Canadian Mineralogist, 2001, V 39, N 3, February.

Silica biomineralization of unicellular microbes under strongly acidic
Ryuji Asada and Kazue Tazaki
Pages 1-16

Morphological and chemical characterization of neutrally buoyant
plume-derived particles at the Eastern Manus Basin hydrothermal field,
Papua New Guinea
Alejandro Ortega-Osorio and Steven D. Scott
Pages 17-31

The Kovdor phlogopite deposit, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Natal'Ya I. Krasnova
Pages 33-44

Internal zonation and chemical evolution of the Black Mountain granitic
pegmatite, Maine
Cathleen D. Brown and Michael A. Wise
Pages 45-55

Micro-analytical study of the optical properties of rainbow and sheen
Chi Ma, Jennifer Gresh, George R. Rossman, Gene C. Ulmer and Edward P.
Pages 57-71

Structural state of K-feldspar in the felsic volcanic rocks and ring pluton
granites of the Butler Hill caldera, St. Francois Mountains, southeastern
Thomas G. Plymate, James D. Kendall, Lisa M. Shepard and Kenneth C. Clark
Pages 73-83

The role of cooling rate on the Al-Si order of K-feldspar in the Hercynian
Tábua granite, central Portugal
Luis J.P.F. Neves, Alcides J.S.C. Pereira and Manuel M. Godinho
Pages 85-92

Exsolution and breakdown of scandian and tungstenian Nb-Ta-Ti-Fe-Mn phases
in niobian rutile
Petr Cerny and Ron Chapman
Pages 93-101

Bismutotantalite from northwestern Argentina: description and crystal
Miguel Angel Galliski, M. Florencia Márquez-Zavalía, Mark A. Cooper, Petr
Cerný, and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 103-110

New data on szaibelyite from the type locality, Baita Bihor, Romania
Stefan Marincea
Pages 111-127

Sr2B5O9OH·H20, a synthetic borate related to hilgardite
Jacques Barbier and Hyunsoo Park
Pages 129-135

The crystal structure of olshanskyite
Athos Callegari, Fiorenzo Mazzi and Carla Tadini
Pages 137-144

The compressional behavior of P4/n vesuvianite
Mario Tribaudino and Mauro Prencipe
Pages 145-151

Refinement of the crystal structure of swedenborgite
Danielle M.C. Huminicki and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 153-158

The crystal chemistry of malinkoite, NaBSiO4, and lisitsynite, KBSi2O6,
from the Khibina-Lovozero complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Elena V. Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne and Alexander P. Khomyakov
Pages 159-169

Ferrian winchite from the Ilmen Mountains, southern Urals, Russia, and some
problems with the current scheme for amphibole nomenclature
Elena V. Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne, Valeriya Gorbatova, Catherine
McCammon and Julius Schneider
Pages 171-177

The crystal structure of mitryaevaite,
Al5(PO4)2[(P,S)O3(OH,O)]2F2(OH)2(H2O)8·6.48H2O, determined from a
microcrystal using synchrotron radiation
Christopher L. Cahill, Sergey V. Krivovichev, Peter C. Burns, Galiya K.
Bekenova and Tat'yana A. Shabanova
Pages 179-186

A re-evaluation of the structure of weeksite, a uranyl silicate framework
Jennifer M. Jackson and Peter C. Burns
Pages 187-195

Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. III. New structural themes in
Na6[(UO2)2O(MoO4)4], Na6[(UO2)(MoO4)4] and K6[(UO2)2O(MoO4)4]
Sergey V. Krivovichev and Peter C. Burns
Pages 197-206

Crystal chemistry of uranyl molybdates. IV. The structures of
M2[(UO2)6(MoO4)7(H2O)2] (M = Cs, NH4)
Sergey V. Krivovichev and Peter C. Burns
Pages 207-214

Book Reviews
Pages 215-226