Canadian Mineralogist, 2004, V 42, N 4, August.

Spectroscopic characterization of synthetic becquerelite, 
Ca[(UO2)6O4(OH)6]•8H2O, and swartzite, CaMg[UO2(CO3)3]•12H2O
Samer Amayri, Thuro Arnold, Harald Foerstendorf, 
Gerhard Geipel, and Gert Bernhard
Pages 953-962

Phosphowalpurgite, the (PO4)-dominant analogue
of walpurgite, from Smrkovec, Slavkovsky 
Les Mountains, Czech Republic
Jiri Sejkora, Jiri Cejka, Jan Hloušek, 
Milan Novak, and Vladimir Šrein
Pages 963-972

Monovalent cations in structures of the 
meta-autunite group
Andrew J. Locock, Peter C. Burns, M. John, 
M. Duke, Theodore M. Flynn
Pages 973-996

The crystal structure of a novel uranyl tricarbonate,
Karrie-Ann Hughes Kubatko and Peter C. Burns
Pages 997-1003

The crystal structure of arapovite, U4+ (Ca,Na)2 
(K1–x?x) [Si8O20], x ? 0.5, a new mineral species 
of the steacyite group from the Dara-i-Pioz moraine, 
Tien-Shan Mountains, Tajikistan
Yulia A. Uvarova, Elena Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne, 
Atali A. Agakhanov, and Leonid A. Pautov
Pages 1005-1011

Chevkinite-(Ce): crystal structure and the effect 
of moderate radiation-induced damage on 
site-occupancy refinement
Elena Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne, 
Giancarlo Della Ventura, and Pavel M. Kartashov
Pages 1013-1025

29Si and 23Na MAS nmr spectroscopic study 
of the polytypes of the titanosilicate penkvilksite
Barbara L. Sherriff and Bing Zhou
Pages 1027-1035

The crystal structure of calcium catapleiite
Stefano Merlino, Marco Pasero, Marco Bellezza, 
Dmitry Yu. Pushcharovsky, Elena R. Gobetchia, 
Natalia V. Zubkova, and Igor V. Pekov
Pages 1037-1045

Chromate aluminate sodalite, Ca8[Al12O24](CrO4)2:
phase transitions and high-temperature structural 
evolution of the cubic phase
Sytle M. Antao, Ishmael Hassan, and John B. Parise
Pages 1047-1056

Fe-rich olenite with tetrahedrally coordinated Fe 3+ 
from Eibenstein, Austria: structural, chemical, 
and Mossbauer data
Andreas Ertl, Franz Pertlik, M. Darby Dyar, 
Stefan Prowatke, John M. Hughes, Thomas Ludwig, 
and Heinz-Jurgen Bernhardt
Pages 1057-1063

Nickeloan tourmaline from the Berezovskoe 
gold deposit, Middle Urals, Russia
Ivan A. Baksheev and Olesya E. Kudryavtseva
Pages 1065-1078

Gold emplacement and hydrothermal alteration 
in metabasic rocks at the Mouska mine, 
Bousquet District, Abitibi, Quebec, Canada
Abdelhay Belkabir, Claude Hubert, and Larry D. Hoy
Pages 1079-1096

Haleniusite-(La) from the Bastnas deposit, 
Vastmanland, Sweden: a new REE 
oxyfluoride mineral species
Dan holtstam, Jekabs Grins, and Per Nysten
Pages 1097-1103

Structural variation in the lithiophilite–triphylite 
series and other olivine-group structures
Arthur Losey, John Rakovan, John M. Hughes, 
Carl A. Francis, and M. Darby Dyar
Pages 1105-1115

Ferrotapiolite as a pseudomorph of stibiotantalite 
from the Laštovicky lepidolite pegmatite, 
Czech Republic; an example of hydrothermal 
alteration at constant Ta/(Ta + Nb)
Milan Novak, Petr Cerny, Jan Cempirek, 
Vladimir Šrein, and Jan Filip
Pages 1117-1128

40Ar/39 Ar laser dating of zoned white micas 
from the Lake Lewis leucogranite, South 
Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada
Peter H. Reynolds, D. Barrie Clarke, 
and Patrick A. Bogutyn
Pages 1129-1137

The compositional evolution of apatite in the 
weathering profile of the Catalao I 
alkaline-carbonatitic complex, Goias, Brazil
M.C.M. De Toledo, S.L.R. Lenharo, 
V.C. Ferrari, F. Fontan, P. De Parseval, 
and G. Leroy
Pages 1139-1158

Extreme compositional variation of pyrochlore-group 
minerals at the Oka carbonatite complex, 
Quebec: evidence of magma mixing?
Shannon E. Zurevinski and Roger H. Mitchell
Pages 1159-1168

Ecandrewsite – zincian pyrophanite from 
lujavrite, Pilansberg alkaline complex, South Africa
Roger H. Mitchell and Ruslan P. Liferovich
Pages 1169-1178

Zoning in the Kirka borate deposit, western 
Turkey: primary evaporitic fractionation or 
diagenetic modifications?
C. Helvaci and Federico Ortí
Pages 1179-1204

New chemical data on the clinopyroxene–garnet 
pair in the Alpe Arami eclogite, Central Alps, 
Rosangela Bocchio, Luisa De Capitani,
and Luisa Ottolini
Pages 1205-1219

The composition of Co–Ni–Fe sulfarsenides, 
diarsenides and triarsenides from the San Juan 
de Plan deposit, Central Pyrenees, Spain
Isabel Fanlo, Ignacio Subías, Fernando Gervilla, 
Andrés Paniagua, and Belén García
Pages 1221-1240

New minerals
Joseph A. Mandarino
Pages 1241-1260

Book Review
Pages 1261-1263

Pages 1265-1269