Canadian Mineralogist, 2001, V 39, N 4, August.

Ore-mineral textures and the tales they tell
J.R. Craig
Pages 937-956

Geochemistry and mineralogy of gold-rich hydrothermal precipitates from the 
eastern Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea
Roger Moss and Steven D. Scott
Pages 957-978

PGE and Ag mineralization in a breccia zone of the Precambrian Nuasahi 
ultramafic-mafic complex, Orissa, India
Sisir K. Mondal, Tapan K. Baidya, Kolar N. Gururaja Rao, and Michael D. Glascock
Pages 979-996

Cretaceous mafic dyke swarm, Peary Land, northernmost Greenland: geochronology 
and petrology
Daniel J. Kontak, Sven M. Jensen, Jarda Dostal, Douglas A. Archibald, and
T. Kurtis Kyser
Pages 997-1020

Relationships of coticule geochemistry to stratigraphy in the Perry Mountain and 
Megunticook formations, New England Appalachians
Jennifer A. Thomson
Pages 1021-1037

Celsian, (Ba,K)-feldspar and cymrite from sedex barite deposits of Zamora, Spain
Maria Candelas Moro, Maria Luisa Cembranos, and Agustina Fernandez
Pages 1039-1051

Kampfite, a new barium silicate carbonate mineral species from Fresno County, 
Laurel C. Basciano, Lee A. Groat, Andrew C. Roberts, Joel D. Grice,
Gail E. Dunning, Eugene E. Foord, Ingrid M. Kjarsgaard, and Robert E. Walstrom
Pages 1053-1058

Fencooperite, Ba6Fe3+3Si8O23(CO3)2Cl3•H2O, a new mineral species from Trumbull 
Peak, Mariposa County, California
Andrew C. Roberts, Joel D. Grice, Gail E. Dunning, and Katherine E. Venance
Pages 1059-1064

The crystal structure of fencooperite: unique [Fe3+3O13] pinwheels cross-
connected by [Si8O22] islands
Joel D. Grice
Pages 1065-1071

Fe speciation in weathered pyrochlore-group minerals from the lueshe and Araxa 
(Barreiro) carbonatites by 57Fe Mossbauer spectroscopy
Mohamed Nasraoui and Joao C. Waerenborgh
Pages 1073-1080

Collinsite in hydrothermal assemblages related to carbonatites in the Kovdor 
complex, northwestern Russia
Ruslan P. Liferovich, Yakov A. Pakhomovsky, Alla N. Bogdanova,
Elena G. Balaganskaya, Kauko V.O. Laajoki, Seppo Gehor, and Nikita V. Chukanov
Pages 1081-1094

Polyakovite-(Ce), (REE,Ca)4 (Mg,Fe2+) (Cr3+,Fe3+)2 (Ti,Nb)2 Si4 O22, a new 
metamict mineral species from the Ilmen Mountains, southern Urals, Russia: 
mineral description and crystal chemistry
Vladimir A. Popov, Leonid A. Pautov, Elena V. Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne, 
Catherine McCammon, and Luydmila F. Bazhenova
Pages 1095-1104

Characterization of gadolinite-group minerals using crystallographic data only: 
the case of hingganite-(Y) from Cuasso al Monte, Italy
Francesco Demartin, Alessandro Minaglia, and Carlo Maria Gramaccioli
Pages 1105-1114

Bradaczekite, NaCu4(AsO4)3, a new mineral species from the Tolbachik volcano, 
Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
Stanislav K. Filatov, Lidiya P. Vergasova, Marina G. Gorskaya, Sergey V. 
Krivovichev, Peter C. Burns, and Vladimir V. Ananiev
Pages 1115-1119

The crystal structure of gladiusite, (Fe2+,Mg)4Fe3+2(PO4)(OH)11(H2O)
Elena V. Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne, Catherine McCammon, and
Ruslan P. Liferovich
Pages 1121-1130

Neutron spectroscopic study of synthetic alunite and oxonium-substituted alunite
George A. Lager, Gregg A. Swayze, Chun-Keung Loong, Frank J. Rotella, James W.
Richardson, Jr., and Roger E. Stoffregen
Pages 1131-1138

A new uranyl sulfate chain in the structure of uranopilite
Peter C. Burns
Pages 1139-1146

The crystal structure of synthetic grimselite, K3Na[(UO2)(CO3)3](H2O)
Yaping Li and Peter C. Burns
Pages 1147-1151

A new uranyl silicate sheet in the structure of haiweeite and comparison to 
other uranyl silicates
Peter C. Burns
Pages 1153-1160

Li-bearing arfvedsonitic amphiboles from the Strange Lake peralkaline granite, 
Frank C. Hawthorne, Roberta Oberti, Elio Cannillo, Luisa Ottolini, Jeanette N. 
Roelofsen, and Robert F. Martin
Pages 1161-1170

Crystal structure and crystal chemistry of lithium-bearing muscovite-2M1
Maria Franca Brigatti, Daniel E. Kile, and Marco Poppi
Pages 1171-1180

Peraluminous plutonism: nature and origin of the Moly May leucogranite and its 
Coast Plutonic Complex granitic host-rocks, northwestern British Columbia
Abdel-Fattah M. Abdel-Rahman
Pages 1181-1196

Book Review
TomĀs Feininger
Pages 1197-1198

Encyclopedia of Mineral names: second update
Robert F. Martin and William H. Blackburn
Pages 1199-1218