Canadian Mineralogist, 2003, V 41, N 3.

V-rich minerals in contact-metamorphosed silurian sedex deposits
in the Poblet area, southwestern Catalonia, Spain
Carles Canet, Pura Alfonso, Joan-Carles Melgarejo, and Susana Jorge
Pages 561-579

PGE-bearing minerals in Silurian sedex deposits in the Poblet area,
southwestern Catalonia, Spain
Carles Canet, Pura Alfonso, Joan-Carles Melgarejo, and Susana Jorge
Pages 581-595

Platinum-group minerals in podiform chromitites of the Oman ophiolite
Ahmed Hassan Ahmed and Shoji Arai
Pages 597-616

Mobile trace elements and fluid-dominated processes in the Ronda
peridotite, southern Spain
Maria Dolores Pereira, Denis M. Shaw, and Antonio Acosta
Pages 617-625

The extractive metallurgy of copper from Cabezo Jure, Huelva, Spain:
chemical and mineralogical study of slags dated to the third millenium B.C.
Reinaldo Saez, Francisco Nocete, Jose M. Nieto, M. Angeles Capitan,
and Salvador Rovira
Pages 627-638

A model for the mechanism of incorporation of Cu, Fe and Zn in the
stannite  kesterite series, Cu2FeSnS4 - Cu2ZnSnS4
Paola Bonazzi, Luca Bindi, Gian Piero Bernardini, and Silvio Menchetti
Pages 639-647

On type romarchite and hydroromarchite from Boundary Falls,
Ontario, and notes on other occurrences
Robert A. Ramik, Robert M. Organ, Joseph A. Mandarino
Pages 649-657

Romarchite, hydroromarchite and abhurite formed during the corrosion
of pewter artifacts from the Queen Anne's Revenge (1718)
Stacie E. Dunkle, James R. Craig, J. Donald Rimstidt, and Wayne R. Lusardi
Pages 659-669

The atomic structure of siderotil, (Fe,Cu)SO45H2O
Ronald C. Peterson, Peter L. Roeder, and Yousheng Zhang
Pages 671-676

The crystal structure and crystal chemistry of uranosphaerite, Bi(UO2)O2OH
Karrie-Ann Hughes, Peter C. Burns, and Uwe Kolitsch
Pages 677-685

The crystal chemistry of the zippeite group
Peter C. Burns, Kathryn M. Deely, and Leslie A. Hayden
Pages 687-706

Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. VIII. Crystal structures
of Na3Tl3[(UO2)(MoO4)4], Na13-xTl3+x[(UO2)(MoO4)3]4(H2o)6+x (x = 0.1),
Na3Tl5[(UO2)(MoO4)3]2(H2O)3 and Na2[(UO2)(MoO4)2](H2O)4
Sergey V. Krivovichev and Peter C. Burns
Pages 707-719

Artsmithite, a new Hg1+-Al phosphate-hydroxide from the Funderburk Prospect,
Pike County, Arkansas, U.S.A.
Andrew C. Roberts, Mark A. Cooper, Frank C. Hawthorne, Robert A. Gault,
Joel D. Grice, and Anthony J. Nikischer
Pages 721-725

Accessory minerals in the Xihuashan Y-enriched granitic complex,
southern China: a record of magmatic and hydrothermal stages of evolution
Ru Cheng Wang, Francois Fontan, Xiao Ming Chen, Huan Hu, Chang Shi Liu,
Shi Jin Xu, and Philippe de Parseval
Pages 727-748

Tourmaline-bearing quartz veins in the Baraboo quartzite, Wisconsin:
occurrence and significance of foitite and "oxy-foitite"
L. Gordon Medaris Jr., John H. Fournelle, and Darrell J. Henry
Pages 749-758

Single-crystal XRD, TEM, and thermal studies of the satellite
reflections in nepheline
Ishmael Hassan, Sytle M. Antao, and Ahmed A.M. Hersi
Pages 759-783

The nomenclature of eudialyte-group minerals
Ole Johnsen, Giovanni Ferraris, Robert A. Gault, Joel D. Grice,
Anthony R. Kampf, AND Igor V. Pekov
Pages 785-794

New minerals approved in 2002 and nomenclature modifications approved
in 19982002 by the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names,
International Mineralogical Association
Joel D. Grice and Giovanni Ferraris
Pages 795-802

New Minerals
Joseph A. Mandarino
Pages 803-828

Pages 829-830

Book Review
Pages 831