Canadian Mineralogist, 1999, V 37, N 5, October.

ISSN: 0008-4476
 Platinum-group elements and gold in Cu-Ni-mineralized peridotite 
 at Gabbro Akarem, Eastern Desert,  Egypt
 Sharara NA.  Wilson GC.  Rucklidge JC.
 p. 1081

 Platinum-group minerals as indicators of sulfur fugacity in 
 ophiolitic upper mantle:  An example from chromitites of the Ray-Iz 
 ultramafic complex, Polar Urals, Russia 
 Garuti G.  Zaccarini F.  Moloshag V.  Alimov V.
 p. 1099

 The platinum-group minerals of the Baimka placer deposits, 
 Aluchin horst, Russian Far East 
 Gornostayev SS.  Crocket JH.  Mochalov AG.  Laajoki KVO.
 p. 1117

 Platinum-group minerals from the Aikora River area, 
 Papua New Guinea
 Weiser TW.  Bachmann HG.
 p. 1131

 PGE distribution in base-metal alloys and sulfides of the 
 New Caledonia ophiolite
 Auge T.  Cabri LJ.  Legendre O.  McMahon G.  Cocherie A.
 p. 1147

 Compositional zoning in ore minerals at the Craig mine, 
 Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
 Craig JR.  Solberg TN.
 p. 1163

 Niobian ilmenite, hydroxylapatite and sulfatian monazite: 
 Alternative hosts for incompatible
 elements in calcite kimberlite from Internatsional'naya, Yakutia 
 Chakhmouradian AR.  Mitchell RH.
 p. 1177

 Magnetite-silicate inclusions in olivine of ophiolitic metagabbros 
 from the Mulhacen Complex, Betic Cordillera, southeastern Spain 
 Puga E.  Cruz MDR.  De Federico AD.
 p. 1191

 The origin of the Atshan talc deposit in the Hamata area, 
 Eastern Desert, Egypt: A geochemical and mineralogical study 
 Schandl ES.  Sharara NA.  Gorton MP.
 p. 1211

 The compositional space of muscovite in granitic rocks
 Zane A.  Rizzo G.
 p. 1229

 Crystallization and alteration history of britholite in 
 rare-earth-element-enriched pegmatitic  segregations associated 
 with the Eden Lake Complex, Manitoba, Canada 
 Arden KM.  Halden NM.
 p. 1239

 Duranusite, product of realgar alteration, Mina Capillitas, Argentina 
 Marquez-Zavalia F.  Craig JR.  Solberg TN.
 p. 1255

 Walfordite, a new tellurite species from the Wendy open pit, 
 El Indio Tambo mining property, Chile 
 Back ME.  Grice JD.  Gault RA.  Criddle AJ.  Mandarino JA.
 p. 1261

 Sidpietersite, Pb-4(2+)(S6+O3S2-)O-2(OH)(2), a new thiosulfate-bearing 
 mineral species from Tsumeb, Namibia 
 Roberts AC.  Cooper MA.  Hawthorne FC.  Criddle AJ.  Stanley CJ.  
 Key CL.  Jambor JL.
 p. 1268

 The structure topology of sidpietersite, Pb-4(2+) (S6+O3S2-) O-2 (OH)(2), 
 a novel thiosulfate structure 
 Cooper MA.  Hawthorne FC.
 p. 1275

 The structure of a synthetic Cs uranyl oxide hydrate and its relationship 
 to compreignacite
 Hill FC.  Burns PC.
 p. 1283

 Ta-Nb order in the crystal structure of niobium-rich calciotantite
 Cooper MA.  Hawthorne FC.  Cerny P.
 p. 1289

 Oneillite: A new Ca-deficient and REE-rich member of the 
 eudialyte group from Mont Saint-Hilaire,  Quebec, Canada 
 Johnsen O.  Grice JD.  Gault RA.
 p. 1295

 Xenotime-(Yb), YbPO4, a new mineral species from the Shatford Lake 
 pegmatite group, southeastern  Manitoba, Canada 
 Buck HM.  Cooper MA.  Cerny P.  Grice JD.  Hawthorne FC.
 p. 1303

 Growth texture and symmetry of heulandite-Ca from Poona, India 
 Akizuki M.  Kudoh Y.  Nakamura S.
 p. 1307

 The discreditation of platynite 
 Holtstam D.  Soderhielm J.
 p. 1313