
Frederic Hatert
Pages 623-635

Compositional variations in platinum-group
minerals and gold, Konder alkaline-ultrabasic
massif, Aldan Shield, Russia
Ivan Ya. Nekrasov, Alexander M. Lennikov, 
Boris L. Zalishchak, Rostislav A. Oktyabrsky,
Vladimir V. Ivanov, Valery I. Sapin, 
and Vladimir I. Taskaev
Pages 637-654

Germanium-bearing colusite from the 
Waterloo volcanic-rock-hosted massive 
sulfide deposit, Australia: crystal 
chemistry and formation of colusite-group minerals
Thomas Wagner and Thomas Monecke
Pages 655-669

Crystal structure of ?-Cu2V2O7 and 
its comparison to blossite (?-Cu2V2O7) 
and ziesite (?-Cu2V2O7)
Sergey V. Krivovichev, Stanislav K. Filatov,
Pavel N. Cherepansky, Thomas Armbruster, 
and Olga Yu. Pankratova
Pages 671-677

Crystal structure of copper-rich 
unsubstituted tennantite, Cu12.5As4S13
Emil Makovicky, Ljiljana Karanovic, 
Dejan Poleti, Tonci Balic-Zunic, 
and Werner H. Paar
Pages 679-688

Milotaite, PdSbSe, a new palladium 
mineral species from Predborice, Czech Republic
Werner H. Paar, Dan Topa, 
Emil Makovicky, and Franz J. Culetto
Pages 689-694

Kudriavite, (Cd,Pb)Bi2S4, a new mineral 
species from Kudriavy volcano, Iturup Island, 
Kurile Arc, Russia
Ilya V. Chaplygin, Nadezhda N. Mozgova, 
Larisa O. Magazina, Oksana Yu. Kuznetsova,
Yury G. Safonov, Igor A. Bryzgalov, 
Emil Makovicky, and Tonci Balic-Zunic
Pages 695-701

Rare sulfosalts from Vulcano, Aeolian Islands,
Italy. VI. Vurroite, Pb20Sn2(Bi,As)22S54Cl6, 
a new mineral species
Anna Garavelli, Nadezhda N. Mozgova, 
Paolo Orlandi, Elena Bonaccorsi, Daniela Pinto, 
Yves Moelo, and Yuri S. Borodaev
Pages 703-711

Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. 
XI. Crystal structures of Cs2[(UO2)(MoO4)2] 
and Cs2[(UO2)(MoO4)2](H2O)
Sergey V. Krivovichev and Peter C. Burns
Pages 713-720

Structures of strontium- and barium-dominant
compounds that contain the autunite-type sheet
Andrew J. Locock, Peter C. Burns, 
and Theodore M. Flynn
Pages 721-733

Fluorcaphite, a second occurrence and 
detailed structural analysis: simultaneous
accommodation of Ca, Sr, Na, and LREE in 
the apatite atomic arrangement
Anton R. Chakhmouradian, John M. Hughes,
and John Rakovan
Pages 735-746

a new mineral species from Mont Saint-Hilaire,
Quebec: description, structure determination 
and relationship to benitoite and wadeite
Andrew M. McDonald and George Y. Chao
Pages 747-758

Rietveld refinement of synthetic 
monoclinic NaBSiO4
Heribert A. Graetsch and Werner Schreyer
Pages 759-767

Liddicoatite and associated species from 
the McCombe spodumene-subtype rare-element 
granitic pegmatite, northwestern Ontario, Canada
Andrew G. Tindle, Julie B. Selway, 
and Fred W. Breaks
Pages 769-793

Composition and paragenesis of Na-, Nb- and 
Zr-bearing titanite from Khibina, Russia, and 
crystal-structure data for synthetic analogues
Ruslan P. Liferovich and Roger H. Mitchell
Pages 795-812

Aluminum phosphate?sulfate minerals associated
with Proterozoic unconformity-type uranium 
deposits in the East Alligator River uranium
field, Northern Territories, Australia
Styphane Gaboreau, Daniel Beaufort, 
Philippe Vieillard, Patricia Patrier, 
and Patrice Bruneton
Pages 813-827

New minerals and nomenclature modifications
approved in 2004 by the Commission on 
New Minerals and Mineral Names, International
Mineralogical Association
Ernst A.J. Burke and Giovanni Ferraris
Pages 829-835

Book Reviews
Pages 837-845

Pages 847-849