Canadian Mineralogist, 2002, V 40, N 1, February.

Partial melting of sulfide ore deposits during medium- and high-grade 
B. Ronald Frost, John A. Mavrogenes, and Andrew G. Tomkins
Pages 1-18

Sphalerite and arsenopyrite at the Brunswick No. 12 massive-sulfide deposit, 
Bathurst Camp, New Brunswick: constraints on P-T evolution
David R. Lentz
Pages 19-31

Phase separation in (Fe,Co)1-x S monosulfide solid-solution below 450?C, with 
consequences for coexisting pyrrhotite and pentlandite in magmatic sulfide 
Shannon P. Farrell and Michael E. Fleet
Pages 33-46

Fluid inclusions in late-stage Pb-Mn-As-Sb mineral assemblages in the L┼ngban 
deposit, Bergslagen, Sweden
Erik Jonsson and Curt Broman
Pages 47-65

Polymetamorphic amphibole veins in metabasalts from the Betic Ophiolitic 
Association at CĐbdar, southeastern Spain: relics of ocean-floor metamorphism 
preserved through the Alpine orogeny
EncarnaciĐn Puga, Maria Dolores Ruiz Cruz, and Antonio D╠az De Federico
Pages 67-83

Reaction zones developed between corundum metapelite and marble, Albor└n Sea 
basement, western Mediterranean: origin and phase relations
Vicente LĐpez S└nchez-Vizca╠no and Juan Ignacio Soto
Pages 85-101

Calcite - amphibole - clinopyroxene rock from the Afrikanda Complex, Kola 
Peninsula, Russia: mineralogy and a possible link to carbonatites. II. Oxysalt minerals
Anatoly N. Zaitsev and Anton R. Chakhmouradian
Pages 103-120

Strontium-apatite: new occurrences, and the extent of Sr-for-Ca substitution in 
apatite-group minerals
Anton R. Chakhmouradian, Ekaterina P. Reguir, and Roger H. Mitchell
Pages 121-136

The distribution of rare-earth elements in K-feldspar as an indicator of 
petrogenetic processes in granitic pegmatites: examples from two pegmatite 
fields in southern Norway
Rune B. Larsen
Pages 137-151

Polyhedron distortions in tourmaline
Andreas Ertl, John M. Hughes, Franz Pertlik, Franklin F. Foit, Jr.,
Stephen E. Wright, Franz Brandst─tter, and Bernd Marler
Pages 153-162

Thermal analyses of sodalite, tugtupite, danalite and helvite
Sytle M. Antao and Ishmael Hassan
Pages 163-172

Nabesite, Na2BeSi4O10Ě4H2O, a new mineral species from the Il╠maussaq alkaline 
complex, South Greenland
Ole V. Petersen, Gerald Giester, Franz Brandst─tter, and Gerhard Niedermayr
Pages 173-181

The crystal chemistry of telyushenkoite and leifite, A Na6 [Be2 Al3 Si15 O39 
F2], A = Cs, Na
Elena Sokolova, Danielle M.C. Huminicki, Frank C. Hawthorne, Atali A. Agakhanov, 
Leonid A. Pautov, and Edward S. Grew
Pages 183-192

Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. V. Topologically distinct uranyl 
dimolybdate sheets in the structures of Na2[(UO2)(MoO4)2] and 
Sergey V. Krivovichev, Robert J. Finch, and Peter C. Burns
Pages 193-200

Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. VI. New uranyl molybdate units in the 
structures of Cs4[(UO2)3O(MoO4)2(MoO5)] and Cs6[(UO2)(MoO4)4]
Sergey V. Krivovichev and Peter C. Burns
Pages 201-209

The sharing of an edge between a uranyl pentagonal bipyramid and sulfate 
tetrahedron in the structure of KNa5[(UO2)(SO4)4](H2O)
Leslie A. Hayden and Peter C. Burns
Pages 211-216

Synthesis and structure of a new Ca uranyl oxide hydrate, 
Ca[(UO2)4O3(OH)4](H2O)2, and its relationship to becquerelite
Rebecca E. Glatz, Yaping Li, Karrie-Ann Hughes, Christopher L. Cahill, 
and Peter C. Burns
Pages 217-224

The new mineral species brodtkorbite, Cu2HgSe2, and the associated selenide 
assemblage from Tuminico, Sierra de Cacho, La Rioja, Argentina
Werner H. Paar, Dan Topa, Andrew C. Roberts, Alan J. Criddle, Gerhard Amann,
and Ricardo J. Sureda
Pages 225-237

The crystal structure of emilite, Cu10.7Pb10.7Bi21.3S48, the second 45 ň 
derivative of the bismuthinite-aikinite solid-solution series
Tonci Balic-?unic, Dan Topa, and Emil Makovicky
Pages 239-245

New Minerals
Joseph A. Mandarino
Pages 247-254

Mehmet F.Taner
Pages 255-260

Proceedings of the forty-sixth annual meeting of the Mineralogical Association 
of Canada, 2001
Pages 261-272