Canadian Mineralogist, 2002, V 40, N 2, April.

The Cabri Issue: Preface
T.T. Chen, J.E. Dutrizac, and J.L. Jambor
Pages 273-276

Platinum-Group Minerals: Ore Mineralogy
Magmatic and hydrothermal platinum-group minerals and base-metal sulfides in the Baula complex, India T. Auge', I. Salpeteur, L. Bailly, M.M. Mukherjee, and R.N. Patra Pages 277-309 Relationship between PGE and PGM in the Bushveld Complex R.G. Cawthorn, C.A. Lee, R.P. Schouwstra, and P. Mellowship Pages 311-328 Sobolevskite, taimyrite and Pt2CuFe (tulameenite?) in complex massive talnakhite ore, Noril'sk orefield, Russia N.J. Cook, C.L. Ciobanu, R.K.W. Merkle, and H.-J. Bernhardt Pages 329-340 Botryoidal platinum, palladium and potarite from the Bom Sucesso Stream, Minas Gerais, Brazil: compositional zoning and origin M.E. Fleet, C.M. de Almeida, and N. Angeli Pages 341-355 Composition and paragenesis of Pt alloys from chromitites of the Uralian-laskan- type Kytlym and Uktus complexes, northern and central Urals, Russia G. Garuti, E.V. Pushkarev, and F. Zaccarini Pages 357-376 The platinum-group minerals in the upper section of the Keivitsansarvi Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, northern Finland F. Gervilla and K. Kojonen Pages 377-394 Pt-Fe nuggets derived from clinopyroxenite-dunite massifs, Russia: a structural, compositional and osmium-isotope study K.N. Malitch and O.A.R. Thalhammer Pages 395-418 An unusual occurrence of Pd, Pt, Au, Ag and Hg minerals in the Pilbara region of Western Australia E.H. Nickel Pages 419-433 Platinum-group minerals and other detrital components in the Karoo-age Somabula gravels, Gweru, Zimbabwe T. Oberthu"r, T.W. Weiser, L. Gast, R. Schoenberg, and D.W. Davis Pages 435-456 New data on vincentite M. Tarkian, K.-H. Klaska, and E.F. Stumpfl Pages 457-461 Composition of the platinum-group minerals in the Salmon River placer deposit, Goodnews Bay, Alaska N.D. Tolstykh, J.Y. Foley, E.G. Sidorov and K.V.O. Laajoki Pages 463-471 Coarse-grained cabriite from Noril'sk, Russia G.C. Wilson, J.C. Rucklidge, and C. Cermignani Pages 473-479 Platinum-group minerals in chromitite xenoliths from the Onverwacht and Tweefontein ultramafic pipes, eastern Bushveld Complex, South Africa F. Zaccarini, G. Garuti and R.G. Cawthorn Pages 481-497
Phase-Equilibria Studies in Sulfur-Bearing Systems
The system Fe-Os-S at 1180?, 1100? and 900?C S. Karup-M?ller and E. Makovicky Pages 499-507 The system Fe-Pt-S at 1100?C J. Majzlan, M. Makovicky, E. Makovicky, and J. Rose-Hansen Pages 509-517 The system Fe-Rh-S at 900? and 500?C E. Makovicky, M. Makovicky, and J. Rose-Hansen Pages 519-526 Collectors of Pt, Pd and Rh in a S-poor Fe-Ni-Cu sulfide system at 760?C: experimental data and application to ore deposits A. Peregoedova and M. Ohnenstetter Pages 527-561 Phase equilibria in the system Zn-Fe-Ga-S at 900? and 800?C T. Ueno and S.D. Scott Pages 563-570 The system PtS-PdS-NiS between 1200? and 700?C S.M.C. Verryn and R.K.W. Merkle Pages 571-584
Geochemistry and Ore Mineralogy
Corrosion mineralogy of an 1800 Spanish Piece of Eight J.R. Craig, J.E. Callahan, J.T. Kimbell, and T.N. Solberg Pages 585-594 Platinum-group elements in basalts from Maui, Hawai'i: low abundances in alkali basalts J.H. Crocket Pages 595-609 Mineralogy and sulfide mineral chemistry of the Neves-Corvo ores, Portugal: insight into their genesis O.C. Gaspar Pages 611-636 Selenium, tellurium, arsenic and antimony contents of primary mantle sulfides K.H. Hattori, S. Arai, and D.B. Clarke Pages 637-650
Crystal Structures and Crystal Chemistry
Platinum-group minerals from the Wellgreen Cu-Ni-PGE deposit, Yukon, Canada A.Y. Barkov, J.H.G. Laflamme, L.J. Cabri, and R.F. Martin Pages 651-669 Laflammeite, Pd3Pb2S2, a new platinum-group mineral species from the Penikat layered complex, Finland A.Y. Barkov, R.F. Martin, T.A.A. Halkoaho and A.J. Criddle Pages 671-678 Menshikovite, Pd3Ni2As3, a new platinum-group mineral species from two layered complexes, Russia A.Y. Barkov, R.F. Martin, Ya.A. Pakhomovsky, N.D. Tolstykh, and A.P. Krivenko Pages 679-692 A solution to the crystal structures of bismutite and beyerite J.D. Grice Pages 693-698 The use of end-member charge-arrangements in defining new mineral species and heterovalent substitutions in complex minerals F.C. Hawthorne Pages 699-710 Hongshiite, PtCu, from itabirite-hosted Au-Pd-Pt mineralization (jacutinga), Itabira District, Minas Gerais, Brazil R. Kwitko, A.R. Cabral, B. Lehmann, J.H.G. Laflamme, L.J. Cabri, A.J. Criddle, and H.F. Galbiatti Pages 711-723 Cobaltarthurite, Co2+Fe3+2(AsO4)2(OH)2?4H2O, a new member of the arthurite group J.L. Jambor, J. Vin~als, L.A. Groat and M. Raudsepp Pages 725-732 The crystal structure of cobaltarthurite, Co2+Fe3+2(AsO4)2(OH)2?4H2O: a Rietveld refinement M. Raudsepp and E. Pani Pages 733-737 Tischendorfite, Pd8Hg3Se9, a new mineral from Tilkerode, Harz Mountains, Germany C.J. Stanley, A.J. Criddle, H.-J. Fo"rster, and A.C. Roberts Pages 739-745