The Canadian Mineralogist, 2000, V 38, N 1, Feb.

Comparative analysis of sulfides for gold using SXRF and SIMS
I.M. Steele, L.J. Cabri, J.C. Gaspar, G. McMahon, M.A. Marquez 
& M.A.Z.Vasconcellos

Silver minerals and paragenesis in the Kangjiawan Pb-Zn-Ag-Au 
deposit of the Shuikoushan mineral district, Hunan Province, China
Nanshi Zeng, E. Izawa, Y. Motomura & Lairen Lai

Rare sulfosalts from Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy. III. Wittite and
Yu.S. Borodaev, A. Garavelli, C. Garbarino, S.M. Grillo, N.N. Mozgova, 
N.I. Organova, N.V. Trubkin & F. Vurro

Cryogenic Raman spectroscopic studies in the system NaCl-CaCl2-H2O and
implications for low-temperature phase behavior in aqueous fluid 
I.M. Samson & R.T. Walker

Morphology of jarosite-group compounds precipitated from biologically 
and chemically oxidized Fe ions
K. Sasaki & H. Konno

Zirconolite with significant REEZrNb(Mn,Fe)O7 from a xenolith of the
Laacher See eruptive center, Eifel volcanic region, Germany
G. Della Ventura, F. Bellatreccia & C.T. Williams

Cerite-(Ce) and thorian synchysite-(Ce) from the Niederbobritzsch granite,
Erzgebirge, Germany: implications for the differential mobility of the LREE
and Th during alteration
H.-J. Förster

Allanite-(Ce) from the Eocene Casto granite, Idaho: response to
hydrothermal alteration
S.A. Wood & A. Ricketts

As-bearing fluorapatite in manganiferous deposits from St. Marcel -
Praborna, Val d'Aosta, Italy
E.-A. Perseil, P. Blanc & D. Ohnenstetter

Dehydration of metamict titanite: an infrared spectroscopic study
Ming Zhang, E.K.H. Salje, T. Malcherek, U. Bismayer & L.A. Groat

Complexly zoned fibrous tourmaline, Cruzeiro mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil:
a record of evolving magmatic and hydrothermal fluids
B.L. Dutrow & D.J. Henry

The crystal structures of loparite-(Ce)
R.H. Mitchell, P.C. Burns & A.R. Chakhmouradian

A new rare-earth-element uranyl carbonate sheet in the structure of
Yaping Li, P.C. Burns & R.A. Gault

A new uranyl sheet in K5[(UO2)10O8(OH)9](H2O): new insight into sheet
P.C. Burns & F.C. Hill

Implications of the synthesis and structure of the Sr analogue of curite
P.C. Burns & F.C. Hill

A single-crystal neutron-diffraction investigation of diopside at 10 K
M. Prencipe, M. Tribaudino, A. Pavese, A. Hoser & M. Reehuis

High-Mg arc-ankaramitic dikes, Greenhills Complex, Southland, New Zealand
D.J. Mossman, D.S. Coombs, Y. Kawachi & A. Reay

Early Mesozoic alkaline mafic dykes, southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada, and
their bearing on Triassic-Jurassic magmatism
G. Pe-Piper & P.H. Reynolds

Mineral equilibria in quartz leucoamphibolites (quartz - garnet -
plagioclase - hornblende calc-silicates) from southeastern British
Columbia, Canada
E.D. Ghent & M.Z. Stout

New Minerals approved in 1999 by the Commission on New Minerals 
and Mineral Names, International Mineralogical Association
J.D. Grice & G. Ferraris


Proceedings of the forty-fourth Annual Meeting of the Mineralogical
Association of Canada
G.M. LeCheminant

The Hawley Medal for 1999 to Alan J. Anderson, Robert A. Mayanovic 
and Saša Bajt
The Leonard G. Berry Medal for 1999 to Norman M. Halden
The Past Presidents' Medal for 1999 to Frank C. Hawthorne
The Young Scientist Medal for 1999 to Lee A. Groat