Canadian Mineralogist. 2004, V 42, N 6, December.

A bond-valence approach to the uranyl-oxide
hydroxy-hydrate minerals: chemical 
composition and occurrence
Michael Schindler and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 1601-1627

Prediction of crystal morphology of complex 
uranyl-sheet minerals. I. Theory
Michael Schindler, Andreas Mutter, 
Frank C. Hawthorne, and Andrew Putnis
Pages 1629-1649

Prediction of crystal morphology of 
complex uranyl-sheet minerals. II. Oobservations
Michael Schindler, Andreas Mutter, 
Frank C. Hawthorne, and Andrew Putnis
Pages 1651-1666

Crystal growth of schoepite on the 
(104) surface of calcite
Michael Schindler and Andrew Putnis
Pages 1667-1681

Growth of uranyl-hydroxy-hydrate and 
uranyl-carbonate minerals on the (104)
surface of calcite
Michael Schindler, Frank C. Hawthorne, 
Christine Putnis, and Andrew Putnis
Pages 1683-1697

Divalent transition metals and magnesium 
in structures that contain the autunite-type sheet
Andrew J. Locock, Peter C. Burns,
and Theodore M. Flynn
Pages 1699-1718

Mineralogy of the Niederschlema–Alberoda 
U – Se – polymetallic deposit, Erzgebirge,
Germany. III. First indication of complete
miscibility between tennantite and giraudite
Hans-Jürgen Förster and Dieter Rhede
Pages 1719-1732

Structural and physical properties of 
fischesserite, a rare gold–silver selenide
from the De Lamar mine, Owyhee 
County, Idaho, USA
Luca Bindi and Curzio Cipriani
Pages 1733-1737

Mazzettiite, Ag3HgPbSbTe5, a new mineral 
species from Findley Gulch, Saguache
County, Colorado, USA
Luca Bindi and Curzio Cipriani
Pages 1739-1743

Jaguéite, Cu2Pd3Se4, a new mineral species
from El Chire, La Rioja, Argentina
Werner H. Paar, Dan Topa, Emil Makovicky,
Ricardo J. Sureda, Milka K. De Brodtkorb, 
Ernest H. Nickel, and Hubert Putz
Pages 1745-1755

Putzite, (Cu4.7Ag3.3)?8GeS6, a new mineral 
species from Capillitas, Catamarca, Argentina: 
description and crystal structure
Werner H. Paar, Andrew C. Roberts, 
Peter Berlepsch, Thomas Armbruster, 
Dan Topa, and Georg Zagler
Pages 1757-1769

Eyselite, Fe3+Ge4+3O7(OH), a new mineral 
species from Tsumeb, Namibia
Andrew C. Roberts, Terry M. Seward, Eric Reusser, 
Graham J.C. Carpenter, Joel D. Grice, 
Simon M. Clark, and Matthew A. Marcus
Pages 1771-1776

The origin of bulk and water-soluble Cl and Br 
enrichments in ore-hosting Sudbury Breccia in
the Fraser Copper Zone, Strathcona Embayment, 
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Jacob J. Hanley, James E. Mungall, Colin J. Bray, 
and Michael P. Gorton
Pages 1777-1798

Low-pressure differentiation of melanephelinitic
magma and the origin of ijolite pegmatites at 
La Madera, Córdoba, Argentina
Miguel Angel Galliski, Raúl Lira, 
and Michael J. Dorais
Pages 1799-1823

Zirconolite and Zr–Th–U minerals in chromitites
of the Finero complex, Western Alps, Italy:
evidence for carbonatite-type metasomatism
in a subcontinental mantle plume
Federica Zaccarini, Eugen F. Stumpfl, 
and Giorgio Garuti
Pages 1825-1845

Recrystallization of metamict Nb–Ta–Ti–REE 
complex oxides: a coupled X-ray-diffraction and 
Raman spectroscopy study of aeschynite-(Y) 
and polycrase-(Y)
Nenad Tomašic, Andreja Gajovic, 
Vladimir Bermanec, and Maša Rajic
Pages 1847-1857

Exsolution in niobian rutile from the pegmatite
deposit at Greenbushes, Australia
Mariana Klementová and Milan Rieder
Pages 1859-1870

The pyrophanite–ecandrewsite solid-solution: 
crystal structures of the Mn1–xZnxTiO3
series (0.1 ? x ? 0.8)
Roger H. Mitchell and Ruslan P. Liferovich
Pages 1871-1880

"Named amphiboles": a new category of amphiboles
recognized by the International Mineralogical 
Association (IMA), and the proper order of 
prefixes to be used in amphibole names
Ernst A.J. Burke and Bernard E. Leake
Pages 1881-1883

Book Review
Pages 1885-1886

Proceedings of the forty-ninth annual meeting 
of the Mineralogical Association of Canada, 2004
Andrew M. McDonald
Pages 1887-1898

Pages 1899-1900

New Minerals
Joseph A. Mandarino
Pages 1901-1927

Index, volume 42
J. Douglas Scott
Pages 1929-1942