Canadian Mineralogist, 2003, V 40, N 6, December.

U and Pb isotope analysis of uranium minerals by ion microprobe and the 
geochronology of the McArthur River and Sue Zone uranium deposits,
Saskatchewan, Canada
M. Fayek, T.K. Kyser, and L.R. Riciputi
Pages 1553-1569

Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. VII. An iriginite-type sheet of 
polyhedra in the structure of [(UO2)Mo2O7(H2O)2]
S.V. Krivovichev and P.C. Burns
Pages 1571-1577

A topologically novel sheet of uranyl pentagonal bipyramids in the structure of 
P.C. Burns and K.M. Deely
Pages 1579-1586

New Cu2+ coordination polyhedra in the crystal structure of burnsite, 
P.C. Burns, S.V. Krivovichev, and S.K. Filatov
Pages 1587-1595

Description and crystal structure of manganlotharmeyerite, 
Ca[Mn3+,,Mg]2{AsO4,[AsO2(OH)2]}2(OH,H2O)2, from the Starlera Mn deposit, 
Swiss Alps, and a redefinition of lotharmeyerite
J. Brugger, S.V. Krivovichev, U. Kolitsch, N. Meisser, M. Andrut,
S. Ansermet, and P.C. Burns
Pages 1597-1608

Occurrence of low-Ti and high-Ti freudenbergite in alkali syenite dikes from
the Katzenbuckel volcano, southwestern Germany
V. St─hle, M. Koch, C.A. McCammon, U. Mann, and G. Markl
Pages 1609-1627

Gjerdingenite-Fe from Norway, a new mineral species in the labuntsovite group: 
description, crystal structure and twinning
G. Raade, G. Ferraris, A. Gula, and G. Ivaldi
Pages 1629-1639

Ferriallanite-(Ce), CaCeFe3+AlFe2+(SiO4)(Si2O7)O(OH), a new member of the 
epidote group: description, X-ray and MĂssbauer study
P.M. Kartashov, G. Ferraris, G. Ivaldi, E. Sokolova, and C.A. McCammon
Pages 1641-1648

Monazite-(Sm), a new member of the monazite group from the Annie Claim #3 
granitic pegmatite, southeastern Manitoba
M. Masau, P. Cern┘, M.A. Cooper, R. Chapman, and J.D. Grice
Pages 1649-1655

Scandium mineralogy: pretulite with scandian zircon and xenotime-(Y) within an 
apatite-rich oolitic ironstone from Saint-Aubin-des Ch┴teaux, Armorican Massif, 
Y. Mo╩lo, Y. Lulzac, O. Rouer, P. Palvadeau, E. Gloaguen, and P. L╚one
Pages 1657-1673

Walkerite, a new borate mineral species in an evaporitic sequence from Sussex, 
New Brunswick, Canada
J.D. Grice, R.A. Gault, J. Van Velthuizen, and A. Pratt
Pages 1675-1686

The new mineral species keilite, (Fe,Mg)S, the iron-dominant analogue of 
M. Shimizu, H. Yoshida, and J.A. Mandarino
Pages 1687-1692

Caves formed within Upper Cretaceous skarns at Baita, Bihor County, Romania: 
mineral deposition and speleogenesis
B.P. Onac
Pages 1693-1703

Phase-equilibrium constraints on the magmatic origin of laurite + Ru-Os-Ir alloy
D.R.A. Andrews and J.M. Brenan
Pages 1705-1716

Note on "Large-scale hydrothermal zoning reflected in tetrahedrite-freibergite 
solid solution, Keno Hill Ag-Pb-Zn district, Yukon" by J.V. Gregory Lynch
R.O. Sack
Pages 1717-1719

The naming of mineral species approved by the Commission on New Minerals and 
Mineral Names of the International Mineralogical Association: a brief history
J. de Fourestier
Pages 1721-1735

Book Reviews
Evgeny V. Pushkarev
Pages 1737-1742

Pages 1743

Pages 1745-1757

R.F. Martin, Editor