Canadian Mineralogist, 2001, V 39, N 2, April.

Pages 233-238

Olivine-liquid relations of lava erupted by Kilauea volcano from 1994 to 1998:
implications for shallow magmatic processes associated with the ongoing 
East-Rift-Zone eruption
Carl R. Thornber
Pages 239-266

Augite-Olivine equilibria in the Kiglapait intrusion, Labrador, Canada
Stearns A. Morse
Pages 267-274
Estimates of crustal assimilation in Quaternary lavas from the northern 
Cordillera, British Columbia
James K. Russell and Steinunn Hauksdottir
Pages 275-297
The system diopside - forsterite - enstatite at 5.1 GPa: A ternary model 
for melting of the mantle
Yi-Hua Weng and Dean C. Presnall
Pages 299-308
The distribution of Cr between basaltic melt and chromian spinel as an
oxygen geobarometer
Alexei A. Poustovetov and Peter L. Roeder
Pages 309-317
Olivine-liquid partitioning of vanadium and other trace elements, 
with applications to modern and ancient picrites
Dante Canil and Yana Fedortchouk
Pages 319-330
The valence and speciation of sulfur in glasses by X-ray absorption
Eleonora Paris , Gabriele Giuli, Michael R. Carroll and Ivan Davoli
Pages 331-339
High-temperature stability of laurite and Ru-Os-Ir alloy and their role 
in PGE fractionation in mafic magmas
James M. Brenan and David Andrews
Pages 341-360
Origins of chromian and aluminous spinel macrocrysts from kimberlites 
in southern Africa
Daniel J. Schulze
Pages 361-376
Platinum-group minerals assemblages and chromite composition in the 
altered and deformed Bacuri complex, Amapa, northeastern Brazil
Hazel M. Prichard, J. Haroldo S. Sa and Peter C. Fisher
Pages 377-396
Growth forms and composition of chromian spinel in MORB magma:
Diffusion-controlled crystallization of chromian spinel
Peter L. Roeder, Alexei Poustovetov and Niels Oskarsson
Pages 397-416

PART 2 ORE-FORMING PROCESSES IN DYNAMIC MAGMATIC SYSTEMS Pages 417-420 Multicomponent elemental and isotopic mixing in Ni-Cu-(PGE) ores at Kambalda, Western Australia C. Michael Lesher and O. Marcus Burnham Pages 421-446 The composition and mode of formation of the Pechenga nickel deposits, Kola Peninsula, northwestern Russia Sarah-Jane Barnes, Victor A. Melezhik and Stanislav V. Sokolov Pages 447-471 Re-Os isotopic study of komatiitic volcanism and magmatic sulfide formation in the southern Abitibi greenstone belt, Ontario, Canada Yann Lahaye, Sarah-Jane Barnes, Louise R. Frick and David D. Lambert Pages 473-490 Physical modeling of the formation of komatiite-hosted nickel deposits and a review of the thermal erosion paradigm Alan Rice and John Moore Pages 491-503 Field characteristics and erosional processes associated with komatiitic lavas: implications for flow behavior Ray A.F. Cas and Steve W. Beresford Pages 505-524 Komatiitic invasive lava flows, Kambalda, Western Australia Steve W. Beresford and Ray A.F. Cas Pages 525-535 Fluid transport of sulfur and metals between sulfide melt and basaltic melt Don R. Baker, Sarah-Jane Barnes, Gail Simon and Frederic Bernier Pages 537-546 Why are there no major Ni-Cu sulfide deposits in large layered mafic-ultramafic intrusions? Wolfgang D. Maier, Chusi Li and Sybrand A. de Waal Pages 547-556 Parental magma and emplacement of the stratiform Uitkomst Complex, South Africa Sybrand A. de Waal, Wolfgang D. Maier, Richard A. Armstrong and Christoph D.K. Gauert Pages 557-571 The Ban Phuc Ni-Cu-PGE deposit related to the phanerozoic komatiite-basalt association in the Song Da rift, nortwestern Vietnam Alexander I. Glotov, Gleb V. Polyakov, Trang Trong Hoa, Pavel A. Balykin, Vladimir A. Akimtsev, Alexander P. Krivenko, Nadezhda D. Tolstykh, Ngo Thi Phuong, Hoang Huu Thanh, Tran Quoc Hung and Tamara E. Petrova Pages 573-589 New occurrences of anduoite, (Ru,Os)As2, from chromite deposits of Ukraine and Albania Stanislav S. Gornostayev, Maryse Ohnenstetter, Adil Neziraj, Daniel Ohnenstetter, Kauko V.O. Laajoki, Sergiy E. Popovchenko and Peter K. Kornienko Pages 591-606 The structure of the Lukkulaisvaara intrusion, Oulanka group, northern Karelia: petrological implications Viktor A. Glebovitsky, Vladimir S. Semenov, Boris V. Belyatsky, Eugene V. Koptev-Dvornikov, Nina F. Pchelintseva, Boris S. Kireev and Alexander B. Koltsov Pages 607-637 Pd-Ag tellurides from A Cl-rich environment in the Lukkulaisvaara layered intrusion, northern Russian Karelia Andrei Y. Barkov, Robert F. Martin, Mahmud Tarkian, Glenn Poirier and Yves Thibault Pages 639-653 Origin of variations in nickel tenor along the strike of the Edwards Lode nickel sulfide orebody, Kambalda, Western Australia Christopher Heath, Yann Lahaye, William E. Stone and David D. Lambert Pages 655-671 Trace-element geochemistry and petrogenesis of barren and ore-associated komatiites C. Michael Lesher, O. Marcus Burnham, Reid R. Keays, Stephen J. Barnes, Larry Hulbert Pages 673-696