Canadian Mineralogist, 2000, V 38, N 6, December.

Thermodynamics of a Magmatic gas phase" 50 years later: Comments on a paper
by John Verhoogen (1949)
James Nicholls
Pages 1313-1328

Duality of Cordierite Granites related to Melt-Restite segregation in the
Peńa Negra anatectic complex, Central Spain
M. Dolores Pereira Gómez and M. Dolores Rodríguez Alonso
Pages 1329-1346

Diamond from the Guaniamo area, Venezuela
Felix V. Kaminsky, Olga D. Zakharchenko, William L. Griffin, Dominic M.
DeR. Channer and Galina K. Khachatryan-Blinova
Pages 1347-1370

Gaspéite and associated Ni-Rich minerals from veins in altered ultrabasic
rocks from Dubostica, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vladimir Bermanec, Galiba Sijaric, Goran Kniewald and Joseph A. Mandarino
Pages 1371-1376

Zoned tungstenoan molybdenite from a fenitized megaxenolith in the Khibina
Alkaline complex, Kola Peninsula, Russia
Andrei Y. Barkov, Robert F. Martin, Glenn Poirier and Yuri P. Men'Shikov
Pages 1377-1385

Acicular sphalerite enriched in Ag, Sb, and Cu embedded within color-banded
sphalerite from the Kokanee range, British Columbia, Canada
Georges Beaudoin
Pages 1387-1398

Foitite: Formation during late stages of evolution of complex granitic
pegmatites at Dobrá Voda, Czech Republic, and Pala, California, U.S.A.
Milan Novák and Matthew C. Taylor
Pages 1399-1408

Cesian bazzite and thortveitite from Cuasso Al Monte, Varese, Italy: a
comparison with the material from Baveno, and inferred origin
Carlo Maria Gramaccioli, Valeria Diella, Francesco Demartin, Paolo Orlandi
and Italo Campostrini
Pages 1409-1418

Structure refinement of bazzite from pegmatitic and miarolitic occurrences
Francesco Demartin, Carlo Maria Gramaccioli and Tullio Pilati
Pages 1419-1424

Refinement of the crystal structure of väyrynenite
Danielle M.C. Huminicki and Frank C. Hawthorne
Pages 1425-1432

Synthesis and crystal structure of a new Pb uranyl oxide hydrate with a
framework structure that contains channels
Yaping Li and Peter C. Burns
Pages 1433-1441

A crystal-chemical approach to the composition and occurrence of vanadium
Michael Schindler, Frank C. Hawthorne and Werner H. Baur
Pages 1443-1456

Adamsite-(y), a new sodium-yttrium carbonate mineral species from Mont
Saint-Hilaire, Quebec
Joel D. Grice, Robert A. Gault, Andrew C. Roberts and Mark A. Cooper
Pages 1457-1466

Petterdite, the Cr-dominant analogue of dundasite, a new mineral species
from Dundas, Tasmania, Australia and Callenberg, Saxony, Germany
William D. Birch, Uwe Kolitsch, Thomas Witzke, Lutz Nasdala and Ralph S.
Pages 1467-1476

Gladiusite, Fe3+2(Fe2+,Mg)4(PO4)(OH)11(H2O), a new hydrothermal mineral
species from the phoscorite-carbonatite unit, Kovdor complex, Kola
Peninsula, Russia
Ruslan P. Liferovich, Elena V. Sokolova, Frank C. Hawthorne, Kauko V.O.
Laajoki, Seppo Gehör, Yakov A. Pakhomovsky and Nataly V. Sorokhtina
Pages 1477-1485

Book Reviews
Pages 1487-1492

The Canadian Mineralogist
Index, Volume 38
Pages 1493-1503