Canadian Mineralogist, 2003, V 43, N 5, October.

Hypogene titanian, vanadian maghemite in reworked oxide cumulates
in the beja layered gabbro complex, Odivelas, southeastern Portugal
Ana P.Jesus, António Mateus, João C. Waerenborgh, Jorge Figueiras,
Luís Cerqueira Alves, and Vitor Oliveira
Pages 1105-1124

Mössbauer study of Fe-bearing synthetic tennantite
Emil Makovicky, Gerold Tippelt, Karl Forcher, Werner Lottermoser,
Sven Karup-Møller, and Georg Amthauer
Pages 1125-1134

Visual–statistical classification of As–Fe-rich products of alteration
of tailings from the Enguialès tunsgten mine, France
Jean-François Lenain and Alexandra Courtin-Nomade
Pages 1135-1146

The crystal structure of orlandiite, Pb3Cl4(SeO3)•H2O, a complex
case of twinning and disorder
Francesco Demartin, Carlo Maria Gramaccioli, and Tullio Pilati
Pages 1147-1153

Kupcíkite, Cu3.4Fe0.6Bi5S10, a new Cu–Bi sulfosalt from Felbertal, 
Austria, and its crystal structure
Dan Topa, Emil Makovicky, Tonci Balic-Žunic and Werner H. Paar
Pages 1155-1166

Vasilyevite, (Hg2)2+ 10O6I3Br2Cl(CO3), a new mineral species from
the Clear Creek Claim, San Benito County, California
Andrew C. Roberts, Mark A. Cooper, Frank C. Hawthorne, John A.R. Stirling,
Werner H. Paar, Chris J. Stanley, Gail E. Dunning, and Peter C. Burns
Pages 1167-1172

The crystal structure of vasilyevite, (Hg2)2+ 10O6I3(Br,Cl)3(Co3)
Mark A. Cooper and Frank C.Hawthorne
Pages 1173-1181

The crystal structure of seidite-(Ce), Na4(Ce,Sr)2{Ti(OH)2(Si8O18)}(O,OH,F)4•5H2O, 
a modular microporous titanosilicate of the rhodesite group
Giovanni Ferraris, Elena Belluso, Angela Gula, Svetlana V. Soboleva,
and Alexander P. Khomyakov
Pages 1183-1192

The crystal chemistry of shcherbakovite from the Khibina Massif,
Kola Peninsula, Russia
Yulia A. Uvarova, Elena Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne,
Ruslan P. Liferovich, and Roger H. Mitchell
Pages 1193-1201

Crystal chemistry of the rosenbuschite group
Claes C. Christiansen, Ole Johnsen, and Emil Makovicky
Pages 1203-1224

Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. IX. a novel uranyl molybdate
sheet in the structure of Tl2[(UO2)2O(MoO5)]
Sergey V. Krivovichev and Peter C. Burns
Pages 1225-1231

Ferriallanite-(Ce) from the Bastnäs deposit, Västmanland, Sweden
Dan Holtstam, Ulf B. Andersson, and Joakim Mansfeld
Pages 1233-1240

Optical, compositional, morphological, and X-ray data on eleven
particles of amphibole from Libby, Montana, U.S.A.
Bryan R. Bandli, Mickey E. Gunter, Brendan Twamley,
Franklin F. Foit Jr., and Scott B. Cornelius
Pages 1241-1253

The melilite (Gh50) skarns of Oravita, Banat, Romania: transition
to gehlenite (Gh85) and to vesuvianite
Ildiko Katona, Marie-Lola Pascal, Michel Fonteilles, and Jean Verkaeren
Pages 1255-1270

Ganterite, a new barium-dominant analogue of muscovite from
the Berisal Complex, Simplon Region, Switzerland
Stefan Graeser, Callum J. Hetherington, and Reto Gieré
Pages 1271-1280

Composition of barium-rich white micas from the Berisal Complex, 
Simplon Region, Switzerland
Callum J. Hetherington, Reto Gieré, and Stefan Graeser
Pages 1281-1291

Book Reviews
Pages 1293-1298

Proceedings of the Fourty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the
Mineralogical Association of Canada, 2003
A. M. McDonald,
Pages 1299-1308

New Minerals
Joseph A. Mandarino
Pages 1309-1319