Canadian Mineralogist, 2004, V 42, N 1, February.

The coexistence of melts of hydrous copper chloride, 
sulfide and silicate compositions in a magnesiohastingsite 
cumulate, TUBAF Seamount, Papua New Guinea
Axel D. Renno, Leander Franz, Thomas Witzke, and Peter M. Herzig
Pages 1-16

The phase relations between Fe4.5Ni4.5S8 and Co9S8
in the system Fe–Ni–Co–S at temperatures from 400° to 1100°c
Arashi Kitakaze and Asahiko Sugaki
Pages 17-42

The system Fe-Co-Ni-As-S. I. Phase relations in the 
(Fe,Co,Ni)As0.5S1.5 section at 650° and 500°C
Skage R. Hem and Emil Makovicky
Pages 43-62

The system Fe–Co–Ni–As–S. II. Phase relations in the
(Fe,Co,Ni)As1.5S0.5 section at 650° and 500°C
Skage R. Hem and Emil Makovicky
Pages 63-86

The crystal structure of synthetic radtkeite, Hg3S2ClI
Natalie V. Pervukhina, Vladimir I. Vasil’ev, Dmitrii Yu. Naumov, 
Stanislav V. Borisov, and Svetlana A. Magarill
Pages 87-94

Kuannersuite-(Ce), Ba6Na2REE2(PO4)6FC1, a new 
member of the apatite group, from the ilímaussaq 
alkaline complex, South Greenland: description 
and crystal chemistry
Henrik Friis, Tonci Balic-Žunic, Igor V. Pekov,
and Ole V. Petersen
Pages 95-106

Maleevite, BaB2Si2O8, and pekovite, SrB2Si2O8, new
mineral species from the Dara-i-Pioz alkaline massif, 
northern Tajikistan: description and crystal structure
Leonid A. Pautov, Atali A. Agakhanov, 
Elena Sokolova and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 107-119

Potassic-carpholite, a new mineral species from the 
Sawtooth batholith, Boise County, Idaho, U.S.A.
Kimberly T. Tait, Frank C. Hawthorne, Joel D. Grice, 
John L. Jambor and William W. Pinch
Pages 121-124

A novel [Si8O45]18- sheet in the crystal structure 
of zeravshanite, Cs4 Na2 Zr3 [Si18O45] (H2O)2
Yulia A. Uvarova, Elena Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne, 
Leonid A. Pautov, and Atali A. Agakhanov
Pages 125-134

The network of hydrogen bonding in kingite, as revealed 
by a neutron-diffraction investigation of its deuterated 
analogue, Al3(PO4)2F3·7D2O
Kia S. Wallwork, Allan Pring, Max R. Taylor, and Brett A. Hunter
Pages 135-141

Kanonaite from the metamorphic sole of the Oman 
Ophiolite: evidence for high-f(O2) conditions during 
retrograde metamorphism
Yaso Kugimiya, Susumu Umino, Toshiaki Masuda, 
and Yasushi Matsuda
Pages 143-153

The paragenesis of pyrophanite from Sierra de 
Comechingones, Córdoba, Argentina
Federica Zaccarini, Giorgio Garuti, Ariel Ortiz-Suarez,
and Andres Carugno-Duran
Pages 155-168

Morphological and chemical study of placer gold from 
the San Luis Range, Argentina
Maria Florencia Márquez-Zavalía, Gordon Southam, 
James R. Craig, and Miguel Angel Galliski
Pages 169-182

The hypabyssal 5034 kimberlite of the Gahcho Kue cluster, 
southeastern Slave craton, Northwest Territories, 
Canada: a granite-contaminated Group-I kimberlite
Guillaume Caro, Maya G. Kopylova, and Robert A. Creaser
Pages 183-207

Book Reviews
Tomas Feininger
Pages 209-214

New Minerals
Pages 215-233