Canadian Mineralogist, 2004, V 42, N 5, October.

Daniel J. Kontak, Alan J. Anderson, 
and Daniel D. Marshall
Pages 1273-1274

In situ measurements of the H2O:CO2 
ratio in fluid inclusions by infrared spectroscopy
Robert L. Linnen, Hans Keppler, 
and S. Michael Sterner
Pages 1275-1282

Raman spectra of fluid and crystal mixtures
in the systems H2O, H2O–NaCl and 
H2O–MgCl2 at low temperatures: 
applications to fluid-inclusion research
Ronald J. Bakker
Pages 1283-1314

Analysis of evaporate mounds as a complement
to fluid-inclusion thermometric data: case 
studies from granitic environments in 
Nova Scotia and Peru
Daniel J. Kontak
Pages 1315-1329

The composition and origin of hydrothermal
fluids in a NYF-type granitic pegmatite, 
South Platte District, Colorado: evidence 
from LA–ICP–MS analysis of fluorite- and
quartz-hosted fluid inclusions
Joel E. Gagnon, Iain M. Samson, 
Brian J. Fryer, and Anthony 
E. Williams-Jones
Pages 1331-1355

Experimental simulation of shock-induced
re-equilibration of fluid inclusions
Megan E. Elwood Madden, Friedrich Horz, 
and Robert J. Bodnar
Pages 1357-1368

Volume changes in fluid inclusions produced
by heating a d pressurization: an 
assessment by finite element modeling
Pamela C. Burnley and M. Kathleen Davis
Pages 1369-1382

Temperature gradients recorded by fluid
inclusions and hydrothermal alteration
at the Mount Charlotte gold deposit, 
Kalgoorlie, Australia
Terrence P. Mernagh, Christoph A. Heinrich, 
and Edward J. Mikucki
Pages 1383-1403

Physical conditions of gold deposition at the
McPhees deposit, Pilbara Craton, western
Australia: fluid inclusion and stable isotope
Darcy E.L. Baker and Philip K. Seccombe
Pages 1405-1424

An integrated fluid–mineral stable-isotope
study of the granite-hosted mineral deposits
of the New Ross area, South Mountain 
Batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada: evidence
for multiple reservoirs
Sarah Carruzzo, Daniel J. Kontak, 
D. Barrie Clarke, and T. Kurtis Kyser
Pages 1425-1441

Fluid–mineral reaction in the Lake George
granodiorite, New Brunswick, Canada: 
implications for Au–W–Mo–Sb mineralization
Xue-Ming Yang, David R. Lentz, 
Guoxiang Chi, and T. Kurtis Kyser
Pages 1443-1464

Hydrothermal As–Bi mineralization in the Nakdong
deposits, South Korea: insight from fluid 
inclusions and stable isotopes
Dongbok Shin, Hee-In Park, Insung Lee,
Kwang-Sik Lee, and Jeong Hwang
Pages 1465-1481

The mineralogical consequences and behavior
of descending acid-sulfate waters: an example
from the Karaha – Telaga Bodas geothermal 
system, Indonesia
Joseph N. Moore, Bruce W. Christenson, 
Richard G. Allis, Patrick R.L. Browne, 
and Susan J. Lutz
Pages 1483-1499

Genesis of high-sulfidation vinciennite-bearing
Cu–As–Sn (±Au) assemblage from the Radka 
epithermal copper deposit, Bulgaria: evidence
from mineralogy and infrared microthermometry
of enargite
Kalin Kouzmanov, Claire Ramboz, Laurent Bailly, 
and Kamen Bogdanov
Pages 1501-1521

The lened emerald prospect, Northwest Territories,
Canada: insights from fluid inclusions and stable
isotopes, with implicatons for northern
Cordilleran emerald
Daniel D. Marshall, Lee A. Groat, Hendrik Falck, 
Gaston Giuliani, and Heather Neufeld
Pages 1523-1539

The role of saline fluids base-metal and gold
mineralization at the Cobalt Hill Prospect northeast
of the Sudbury Igneous Complex, Ontario: 
a fluid-inclusion and mineralogical study
Eva S. Schandl
Pages 1541-1562

Preservation of microborings as fluid inclusions
Govert J.A. Buijs, Robert H. Goldstein, 
Stephen T. Hasiotis, and Jennifer A. Roberts
Pages 1563-1581

Silicate melt inclusions in porphyry copper deposits: 
identification and homogenization behavior
James J. Student and Robert J. Bodnar
Pages 1583-1599