Canadian Mineralogist, 2003, V 41, N 4, August.

Si-deficient, OH-substituted, boron-bearing vesuvianite
from the Wiluy River, Yakutia, Russia
Evgeny V. Galuskin, Irina O. Galuskina, Maciej Sitarz, 
and Katarzyna Stadnicka
Pages 833-842

Morphology, composition and structure of low-temperature
P4/nnc high-fluorine vesuvianite whiskers from Polar Yakutia, Russia
Evgeny V. Galuskin, Thomas Armbruster, Anna Malsy, 
Irina O. Galuskina, Maciej Sitarz
Pages 843-856

Chlorine enrichment and hydrous alteration of the Sudbury Breccia
hosting footwall Cu–Ni–PGE mineralization at the Fraser mine,
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Jacob J. Hanley and James E. Mungall
Pages 857-881

Characterization of chrysotile, antigorite and
lizardite by FT-Raman spectroscopy
Caterina Rinaudo, Daniela Gastaldi, and Elena Belluso
Pages 883-890

Nuclear magnetic resonance study of Al:Si and F:OH order in zunyite
Bing Zhou, Barbara L. Sherriff, Francis Taulelle, and Gang Wu
Pages 891-903

Characterization of arsenate-for-sulfate substitution in synthetic
jarosite using X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Dogan Paktunc and John E. Dutrizac
Pages 905-919

The crystal structure of argentojarosite, AgFe3(SO4)2(OHoh)6
Lee A. Groat, John L. Jambor and Bonnie C. Pemberton
Pages 921-928

The crystal structure of an anthropogenic 
Cu–K–Na–hydro–hydroxyl–carbonate–chloride from Johanngeorgenstadt, 
Saxony, Germany
Elena Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne, and Andrew C. Roberts
Pages 929-936

The relationship between Cu content and distortion in the atomic
structure of melanterite from the Richmond mine,
Iron Mountain, California
Ronald C. Peterson
Pages 937-949

Chains of edge-sharing Opb4 tetrahedra in the structure of Pb4O(VO4)2
and in related minerals and inorganic compounds
Sergey V. Krivovichev and Peter C. Burns
Pages 951-958

Anorthominasragrite, V4+O (SO4) (H2O)5, a new mineral species from
Temple Mountain, Emery County, Utah, U.S.A.: description,
crystal structure and hydrogen bonding
Mark A. Cooper, Frank C. Hawthorne, Joel D. Grice, and Patrick Haynes
Pages 959-979

Hillite, a new member of the fairfieldite group: its
description and crystal structure
Olga V. Yakubovich, Werner Massa, Ruslan P. Liferovich, Polina G. Gavrilenko,
Alla N. Bogdanova, and Pekka Tuisku
Pages 981-988

Paravinogradovite, (Na,)2[(Ti4+,Fe3+)4 {Si2 O6}2 {Si3 AlO10} (OH)4] H2O, 
a new mineral species from the Khibina alkaline massif, Kola Peninsula,
Russia: description and crystal structure
Alexander P. Khomyakov, Inna E. Kulikova, Elena Sokolova,
Frank C. Hawthorne, and Pavel M. Kartashov
Pages 989-1002

Geochemical and morphological features of beryl from the Bikita
granitic pegmatite, Zimbabwe
Petr Cerny, Alan J. Anderson, Paul B. Tomascak, and Ron Chapman
Pages 1003-1011

Stranded and equilibrated assemblages of late feldspars in two granitic
pegmatites in the Pampean Ranges, Argentina
Petr Cerny, Miguel A. Galliski, Julio C. Oyarzabal, David K. Teertstra,
Ron Chapman, Lyndsey Macbride and Karen Ferreira
Pages 1013-1026

Oscillatory epitactic-growth zoning in biotite and muscovite from the Lake
Lewis leucogranite, South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia, Canada
D. Barrie Clarke and Patrick A. Bogutyn
Pages 1027-1047

Dendritic magnetite and ilmenite in 590 Ma Grenville dikes near
Otter Lake, Quebec, Canada
Ralph Kretz
Pages 1049-1059

Point defects in pyrrhotite
Edgar Froese
Pages 1061-1067

Book Reviews
Pages 1069-1074

Encyclopedia of Mineral Names: third update
Robert F. Martin
Pages 1075-1096