Canadian Mineralogist, 2002, V 40, N 3, June.

Tourmaline in petalite-subtype granitic pegmatites: evidence of fractionation 
and contamination from Pakeagama Lake and Separation Lake areas of northwestern 
Ontario, Canada
A.G. Tindle, F.W. Breaks, and J.B. Selway
Pages 753-788

Bond-valence constraints on the chemical composition of tourmaline
F.C. Hawthorne
Pages 789-797

Nb and Ta oxide minerals in the Fonte del Prete granitic pegmatite dike, Island 
of Elba, Italy
C. Aurisicchio, C. De Vito, V. Ferrini, and P. Orlandi
Pages 799-814

Trace-element distribution in cassiterite and sulfides from the rubanù and 
massive ores from the Corvo deposit, Portugal
S. Serranti, V. Ferrini, U. Masi, and L.J. Cabri
Pages 815-835

Crystal chemistry of tetrahedrite solid-solutions: EPR and magnetic 
F. De Benedetto, G.P. Bernardini, D. Borrini, C. Emiliani, C. Cipriani,
C. Danti, A. Caneschi, D. Gatteschi, and M. Romanelli
Pages 837-847

Composition ranges and exsolution pairs for the members of the bismuthinite–
aikinite series from Felbertal, Austria
D. Topa, E. Makovicky, and W.H. Paar
Pages 849-869

The pressures and temperatures of formation of diamond based on thermobarometry 
of chromian diopside inclusions
P. Nimis
Pages 871-884

Etude spectromùtrique de la lazurite du Pamir, Tajikistan
M. Ostroumov, E. Fritsch, E. Faulques, and O. Chauvet
Pages 885-893

Indications of intermediate compositions in the BaSO4–SrSO4 solid-solution 
series from the Bah÷ec ktepe celestine deposit, S?vas, east-central Anatolia, 
E. Tek?n, B. Varol, ?.S. Sayili and Y. Elerman
Pages 895-908

Tedhadleyite, Hg2+Hg1+10O4I2(Cl,Br)2, a new mineral species from the Clear Creek 
Claim, San Benito County, California
A.C. Roberts, M.A. Cooper, F.C. Hawthorne, A.J. Criddle, J.A.R. Stirling,
and G.E. Dunning
Pages 909-914

Refinement of the crystal structure of aminoffite
D.M.C. Huminicki and F.C. Hawthorne
Pages 915-922

Hydrogen bonding in the crystal structure of seamanite
D.M.C. Huminicki and F.C. Hawthorne
Pages 923-928

Refinement of the crystal structure of ushkovite from Nevados de Palermo, 
Repœblica Argentina
M.A. Galliski and F.C. Hawthorne
Pages 929-937

Simonkolleite, Zn5(OH)8Cl2(H2O), a decorated interrupted-sheet structure of the 
form [Mf2]4
F.C. Hawthorne and E. Sokolova
Pages 939-946

Reconsideration of the crystal structure of paranatisite and the crystal 
chemistry of [[6]M2[4]T2 f12] sheets
E. Sokolova and F.C. Hawthorne
Pages 947-960

Megakalsilite, a new polymorph of KAlSiO4 from the Khibina alkaline massif, Kola 
Peninsula, Russia: mineral description and crystal structure
A.P. Khomyakov, G.N. Nechelyustov, E. Sokolova, E. Bonaccorsi, S. Merlino, and 
M. Pasero
Pages 961-970

New data on meliphanite, Ca4(Na,Ca)4Be4AlSi7O24(F,O)4
J.D. Grice and F.C. Hawthorne
Pages 971-980

New minerals approved in 2001 by the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral 
Names, International Mineralogical Association
J.D. Grice and G. Ferraris
Pages 981-988

Erratum The new mineral species brodtkorbite, Cu2HgSe2, and the associated selenide assemblage from Tuminico, Sierra de Cacho, La Rioja, Argentina Werner H. Paar, Dan Topa, Andrew C. Roberts, Alan J. Criddle, Gerhard Amann, and Ricardo J. Sureda Pages 989-990 BOOK REVIEWS Pages 991-1000 New Minerals J.A. Mandarino Pages 1001-1020