The Canadian Mineralogist, 1999, V 37, N 6, December.

Pages 1321-1322
Editorial: an electronic version of The Canadian Mineralogist
R.F. Martin

Pages 1323-1341
Nomenclature of the alunite supergroup
J.L. Jambor

Pages 1343-1362
Ludwigite from the type locality, Ocna de Fier, Romania: 
new data and review
S. Marincea

Pages 1363-1368
The differential thermal analysis of gaudefroyite
I. Hassan & M.J. Duane

Pages 1369-1384
The mineralogy of a unique baratovite- and miserite-bearing quartz - 
Albite - aegirine rock from the Dara-i-Pioz complex, northern Tajikistan
E.P. Reguir, A.R. Chakhmouradian & M.D. Evdokimov

Pages 1385-1403
Chlorine-bearing amphiboles from the Fraser mine, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada:
description and crystal chemistry
K.A. McCormick & A.M. McDonald

Pages 1405-1421
Paragenesis and composition of amphibole and biotite in the MacLellan 
Gold deposit, Lynn Lake greenstone belt, Manitoba, Canada
I.M. Samson, W.H. Blackburn & J.E. Gagnon

Pages 1423-1429
The oxidation ratio of iron in coexisting biotite and hornblende from
granitic and metamorphic rocks: the role of P, T, and f(O2)
N.S. Borodina, G.B. Fershtater & S.L. Votyakov

Pages 1431-1438
The occurrence and crystal structure of foitite from a tungsten-bearing
vein at Copper Mountain, Taos County, New Mexico
C.A. Francis, M.D. Dyar, M.L. Williams & J.M. Hughes

Pages 1439-1443
Magnesiofoitite, (Mg2Al)Al6(Si6O18)(BO3)3(OH)4, a new alkali-deficient
F.C. Hawthorne, J.B. Selway, A. Kato, S. Matsubara,
M. Shimizu, J.D. Grice & J. Vajdak

Pages 1445-1452
Ferrokinoshitalite, a new species of brittle mica from the Broken Hill
mine, South Africa: structural and mineralogical characterization
S. Guggenheim & H.E. Frimmel

Pages 1453-1462
Coskrenite-(Ce), (Ce,Nd,La)2(SO4)2(C2O4)8H2O, a new rare-earth oxalate
mineral from Alum Cave Bluff, Tennessee: characterization and crystal
D.R. Peacor, R.C. Rouse, E.J. Essene & R.J. Lauf

Pages 1463-1470
The crystal structure of schuilingite-(Nd)
M. Schindler & F.C. Hawthorne

Pages 1471-1482
The effect of differences in coordination on ordering of polyvalent cations
in close-packed structures: the crystal structure of arakiite and
comparison with hematolite
M.A. Cooper & F.C. Hawthorne

Pages 1483-1491
The structure of masuyite, Pb[(UO2)3O3(OH)2](H2O)3, and its relationship
to protasite
P.C. Burns & J.M. Hanchar

Pages 1493-1498
Orlandiite, Pb3Cl4(SeO3)H2O, a new mineral species, and an associated
lead-copper selenite chloride from the Baccu Locci mine, Sardinia, Italy
I. Campostrini, C.M. Gramaccioli & F. Demartin

Pages 1499-1506
Rare sulfosalts from Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Italy. II. Mozgovaite,
PbBi4(S,Se)7, a new mineral species
F. Vurro, A. Garavelli, C. Garbarino, Y. Molo & Yu.S. Borodaev

Pages 1507-1524
New Pd-Pb and Pb-V oxides from a bonanza-type PGE-rich, nearly BMS-free
deposit in the Penikat layered complex, Finland
A.Y. Barkov, T.A.A. Halkoaho, A.C. Roberts,
A.J. Criddle, R.F. Martin & H. Papunen

Pages 1525-1531
Occurrence and distribution of invisible gold in the Shewushan 
Supergene gold deposit, southeastern Hubei, China
Hong Hanlie, Wang Qinyan, Chang Jianping
Liu Shirong & Hu Ruizhong

Pages 1533-1542
Index, volume 37
J.D. Scott