Canadian Mineralogist, 2003, V 41, N 6, December.

The diversity and occurrence of potassium-dominant amphiboles
Frank K. Mazdab
Pages 1329-1344

Sodic-ferri-ferropedrizite and ferri-clinoferroholmquistite:
mineral data and degree of order of the A-site cations in Li-rich amphiboles
Roberta Oberti, Fernando Cámara, José Maria Caballero, and Luisa Ottolini
Pages 1345-1354

Nomenclature of amphiboles: additions and revisions to the 
International Mineralogical Association’s 1997 recommendations
Bernard E. Leake, Alan R. Woolley, William D. Birch, Ernst A.J. Burke, 
Giovanni Ferraris, Joel D. Grice, Frank C. Hawthorne, Hanan J. Kisch, 
Vladimir G. Krivovichev, John C. Schumacher, 
Nicholas C.N. Stephenson, and Eric J.W. Whittaker
Pages 1355-1362

Disordered Mg-bearing olenite from a granitic pegmatite at Goslarn, 
Austria: a chemical, structural, and infrared spectroscopic study
Andreas Ertl, John M. Hughes, Franz Brandstätter, M. Darby Dyar,
and Pinnelli S.R. Prasad
Pages 1363-1370

Fluorvesuvianite, Ca19(Al,Mg,Fe2+)13[SiO4]10[Si2O7]4O(F,OH)9, 
a new mineral species from Pitkäranta, Karelia, Russia: description
and crystal structure
Sergey N. Britvin, Andrey A. Antonov, Sergey V. Krivovichev, 
Thomas Armbruster, Peter C. Burns, and Nikita V. Chukanov
Pages 1371-1380

Composition of biotite from granitic rocks of the Canadian
Appalachian orogen: a potential tectonomagmatic indicator?
Amir A.T. Shabani, André E. Lalonde, and Joseph B. Whalen
Pages 1381-1396

Two stages of "metamorphic vermiculite" growth in schists
from the Maláguide Complex, Betic Cordillera, Spain
María Dolores Ruiz Cruz
Pages 1397-1412

The structure of danalite at high temperature obtained from
synchrotron radiation and Rietveld refinements
Sytle M. Antao, Ishmael Hassan, and John B. Parise
Pages 1413-1422

Ansermetite, MnV2O6•4H2O, a new mineral species with V5+ 
in five-fold coordination from Val Ferrera, Eastern Swiss Alps
Joël Brugger, Peter Berlepsch, Nicolas Meisser, and Thomas Armbruster
Pages 1423-1431

Schlemaite, (Cu,)6(Pb,Bi)Se4, a new mineral species from
Niederschlema–Alberoda, Erzgebirge, Germany: description and crystal structure
Hans-Jürgen Förster, Mark A. Cooper, Andrew C. Roberts, Chris J. Stanley,
Alan J. Criddle, Frank C. Hawthorne, J.H. Gilles Laflamme, and
Gerhard Tischendorf
Pages 1433-1444

The crystal structure of a polymorph of Hg2+3S2Br1.0Cl0.5I0.5
Natalie V. Pervukhina, Vladimir I. Vasil’ev, Stanislav V. Borisov, 
Svetlana A. Magarill, and Dmitrii Yu. Naumov
Pages 1445-1453

Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. X. The crystal structure 
of Ag10[(UO2)8O8(Mo5O20)]
Sergey V. Krivovichev and Peter C. Burns
Pages 1455-1462

Uzonite, As4S5, from the type locality: single-crystal X-ray study
and effects of exposure to light
Luca Bindi, Valentina Popova, and Paola Bonazzi
Pages 1463-1468

The crystal structure of winstanleyite, TiTe3O8, from the Grand
Central mine, Tombstone, Arizona
Luca Bindi and Curzio Cipriani
Pages 1469-1473

Plumbian baksanite from the Tyrnyauz W–Mo deposit, Baksan River valley,
northern Caucasus, Russian Federation
Luca Bindi and Curzio Cipriani
Pages 1475-1479

Crystal structures and crystal chemistry of members of the
cuprobismutite homologous series of sulfosalts
Dan Topa, Emil Makovicky, and Tonci Balic-Zunic
Pages 1481-1501

Telluride mineralogy of the Golden Mile deposit, Kalgoorlie,
Western Australia
Jill M. Shackleton, Paul G. Spry, and Roger Bateman
Pages 1503-1524

Pages 1525-1528

List of Referees for 2002
Pages 1529-1530

Index, volume 41
J. Douglas Scott
Pages 1531-1542