Canadian Mineralogist, 2004, V 42, N 3, June.

Petrographic evidence for primary hagendorfite in an unusual
assemblage of phosphate minerals, Kibingo
granitic pegmatite, Rwanda
Andre-Mathieu Fransolet, Frederic Hatert,
and Francois Fontan
Pages 697-704

Bobfergusonite from the nancy pegmatite, San Luis Range, 
Argentina: crystal-structure refinement and chemical composition
Kimberly T. Tait, Frank C. Hawthorne, Petr Cerny, 
and Miguel A. Galliski
Pages 705-716

Johillerite from Tolbachik, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia: 
crystal-structure refinement and chemical composition
Kimberly T. Tait and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 717-722

The crystal structure of sturmanite
Dmitry Yu. Pushcharovsky, Yulia S. Lebedeva, Natalia V. Zubkova,
Marco Pasero, Marco Bellezza, Stefano Merlino,
and Nikita V. Chukanov
Pages 723-729

Turanite, Cu2+5 (V5+O4)2 (OH)4, from the Tyuya-Muyun
radium-uranium deposit, Osh District, Kyrgyzstan:
a new structure for an old mineral
Elena Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne, Vladimir V. Karpenko,
Atali A. Agakhanov and Leonid A. Pautov
Pages 731-739

Nevadaite, (Cu2+, ?, Al, V3+)6 [Al8 (PO4)8 F8] (OH)2 (H2O)22, 
a new phosphate mineral species from the Gold Quarry mine,
Carlin, Eureka County, Nevada: description and crystal structure
Mark A. Cooper, Frank C. Hawthorne, Andrew C. Roberts, 
Eugene E. Foord, Richard C. Erd, Howard T. Evans, 
Jr., and Martin C. Jensen
Pages 741-752

The crystal structure of goldquarryite, 
a secondary phosphate from the Gold Quarry mine,
Eureka County, Nevada, U.S.A.
Mark A. Cooper and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 753-761

Zincospiroffite, a new tellurite mineral species from the 
Zhongshangou gold deposit, Hebei Province, 
People's Republic of China
Pei-Hua Zhang, Jin-Chu Zhu, Zhen-Hua Zhao, 
Xiang-Ping Gu, and Jin-Fu Lin
Pages 763-768

Haineaultite, a new hydrated sodium calcium titanosilicate 
from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec: description, 
structure determination and genetic implications
Andrew M. McDonald, and George Y. Chao
Pages 769-780

Manganokukisvumite, a new mineral species
from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec
Robert A. Gault, T. Scott Ercit, Joel D. Grice, 
and Jerry Van Velthuizen
Pages 781-785

The crystal structure of ilimaussite-
(Ce), (Ba,Na)10K3Na4.5Ce5(Nb,Ti)6[Si12O36][Si9O18(O,OH)24]O6, 
and the "ilímaussite" problem
Giovanni Ferraris, Angela Gula, Natalia V. Zubkova, 
Dmitry Yu. Pushcharovsky, Elena R. Gobetchiya,
Igor V. Pekov, and Knut Eldjarn
Pages 787-795

The crystal chemistry of epistolite
Elena Sokolova, and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 797-806

The crystal chemistry of silicate minerals 
with chains of (TiO6) octahedra
Elena Sokolova and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 807-824

The crystal structure of hubeite, a novel 
sorosilicate mineral
Mark A. Cooper and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 825-834

The crystal structure of skippenite, Bi2Se2Te, 
from the Kochkar deposit, southern Urals, Russian Federation
Luca Bindi and Curzio Cipriani
Pages 835-840

Mineralogy of the Niederschlema - Alberoda U-Se-polymetallic 
deposit, Erzgebirge, Germany. I. Jolliffeite, NiAsSe, the
rare Se-dominant analogue of gersdorffite
Hans-Jurgen Forster, Dieter Rhede and Gerhard Tischendorf
Pages 841-849

Abundance and speciation of gold in massive sulfides 
of the Bathurst mining camp, New Brunswick, Canada
Sean H. McClenaghan, David R. Lentz, and Louis J. Cabri
Pages 851-871

Occurrences of foitite and rossmanite from the Koktokay
No. 3 granitic pegmatite dyke, altai, northwestern China: 
a record of hydrothermal fluids
Ai Cheng Zhang, Ru Cheng Wang, Huan Hu,
Xiao Ming Chen, and Hui Zhang
Pages 873-882

Pollucite and the cesium-dominant analogue of 
polylithionite as expressions of extreme Cs 
enrichment in the Yichun topaz-lepidolite granite, southern China
Ru Cheng Wang, Huan Hu, Ai Cheng Zhang, 
Xiao Long Huang, and Pei Ni
Pages 883-896

Microtextural and powder-diffraction study of analcime
phenocrysts in volcanic rocks of the Crowsnest Formation, 
southern Alberta, Canada
Robert W. Luth and Melissa Bowerman
Pages 897-903

New minerals and nomenclature modifications 
approved in 2003 by the Commission on New Minerals 
and Mineral Names, International Mineralogical Association
Ernst A.J. Burke and Giovanni Ferraris
Pages 905-913

Book Reviews
Pages 915-920

New Minerals
J.A. Mandarino
Pages 921-945