Canadian Mioneralogist, 2001, V 39, N 3, June.

The design and evaluation of  nuclear-waste forms: clues from mineralogy
R.C. Ewing
Pages 697-715

Authigenic monazite and xenotime from pelitic metacherts in 
pumpellyite–actinolite-facies conditions, Sestri–Voltaggio zone, 
central Liguria, Italy
R. Cabella, G. Lucchetti and P. Marescotti
Pages 717-727

Spodumene – petalite – eucryptite: mutual relationships and pattern
 of alteration in Li-rich aplite–pegmatite dykes from northern Portugal
B. Charoy, F. Noronha and A. Lima
Pages 729-746

Londonite, a new mineral species: the Cs-dominant analogue of rhodizite from the 
Antandrokomby granitic pegmatite, Madagascar
W.B. Simmons, F. Pezzotta, A.U. Falster and K.L. Webber
Pages 747-755

Redefinition of a mineral in the joaquinite group: orthojoaquinite-(La)
S. Matsubara, J.A. Mandarino and E.I. Semenov
Pages 757-760

Bigcreekite: a new barium silicate mineral species from Fresno County,
L.C. Basciano, L.A. Groat, A.C. Roberts, R.A. Gault, G.E. Dunning and
R.E. Walstrom
Pages 761-768

The structure of fedorite: a re-appraisal
R.H. Mitchell and P.C. Burns
Pages 769-777

Clearcreekite, a new polymorph of 
Hg1+3(CO3)(OH)•2H2O, from the Clear Creek 
Claim, San Benito County, California
A.C. Roberts, L.A. Groat, M. Raudsepp, T.S. Ercit, R.C. Erd, E.A. Moffatt and 
J.A.R. Stirling
Pages 779-784

Trivalent iodine in the crystal structure of schwartzembergite,
 Pb2+5 I3+ O6 H2 Cl3
M.D. Welch, F.C. Hawthorne, M.A. Cooper and T.K. Kyser
Pages 785-795

Structure topology and hydrogen bonding in marthozite, 
](H2O)8, a comparison with guilleminite, 
M.A. Cooper and F.C. Hawthorne
Pages 797-807

Alacranite, As4S4: a new occurrence, new formula, and 
determination of the crystal structure
P.C. Burns and J.B. Percival
Pages 809-818

>Compositional variation in mercurian tetrahedrite–tennantite from the 
epithermal deposits of the Steens and Pueblo Mountains, Harney County, Oregon
F.F. Foit, JR. and M.E. Ulbricht
Pages 819-830

Compositional trends in Fe, Co and Ni sulfarsenides and their crystal-chemical 
implications: results from the Arroyo de la Cueva deposits, Ronda peridotite, 
southern Spain
S.R. Hem, E. Makovicky and F. Gervilla
Pages 831-853

Mineralogy of sulfosalt-rich vein-type ores, Boliden massive sulfide deposit, 
Skellefte district, northern Sweden
T. Wagner and E. Jonsson
Pages 855-872

Primary phases and natural weathering of old lead–zinc pyrometallurgical 
slag from Príbram, Czech Republic
V. Ettler, O. Legendre, F. Bodénan and J.-C. Touray
Pages 873-888

Phase relations in the system Au–Cu–Ag at low temperatures, based on 
natural assemblages
J. Knight and C.H.B. Leitch
Pages 889-905

The composition of gold in the Cerro Casale gold-rich porphyry deposit, 
Maricunga Belt, northern Chile
C. Palacios, G. Hérail, B. Townley, V. Maksaev, F. Sepúlveda, P. de Parseval,
P. Rivas, A. Lahsen  and M.A. Parada
Pages 907-915

New minerals approved in 2000 by the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral 
Names, International Mineralogical Association
J.D. Grice and G. Ferraris
Pages 917-923

Pages 925-932