The Canadian Mineralogist, 2000, V 38, N 2, Apr.


Preface R.G. Berman & R.M. Easton A new tectonometamorphic map of the Canadian Shield: introduction R.G. Berman, R.M. Easton & L. Nadeau Metamorphism of the Canadian Shield, Ontario, Canada. I. The Superior Province R.M. Easton Metamorphism of the Canadian Shield, Ontario, Canada. II. Proterozoic metamorphic history R.M. Easton Tectonothermal evolution of the northern Minto block, Superior Province, Quebec, Canada J.A. Percival & T. Skulski Granulite- and amphibolite-facies metamorphism in a convergent-plate-margin setting: synthesis of the Quebec-Baffin segment of the Trans-Hudson Orogen M.R. St-Onge, N. Wodicka & S.B. Lucas Precambrian metamorphic and tectonic evolution of nothern Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada G.D. Jackson & R.G/ Berman Metamorphic evolution of the Precambrian basement of Alberta R.A. Burwash, J. Krupi ka Metamorphism of the Burntwood Group in the Duval Lake area, Manitoba T. Jungwirth, T.M. Gordon & E. Froese Gneisses from the granulite terrane of the central Boothia Uplift, Arctic Canada V.I. Kitsul, V.A. Glebovitsky, Ye.A. Vapnik & T. Frisch Temperature and pressure variations in suites of Archean felsic plutonic rocks, Berens River area, northwestern Superior Province, Ontario, Canada D. Stone Grenvillian metamorphism of monocyclic rocks, Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada: implications for convergence history N. Wodicka, J.W.F. Ketchum & R.A. Jamieson Genesis of cordierite-gedrite gneisses, Central Metasedimentary Belt boundary thrust zone, Grenville Province, Ontario, Canada W.H. Peck & J.W. Valley Redistribution of major and trace elements during the formation of biotite-plagioclase reaction zones at boundaries between amphibolite and K-feldspar gneiss, Otter Lake area, Quebec, Canada R. Kretz Cordierite - anthophyllite - cummingtonite rocks from the Lar deposit, Laurie Lake, Manitoba S.R. Elliott-Meadows, E. Froese & E.C. Appleyard