Canadian Mineralogist, 2005, V 43, N 1, February.

D.R.M. Pattison, M.R. St-Onge, and N.J. Begin
Pages 1-10

Truth and beauty in thermodynamics
G.M. Anderson
Pages 11-19

Truth and beauty in metamorphic phase 
equilibria: conjugate variables 
and phase diagrams
R. Powell, M. Guiraud, and R.W. White
Pages 21-33

Estimating P-T conditions of garnet 
growth with isochemical phase-diagram
sections and the problem of effective
D.K. Tinkham and E.D. Ghent
Pages 35-50

Contrasting sequences of metapelitic 
mineral-assemblages in the aureole of 
the tilted Nelson Batholith, British 
Columbia: implications for phase 
equilibria and pressure determination
in andalusite-sillimanite-type settings
D.R.M. Pattison and J.J. Vogl
Pages 51-88

The first appearance of actinolite in
the prehnite-pumpellyite facies, 
Sierra Nevada, California
H.W. Day and R.K. Springer
Pages 89-104

Staurolite and other aluminous phases 
in Alpine eclogite from the Central 
Swiss Alps: analysis of domain evolution
F.M. Brouwer and M. Engi
Pages 105-128

The development of a margarite-corundum
blackwall by metasomatic alteration 
of a slice of mica schist in ultramafic
rock, Kvesjoen, Norwegian Caledonides
K. Bucher, C. De Capitani, and R. Grapes
Pages 129-156

Diffusion-controlled synkinematic growth
of garnet from a heterogeneous precursor 
at Passo del Sole, Switzerland
C.E. Meth and W.D. Carlson
Pages 157-182

Recrystallization textures in zircon 
generated by ocean-floor and eclogite-facies
metamorphism: a cathodoluminescence and 
U-Pb SHRIMP study, with constraints from
REE elements
E. Puga, C.M. Fanning, J.M. Nieto, 
and A. Diaz De Federico
Pages 183-202

A linear model and topology for the 
host-inclusion mineral system involving diamond
L.M. Barron
Pages 203-224

Carbonated serpentinite (listwanite) at 
Atlin, British Columbia: a geological analogue
to carbon dioxide sequestration
L.D. Hansen, G.M. Dipple, T.M. Gordon,
and D.A. Kellett
Pages 225-239

Vein and skarn formation at the Cannington 
Ag-Pb-Zn deposit, northeastern Australia
T.J. Roache, P.J. Williams, J.M. Richmond,
and L.H. Chapman
Pages 241-262

Redistribution of the rare-earth elements
among coexisting minerals in metamafic 
rocks across the epidote-out isograd: 
an example from the St. Anthony Complex, 
northern Newfoundland, Canada
D. Mulrooney and T. Rivers
Pages 263-294

Geometry of isogradic, isothermal, 
and isobaric surfaces: interpretation
and application
E.D. Ghent and P.S. Simony
Pages 295-310

Slaty cleavage: does the crystal chemistry
of layer silicates play a role in its development?
C.V. Guidotti, F.P. Sassi, P. Comodi, 
P.F. Zanazzi, and J.G. Blencoe
Pages 311-325

Foliation development and reaction 
oftening by dissolution and precipitation
in the transformation of granodiorite 
to orthogneiss, Glastonbury Complex, 
Connecticut, U.S.A.
R.F. Wintsch, J.N. Aleinikoff, and Keewook Yi
Pages 327-347

Relative timing of albitization and 
chlorine enrichment in biotite in 
Proterozoic schists, Snake Creek 
Anticline, Mount Isa Inlier, 
northeastern Australia
M.J. Rubenach
Pages 349-366

The significance of plagioclase-dominant
coronas on garnet, Wenatchee Block, 
northern Cascades, Washington, U.S.A.
H.H. Stowell and E. Stein
Pages 367-385

Syndeformational emplacement of a 
tonalitic sheet-complex in a late-Variscan
thrust regime: fabrics and mechanism of 
intrusion, Monte'e Senes, northeastern 
Sardinia, Italy
J.H. Kruhl and R.H. Vernon
Pages 387-407

Tectonometamorphism at ca. 2.35 and 1.85 
Ga in the Rae Domain, western Churchill 
Province, Nunavut, Canada: insights from 
structural, metamorphic and in situ 
geochronological analysis of the 
southwestern Committee Bay Belt
R.G. Berman, M. Sanborn-Barrie, 
R.A. Stern, and C.J. Carson
Pages 409-442

Mineral zoning, phase relations, and P-T 
evolution of high-pressure granulites 
from the Lelukuau terrane, northeastern 
Grenville Province, Quebec
Panseok Yang and A.D. Indares
Pages 443-462

An occurrence of sapphirine in the Archean 
Superior Province, northern Quebec
S. Caderon, W.E. Trzcienski Jr., 
J.H. Bedard, and N. Goulet
Pages 463-478

Prolonged existence of sulfide melt in 
the Broken Hill orebody, New South Wales, 
B.R. Frost, S.M. Swapp, and R.W. Gregory
Pages 479-493

Granulite-facies conditions preserved 
in vanadium- and chromium-rich metapelites
from the Paradise Basin, Wind River Range,
Wyoming, U.S.A.
C.L. Donohue and E.J. Essene
Pages 495-511