Canadian Mineralogist, 2004, V 42, N 2, April.

James E. Mungall and William P. Meurer
Pages 241-242

Normal Reef subfacies of the Merensky Reef at 
Northam Platinum mine, Zwartklip Facies,
western Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Damian S. Smith, Ian J. Basson, and David L. Reid
Pages 243-260

Petrographic and geochemical characteristics of
postmagmatic hydrothermal alteration and 
mineralization in the J-M Reef, Stillwater 
Complex, Montana
Joseph S. Polovina, Donald M. Hudson, 
Robert E. Jones
Pages 261-277

The relationship between chlorapatite and PGE-rich
cumulates in layered intrusions: the Klappsjo Gabbro, 
north-central Sweden, as a case study
William P. Meurer, Fredrik A. Hellstrom, 
and Dick T. Claeson
Pages 279-289

The KO Zone: a new model for PGE-Cu-Ni mineralization
in the Marginal Zone of the Fox River sill, 
northern Manitoba, Canada
Guy Desharnais, David C. Peck, R.F. Jon Scoates,
and Norman M. Halden
Pages 291-302

Petrology and Ni-Cu-PGE potential of the insizwa lobe, 
Mount Ayliff intrusion, South Africa
R. Grant Cawthorn and F. Johan Kruger
Pages 303-324

The Aguablanca Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, southwestern Iberia: 
magmatic ore-forming processes and retrograde evolution
Lorena Ortega, Rosario Lunar, Felix Garcia-Palomero,
Teresa Moreno, Jose Ramon Martin-Estevez, 
Hazel M. Prichard, and Peter C. Fisher
Pages 325-350

Cu-Ni-PGE mineralization in the Genina Gharbia 
mafic-ultramafic intrusion, Eastern Desert, Egypt
Hassan M. Helmy
Pages 351-370

Emplacement of viscous mushes in the Jinchuan 
ultramafic intrusion, western China
Sybrand A. De Waal, Zhanghua Xu, 
Chusi Li, and Hassina Mouri
Pages 371-392

PALLADIUM, a program to model the chromatographic
separation of the platinum-group elements, 
base metals and sulfur in a solidifying pile of igneous crystals
Alan E. Boudreau
Pages 393-403

Iridium distribution in hydrothermally synthesized
Fe, Cu, Zn, and Pb sulfides
Sergey M. Zhmodik, Gennady Yu. Shvedenkov,
and Natalia V. Verkhovtseva
Pages 405-410

The influence of acetate and oxalate as simple
organic ligands on the behavior of palladium
in surface environments
Scott A. Wood and Julie Van Middlesworth
Pages 411-421

Variations in the nature of the platinum-group 
minerals in a cross-section through the 
Merensky Reef at Impala Platinum: implications 
for the mode of formation of the reef
Hazel M. Prichard, Sarah-Jane Barnes, 
Wolfgang D. Maier, and Peter C. Fisher
Pages 423-437

Compositional variations in oulankaite and a
new series of argentoan oulankaite from the 
Lukkulaisvaara layered intrusion, 
northern Russian Karelia
Andrei Y. Barkov, Michael E. Fleet, 
Robert F. Martin,and Mahmud Tarkian
Pages 439-453

An unusual association of hydrothermal
platinum-group minerals from the Imandra 
layered complex, Kola Peninsula, 
northwestern Russia
Andrei Y. Barkov and Michael E. Fleet
Pages 455-467

Genetic relationships between base-metal 
sulfides and platinum-group minerals in the 
Yangliuping Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide deposit, 
southwestern China
Xie-Yan Song, Mei-Fu Zhou, and Zhi-Min Cao
Pages 469-483

Platinum-group minerals in the Raglan 
Ni-Cu-(PGE) sulfide deposit, Cape Smith, 
Quebec, Canada
Charlie L. Seabrook, Hazel M. Prichard, 
and Peter C. Fisher
Pages 485-497

A potentially new konderite-like sulfide of
Fe, Pb, Cu, Rh, Pd, and Ir from the Penikat 
layered complex, Finland
Andrei Y. Barkov, Michael E. Fleet,
Robert F. Martin, Tapio A.A. Halkoaho
Pages 499-513

Zoned sulfides and sulfarsenides of the 
platinum-group elements from the Penikat 
layered complex, Finland
Andrei Y. Barkov, Michael E. Fleet, 
Robert F. Martin, and Tuomo T. Alapieti
Pages 515-537

Tarkianite, (Cu,Fe)(Re,Mo)4S8, a new 
mineral species from the Hitura mine, 
Nivala, Finland
Kari K. Kojonen, Andrew C. Roberts, 
Olli-Pekka Isomaki, Vladimir V. Knauf, 
Bo Johanson, and Lassi Pakkanen
Pages 539-544

Composition and mineralogy of PGE-rich
chromitites in the Nurali lherzolite-gabbro 
complex, southern Urals, Russia
Federica Zaccarini, Evgeny V. Pushkarev,
German B. Fershtater, and Giorgio Garuti
Pages 545-562

Detrital platinum-group minerals in rivers 
draining the eastern Bushveld Complex, South Africa
Thomas Oberthür, Frank Melcher, Lothar Gast, 
Christian Wohrl and Jerzy Lodziak
Pages 563-582

Associations of platinum-group minerals from the 
Zolotaya gold placer, Primorye, Russian Far East
Galina G. Shcheka, Alexandr A. Vrzhosek, 
Bernd Lehmann, and Nadezhda D. Tolstykh
Pages 583-599

Macrocrystals of Pt-Fe alloy from the Kondyor PGE 
placer deposit, Khabarovskiy Kray, Russia:
trace-element content, mineral inclusions 
and reaction assemblages
Galina G. Shcheka, Bernd Lehmann, 
Eike Gierth, Karsten Gomann, and Alex Wallianos
Pages 601-617

Platinum-group minerals in lode and placer deposits
associated with the Ural-Alaskan-type Gal'moenan 
complex, Koryak-Kamchatka platinum belt, Russia
Nadezhda D. Tolstykh, Eugeniy G. Sidorov, 
and Andrey P. Kozlov
Pages 619-630

Ru-Os-Ir-Pt and Pt-Fe alloys from the Evander Goldfield,
Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa: detrital origin 
inferred from compositional and osmium-isotope data
Kreshimir N. Malitc and Roland K.W. Merkle
Pages 631-650

Gold and PGE in massive sulfide ore of the Uzelginsk 
deposit, southern Urals, Russia
Ilya V. Vikentyev, Marina A. Yudovskaya, Andrey V. Mokhov, 
Alexey L. Kerzin and Anatoliy I. Tsepin
Pages 651-665

Platinum-group minerals from the McBratney PGE-Au
prospect in the Flin Flon greenstone belt, Manitoba, Canada
Gema Ribeiro Olivo and Peter Theyer
Pages 667-681

On the rosettes of "native palladium" from Minas Gerais,
Brazil: evidence from Gongo Soco
Alexandre Raphael Cabral and Rogerio Kwitko-Ribeiro
Pages 683-687

Hydrogen in a natural Pd-O compound from Gongo Soco,
Minas Gerais, Brazil
Alexandre Raphael Cabral, Bernd Lehmann, Dieter Grambole
and Folker Herrmann
Pages 689-694