Canadian Mineralogist, 2001, V 39, N 6, December.

The occurrence and origin of zabuyelite (Li2CO3) in spodumene-hosted fluid 
inclusions: implications for the internal evolution of rare-element granitic 
Alan J. Anderson, Alan H. Clark, and Samantha Gray
Pages 1513-1527

Boron depletion controlled by the breakdown of tourmaline in the migmatite zone 
of the Aoyama area, Ryoke metamorphic belt, southwestern Japan
Tetsuo Kawakami
Pages 1529-1546

Metamorphic evolution of spessartine quartzites (coticules) in the high-
pressure, low-temperature complex at Bahia Mansa, Coastal Cordillera of south-
central Chile
Arne P. Willner, Sabine Pawlig, Hans-Joachim Massonne, and Francisco Herve
Pages 1547-1569

The phyllosilicates in diagenetic-metamorphic rocks of the South Portuguese 
Zone, southwestern Portugal
Isabel Abad, Maria Pilar Mata, Fernando Nieto, and Nicolas Velilla
Pages 1571-1589

The adsorption of [Au(HS)2]- on kaolinite surfaces: quantum chemistry 
Hong Hanlie, Fu Zhengyi, and Min Xinmin
Pages 1591-1596

Mineralogy and geochemistry of suspended sediments from groundwaters associated 
with undisturbed Zn-Pb massive sulfide sediments, Bathurst mining camp, New 
Brunswick, Canada
Matthew I. Leybourne
Pages 1597-1616

Quantitative phase-analysis by the rietveld method using X-ray powder-
diffraction data: application to the study of alteration halos associated with 
volcanic-rock-hosted massive sulfide deposits
Thomas Monecke, Sibylle Kohler, Reinhard Kleeberg, Peter M. Herzig, and J. Bruce Gemmell
Pages 1617-1633

The gibbs free energy of nukundamite (Cu3.38Fe0.62S4): a correction and 
implications for phase equilibria
Robert R. Seal II, E. Esra Inan, and Bruce S. Hemingway
Pages 1635-1640

Felbertalite and related bismuth sulfosalts from the Funiushan copper skarn 
deposit, Nanjing, China
Gu Xiang-Ping, Makoto Watanabe, Makio Ohkawa, Kenichi Hoshino, Yasuhiro Shibata,
and Chen Desong
Pages 1641-1652

The crystal structure of (001) twinned xilingolite, Pb3Bi2S6, from Mittal-
Hohtenn, Valais, Switzerland
Peter Berlepsch, Homas Armbruster, Emil Makovicky, Clivia Hejny, Dan Topa,
and Stefan Graeser
Pages 1653-1663

A structural model of the layer titanosilicate bornemanite based on seidozerite 
and lomonosovite modules
Giovanni Ferraris, Elena Belluso, Angela Gula, Svetlana V. Soboleva, Olga A. 
Ageeva, Boris E. Borutskii
Pages 1665-1673

Rinmanite, Zn2Sb2Mg2Fe4O14(OH)2, a new mineral species with a nolanite-type 
structure from the Grpenberg Norra mine, Dalarna, Sweden
Dan Holtstam, Kjell Gatedal, Karin Soderberg, and Rolf Norrestam
Pages 1675-1683

Oswaldpeetersite, (UO2)2CO3(OH)24H2O, a new basic uranyl carbonate mineral from 
the Jomac uranium mine, San Juan County, Utah, U.S.A.
Renaud Vochten, Michel Deliens, and Olaf Medenbach
Pages 1685-1689

Dickthomssenite, Mg(V2O6)7H2O, a new mineral species from the Firefly-Pigmay 
mine, Utah: descriptive mineralogy and arrangement of atoms
John M. Hughes, Forrest E. Cureton, Joseph Marty, Robert A. Gault, Mickey E. 
Gunter, Charles F. Campana, John Rekovan, Andre Sommer, and Matthew E. Brueseke
Pages 1691-1700

A new method to determine the optical orientation of biaxial minerals: a 
mathematical approach
Mickey E. Gunter and Brendan Twamley
Pages 1701-1711

Microstructural investigation of new polytypes of parisite-(Ce) by high-
resolution transmission electron microscopy
Dawei Meng, Xiuling Wu, Tao Mou, and Douxing Li
Pages 1713-1724

Al-Mg disorder in a gem-quality pargasite from Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
Kimberly T. Tait, Frank C. Hawthorne, and Giancarlo Della Ventura
Pages 1725-1732

Characteristics of nitrogen and other impurities in diamond, as revealed by 
infrared absorption data
Felix V. Kaminsky and Galina K. Khachatryan
Pages 1733-1745

High-temperature stability of laurite and Ru-Os-Ir alloy and their role in PGE 
fractionation in mafic magmas: erratum
James M. Brenan and David Andrews
Pages 1747-1748

Pages 1749-1750

New Minerals
Joseph A. Mandarino
Pages 1751-1760